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Department of Computer Science and Technology

List of PhD students

List of PhD students by supervisor

Below is a list of finished and current PhD students admitted by the Computer Science Degree Committee, sorted by supervisor.

Note: If a Computer Laboratory research student's PhD is not listed here, then it might have been dealt with by the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Mathematics (this includes any pre-1987 Computer Laboratory PhD) or by the Engineering Degree Committee (this applies to some early ones in the Digital Technology Group).

Data source: The table below is automatically generated from the Research_Students table on the departmental SQL server, maintained by Lise Gough, to whom enquiries about these records should be addressed.

Prof. R. J. Anderson

  • Charalampos Manifavas (1995-10-01 – 2002-10-29)
    Micropayment transaction costs
    (was: Mechanisms to protect electronic commerce)
  • Jong-Hyeon Lee (1996-10-01 – 2000-05-01)
    Designing a reliable publishing framework (TR-489)
    (was: Communication Security)
  • Fabien A P Petitcolas (1996-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    Information hiding and its application to copyright protection
    (was: Security on the WWW)
  • Markus G Kuhn (1997-10-01 – 2002-10-29)
    Compromising emanations: eavesdropping risks of computer displays (TR-577, local PDF)
    (was: Security in Computer Systems)
  • Francesco Stajano (1998-01-01 – 2001-02-13)
    Security for ubiquitous computing
    (was: Security aspects of personal area NWs)
  • Ulrich Lang (1998-10-01 – 2003-05-27)
    Access policies for middleware (TR-564)
    (was: Access control in distributed systems)
  • Susan Pancho (1998-10-01 – 2003-11-14)
    Contributions of formal security proofs
    (was: Defining Security Contexts in Protocol Analysis)
  • Jianxin Yan (1999-10-01 – 2003-08-21)
    Security for online games
  • Sergei Skorobogatov (2000-04-10 – 2005-02-26)
    Semi-invasive attacks - a new approach to hardware security analysis (TR-630)
    (was: Tamper Resistance of Cryptographic Processors)
  • Michael Bond (2000-10-01 – 2004-06-15)
    Understanding security APIs (local PDF)
    (was: Formal Methods for Computer Security)
  • Richard Clayton (2000-10-01 – 2005-11-17)
    Anonymity and traceability in cyberspace
  • George Danezis (2000-10-01 – 2004-03-01)
    Better anonymous communications (TR-594)
    (was: Anonymous communications protocol in electronic co)
  • Jolyon Clulow (2003-10-01 – 2007-07-10)
    On the security of real-world devices
    (was: Security of cryptoprocessors)
  • Shishir Nagaraja (2003-10-01 – 2008-12-02)
    Robust covert network topologies (local PDF)
    (was: Distributed Quorum Authorization)
  • Andy Ozment (2003-10-01 – 2007-10-09)
    Vulnerability discovery & software security
    (was: Computer Security)
  • Feng Hao (2004-04-17 – 2007-10-09)
    On using fuzzy data in security machanisms (TR-715)
    (was: Biometric Secrets and Cryptography)
  • Tyler Moore (2004-10-01 – 2008-06-10)
    Cooperative attack and defense in distributed networks (TR-718)
    (was: Computer security)
  • Robert Watson (2005-10-01 – 2011-01-25)
    New approaches to operating system security extensibility (TR-818, local PDF)
    (was: Application containment in complex application environments)
  • Joseph Bonneau (2008-10-01 – 2012-05-08)
    Security and privacy in the social web
  • Hyoungshick Kim (2008-10-01 – 2012-01-24)
    Complex network analysis for secure and robust communications
    (was: The simulation and modelling of attacks on dynamic and sampled networks)
  • Shailendra Fuloria (2009-01-05 – 2012-01-24)
    Robust security for the electricity network
    (was: Protection of Industrial Control Systems)
  • Wei Ming Khoo (2009-10-01 – 2013-10-22)
    Decompilation as search (TR-844)
    (was: Dynamic Analysis of Malware)
  • Rubin Xu (2010-10-01 – 2015-01-20)
    Improving application trustworthiness on stock Android
    (was: Software Tamper Resistance)
  • Dongting Yu (2010-10-01 – 2016-10-18)
    Access control for network management (TR-898)
    (was: Security economics of the Internet infrastructure)
  • Laurent Simon (2012-04-17 – 2016-05-03)
    Exploring new attack vectors for the exploitation of smartphones (TR-909)
    (was: Models of trust in mobile systems)
  • Kumar Sharad (2012-06-22 – 2016-06-28)
    Learning to de-anonymize social networks (TR-896)
    (was: The trade-off between centralization and privacy in anonymous payment systems)
  • Khaled Baqer (2014-10-01 – 2018-10-16)
    Resilient payment systems (TR-929, local PDF)
    (was: Resilient Mobile Payment Systems)
  • Alexander Michael Vetterl (2016-10-01 – 2020-01-21)
    Honeypots in the age of universal attacks and the Internet of Things (TR-944, local PDF)
    (was: A virtual honeypot for the Internet of Things)
  • Mansoor Ahmed (2017-10-01 – 2021-04-27)
    Decentralised computer systems (local PDF)
    (was: Effective governance by and of blockchain)
  • Ilia Shumailov (2017-10-01 – 2022-04-26)
    On Security of Machine Learning (local PDF)
    (was: Behavioural manipulation of robotic herds)
  • Nicholas Boucher (2020-10-01 – 2024-04-23)
    Deception and defense from machine learning to supply chains (TR-994, local PDF)
    (was: The protection of democratic mechanisms)

Prof. J. M. Bacon

  • Andrew Franklin Seaborne (1984-10-01 – 1988-05-01)
    Filing in a heterogeneous network (TR-169)
    (was: Operating and Distributed systems)
  • Susan E Thompson (1986-10-01 – 1991-02-01)
    A storage service for structured data
    (was: Distributed systems)
  • Timothy D Wilson (1986-10-01 – 1992-06-01)
    Increasing the performance of storage services for local area networks
    (was: High performance storage services for LAN)
  • Michael Joseph Dixon (1987-10-01 – 1992-01-01)
    System support for multi-service traffic (TR-245)
    (was: Investigation of a pool of processor model of dist)
  • Sai Lai Lo (1988-01-01 – 1994-02-01)
    A modular and extensible network storage architecture (TR-326)
    (was: Replication and caching in network storage service)
  • Guanxing Li (1989-01-01 – 1993-11-01)
    Supporting distributed realtime computing (TR-322)
    (was: Design of a kernel to support real-time distirubte)
  • John Bates (1990-10-01 – 1994-05-01)
    Presentation support for distributed multimedia applications
    (was: Structured and synchronised multimedia documents)
  • Feng Huang (1990-10-01 – 1995-07-01)
    Restructuring virtual memory to support distributed computing environments (TR-375)
    (was: Extending microkernals to support distributed obje)
  • Noha Adly (1992-01-01 – 1995-11-01)
    Management of replicated data in large scale systems (TR-383)
    (was: Distributed operating systems)
  • Steven L Pope (1993-10-01 – 1997-01-01)
    Application support for mobile computing (TR-415)
    (was: Dist processing and op sys on parallel architectur)
  • David A Halls (1994-10-01 – 1997-11-01)
    Applying mobile code to distributed systems (TR-439)
    (was: A framework for the remote execution of programs)
  • Kerry Rodden (1995-10-01 – 2002-01-15)
    Evaluating similarity-based visualisations as interfaces for image browsing (TR-543)
    (was: Large scale dist sys)
  • Mark D Spiteri (1995-10-01 – 2000-06-20)
    An architecture for the notification, storage and retrieval of events (TR-494)
    (was: Multimedia support in distributed systems)
  • David M Ingram (1996-10-01 – 2000-06-20)
    Integrated Quality of Service management (TR-501)
    (was: config. support for ATM based applications.)
  • Stephen O Childs (1997-10-01 – 2001-10-30)
    Disk quality of service in a general purpose operating system
    (was: Paradigms for distributed software)
  • David B Stewart (1998-10-01 – 2003-07-15)
    Quality of service for storage systems
    (was: File System Support for Network Disks)
  • Walt Yao (1998-10-01 – 2003-03-11)
    Trust management for widely distributed systems (TR-608)
    (was: Access control for object orientated middleware)
  • Alan Abrahams (1999-10-01 – 2002-11-26)
    Developing and executing electronic commerce applications with occurrences
    (was: Event-based executable specification of E-commerce)
  • Arasnath Kimis (1999-10-01 – 2004-11-11)
    Generic event services middleware
    (was: Distributed System - engineering and application)
  • Steven McKellar (2000-10-01 – 2004-10-14)
    An extension to the OSI model of network management for large-scale collaborative performance measurement
    (was: Event driven systems)
  • Peter Pietzuch (2000-10-01 – 2004-04-27)
    Hermes: a scalable event-based middleware (TR-590, local PDF)
    (was: Access Control Management in Dist Sys)
  • Brian Shand (2001-01-05 – 2004-04-27)
    Trust for resource control: self-enforcing automatic rational contracts between computers (TR-600)
    (was: A distributed trust architecture)
  • Nathan Dimmock (2002-01-05 – 2005-06-16)
    Using trust and risk for access control in global computing (TR-643)
    (was: Distributed Systems)
  • Eiko Yoneki (2002-10-01 – 2006-11-14)
    ECCO: data centric asynchronous communication (TR-677)
    (was: Distributed Systems)
  • Daniel O'Keeffe (2003-10-01 – 2010-03-02)
    Distributed complex event detection for pervasive computing (TR-783)
    (was: Distributed Systems)
  • Lauri Pesonen (2003-10-01 – 2008-03-11)
    A capability-based access control architecture for multi-domain publish/subscribe systems (TR-720)
    (was: Authorisation in Distributed Systems)
  • Salman Taherian (2003-10-01 – 2008-10-21)
    State-based Publish/Subscribe for Sensor Systems (TR-739)
    (was: Distributed Event-based Systems)
  • Luis Vargas (2004-10-01 – 2009-05-26)
    Integrating databases and Publish/Subscribe
    (was: Middleware for ubiquitous computing)
  • Minor Gordon (2005-10-01 – 2009-01-20)
    Small-scale, event-based overlays (TR-781, local PDF)
    (was: Small scale, event-based, overlays)
  • Jatinder Singh (2005-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Controlling the dissemination and disclosure of healthcare events (TR-770)
    (was: Privacy, confidentiality and trust within assisted living.)
  • Sriram Srinivasan (2005-10-01 – 2010-01-19)
    Kilim: A server framework with lightweight actors, isolation types and Zero-copy messaging (TR-769)
    (was: Unifying message passing, verification and performance prediction in concurrent programming.)
  • Pedro Brandao (2007-04-17 – 2011-10-11)
    Abstracting information on body area networks (TR-812)
    (was: Policy and privacy for small dynamic domains)
  • Julien Quintard (2007-10-01 – 2011-07-04)
    Towards a worldwide storage infrastructure
    (was: Peer-to-peer based storage for sensor networks)
  • Thomas Pasquier (2012-10-01 – 2016-05-03)
    Towards practical information flow control and audit (TR-893, local PDF)
    (was: Towards information flow control in the Cloud)

Prof. A. R. Beresford

  • Soren Preibusch (2008-10-01 – 2013-01-22)
    Privacy choices online: preferences, incentives and enforcement (local PDF)
    (was: Privacy Policy Negotiations)
  • Daniel Thomas (2012-10-01 – 2016-03-08)
    Security metrics for computer systems
    (was: Secure applications for the internet of things)
  • Stephan Kollmann (2014-10-01 – 2019-03-05)
    Privacy-preserving decentralised collaborative applications (local PDF)
    (was: Privacy and security on mobile devices)
  • Diana Vasile (2015-04-10 – 2023-10-10)
    Securing encrypted communication (local PDF)
    (was: Improving the delivery of security updates in distributed systems)
  • Jiexin Zhang (2017-10-01 – 2021-03-02)
    Hardware and software fingerprinting of mobile devices (local PDF)
    (was: Fingerprinting mobile devices: techniques and applications)
  • Michael Dodson (2018-10-01 – 2021-10-12)
    Capability-based access control for cyber physical systems (TR-963, local PDF)
    (was: Securing safety-critical computer systems)
  • Daniel Hugenroth (2019-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    Strong metadata privacy for mobile devices and applications (local PDF)
    (was: Strong metadata-privacy for mobile devices and group communication)
  • Virginia Blessing (2021-10-01 – active)
    Anonymous Communications for Mobile Devices
  • Ceren Kocaoğullar (2021-10-01 – active)
    Privacy-Preserving Local-First Software
  • Luis Saavedra Del Toro (2021-10-01 – active)
    Mobile ecosystems, application sideloading and user privacy
  • Michael Christian Fink Amores (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    De-anonymization attacks on location data

Dr G. M. Bierman

  • Christian Urban (1996-10-01 – 2000-11-14)
    Classical logic and computation
    (was: Foundations of logical prog. languages.)

Prof. A. F. Blackwell

  • Darren Edge (2004-10-01 – 2008-04-22)
    Tangible user interfaces for peripheral interaction: episodic engagement with objects of physical, digital and social significance (TR-733)
    (was: Patterns in Spreadsheet design)
  • Cecily Morrison (2006-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Bodies-in-Space: investigating technology usage in co-present group interaction (TR-771)
    (was: Motion Generation for Choreographic Purposes)
  • Christopher Nash (2006-10-01 – 2012-07-03)
    Supporting virtuosity and flow in computer music
    (was: Man, Machine and Music: the past, present and future of HCI in music)
  • Luke Church (2007-10-01 – submitted)
    Enhancing user experience of programming in diverse domains
  • Zhen Bai (2010-10-01 – 2015-01-20)
    Augmented reality interfaces for symbolic play in early childhood (TR-874)
    (was: Interaction in mobile augmented reality)
  • Alistair Stead (2011-10-01 – 2015-10-20)
    Using multiple representations to develop notational expertise in programming (TR-890)
    (was: End user programming for mobiles)
  • Isak Herman (2013-10-01 – 2020-04-28)
    Public engagement technology for bioacoustic citizen science (local PDF)
    (was: Crowd-sourced bioacoustic informatics)
  • Advait Sarkar (2013-10-01 – 2017-03-07)
    Interactive analytical modelling (TR-920, local PDF)
    (was: A usable system for program synthesis)
  • Guo Yu (2014-10-01 – 2018-10-16)
    Effects of timing on users' perceived control when interacting with intelligent systems (TR-939, local PDF)
    (was: Empathy and entrainment in user interfaces)
  • Mariana-Cristina Mărășoiu (2015-10-01 – 2024-04-23)
    End-user programming of visualisations (local PDF)
    (was: End-User Programming of Visualizations)
  • Diana Robinson (2020-01-04 – active)
    From Tools to Languages: An exploration of Bayesian Clinical Decision Support using Probabilistic Programming
  • Joycelyn Longdon (2021-10-01 – active)
    Visualising forest sound
  • Bianca Schor (2022-01-04 – submitted)
    Designing meaningful algorithmic system transparency for non-expert users (local PDF)
  • Justas Brazauskas (2022-10-01 – active)
    Human-Centric Design of Digital Twins
  • Sofija Stefanovic (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    Monitoring environmental and pollution data in local contexts

Prof. E. J. Briscoe

  • Arturo Trujillo (1989-01-01 – 1995-11-01)
    Lexicalist machine translation of spatial prepositions
    (was: Computational lexicography)
  • David Elworthy (1989-10-01 – 1993-03-01)
    The semantics of noun phrase anaphora (TR-289)
    (was: Exploration of categorical grammars)
  • Eirik Hektoen (1991-10-01 – 1997-06-17)
    Statistical parse selection using semantic cooccurrences
    (was: Efficient algorithms for parsing nat langs)
  • John Carroll (1992-02-01 – 1993-10-01)
    Practical Unification-Based Parsing Of Natural Language (TR-314)
    (was: Natural Language)
  • Anna-Leena Korhonen (1997-10-01 – 2002-02-06)
    Subcategorization acquisition (TR-530)
    (was: Acquiring subcategorisatiion from textual corpora)
  • Aline Villavicencio (1997-10-01 – 2002-03-12)
    The acquisition of a unification-based generalised categorial grammar (TR-533)
    (was: Probabilistic Combinatory Categorial Grammer)
  • Judita Preiss (2001-10-01 – 2006-03-17)
    Probabilistic word sense disambiguation (TR-673)
    (was: Robust Word Sense Disambiguation and Anaphora Resolution)
  • Paula Buttery (2002-04-10 – 2006-04-21)
    Computational models for first language acquisition (TR-675)
    (was: Machine Learning of Linguistic Information)
  • Caroline Gasperin (2003-10-01 – 2008-12-02)
    Statistical anaphora resolution in biomedical texts (TR-764, local PDF)
    (was: Automatic Lexical Acquisition)
  • Shahzad Khan (2004-10-01 – 2008-01-22)
    Negation and antonymy in sentiment classification
    (was: Text Summarisation in probalistic concept-indexed information retrieval)
  • Benjamin Medlock (2004-10-01 – 2008-01-22)
    Investigating classification for natural language processing tasks (TR-721)
    (was: Text Classification and Anonymisation)
  • Rebecca Watson (2004-10-01 – 2007-11-27)
    Optimising the speed and accuracy of a Statistical GLR Parser (TR-743)
    (was: Statistical Models for Parse Selection)
  • Oeistein Andersen (2006-10-01 – 2010-07-01)
    Grammatical error prediction (TR-794, local PDF)
    (was: Investigating the Collocational Component of Meaning)
  • Andreas Vlachos (2006-10-01 – 2010-04-20)
    Semi-supervised learning for biomedical information extraction (TR-791)
    (was: Active learning)
  • Marek Rei (2009-10-01 – 2013-05-07)
    Minimally supervised dependency-based methods for natural language processing (TR-840)
    (was: Machine learning in biomedicine)
  • Helen Yannakoudakis (2009-10-01 – 2013-05-07)
    Automated assessment of English-learner writing (TR-842)
    (was: English profile programme)
  • Ekaterina Kochmar (2011-10-01 – 2015-05-05)
    Error detection in content word combinations (TR-886, local PDF)
    (was: Native language identification by error analysis)
  • Mariano Felice (2013-01-04 – 2016-06-28)
    Artificial error generation for translation-based grammatical error correction (TR-895, local PDF)
    (was: Automated Text Quality Assessment)
  • Zheng Yuan (2013-10-01 – 2017-01-17)
    Grammatical error correction in non-native English (TR-904)
    (was: English learner error detection and correction via statistical machine translation)
  • Menglin Xia (2014-10-01 – 2018-10-16)
    Text readability and summarisation for non-native reading comprehension
    (was: Readability and summarization for non-native reading comprehension assessment)
  • Meng Zhang (2014-10-01 – 2018-10-16)
    Modelling text meta-properties in automated text scoring for non-native English writing
    (was: Automatic evaluation and visualization of essays written by English as foreign language learners)
  • Christopher Bryant (2015-10-01 – 2019-04-23)
    Automatic annotation of error types for grammatical error correction (TR-938, local PDF)
    (was: Type-based evaulation, detection and correction of errors made by non-native writers)
  • Youmna Farag (2016-10-01 – 2021-01-19)
    Neural approaches to discourse coherence: modeling, evaluation and application (local PDF)
    (was: Computational models of discourse)
  • Sian Gooding (2019-10-01 – 2023-04-25)
    A personalised approach to lexical complexity (local PDF)
    (was: Text Simplification for Language Learning)

Prof. P. J. Buttery

  • Russell Moore (2016-01-04 – 2022-01-18)
    Skill embeddings: artificial neural network representations for pedagogical policy development (local PDF)
    (was: Inferring knowledge-domain structure from student data)
  • Ahmed Zaidi (2016-10-01 – 2021-04-27)
    The role of machine learning in personalised instructional sequencing for language learning (local PDF)
    (was: Reinforcement learning for adaptive tutoring)
  • Christopher Davis (2017-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    On the evaluation and application of neural language models for grammatical error detection (local PDF)
    (was: Using multimodal models to facilitate adaptive language learning)
  • Mark Elliott (2018-04-17 – active)
    The application of measurement in the evaluation of automated assessment models
  • Wen Hoi Gladys Tyen (2019-10-01 – active)
    Providing feedback to language learners with adaptive chatbots
  • Richard Diehl Martinez (2021-10-01 – active)
    Meta-Learning Methods for Low Resource Multi-lingual Language Modeling
  • Zebulon Goriely (2021-10-01 – active)
    Transformer Language Models and Child Language Acquisition
  • David Strohmaier (2023-01-04 – prelim)
    Neural Models of Lexical Semantic Acquisition
  • Gabrielle Gaudeau (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Automated and explainable assessment of writing by learners of English

Dr A. P. Caines

  • Hope McGovern (2021-10-01 – active)
    Computational narrative understanding

Dr S. Clark

  • Saad Aloteibi (2009-10-01 – 2021-06-29)
    A user-centred approach to information retrieval (local PDF)
  • Ching-Yun Chang (2009-10-01 – 2013-03-12)
    Transformations for linguistic steganography
  • Wenduan Xu (2012-01-05 – 2017-11-21)
    Structured learning with inexact search: Advances in shift-reduce CCG parsing (local PDF)
    (was: Chinese Syntactic Processing using Machine Learning)
  • Douwe Kiela (2012-10-01 – 2016-10-18)
    Deep embodiment: Grounding semantics in perceptual modalities (TR-899, local PDF)
    (was: Compositional distributional semantics for multi-modal natural language analysis)
  • Jean Maillard (2014-10-01 – 2019-04-23)
    Machine learning methods for vector-based compositional semantics
    (was: Machine Learning Methods for Natural Language Semantics)

Dr W. F. Clocksin

  • Miriam Ellen Leeser (1984-10-01 – 1988-05-01)
    Reasoning about the function & timing of integrate (TR-132)
    (was: Artifical Intelligence and hardware design)
  • Murray P Shanahan (1984-10-01 – 1988-02-01)
    Set-based processing of horn clauses
  • Carole S Klein (1986-10-01 – 1990-05-08)
    Exploiting Or-parallelism in Prolog using multiple (TR-216)
    (was: Prolog)
  • Andrew W Moore (1987-01-01 – 1991-05-01)
    Efficient memory-based learning for robot control (TR-209)
    (was: Dynamic control by learning nonlinear mappings)
  • Ian Benson (1987-10-01 – 1992-04-01)
    Reasoning About Contingent Events In Distributed Systems
    (was: Concepts and techniques for symbolic computation)
  • Charles W Restivo (1987-10-01 – 1990-07-01)
    Deductive synthesis and planning
    (was: Extensions to Prolog)
  • Thomas U Vogel (1988-01-01 – 1992-04-01)
    Learning In Large State Spaces With An Application To Biped Robot Walking (TR-241)
  • Innes Ferguson (1988-10-01 – 1993-01-01)
    Touring machines: an architecture for dynamic, rational, mobile agents (TR-273)
    (was: Rational co-operative planning)
  • Rajeev Goré (1988-10-01 – 1992-04-01)
    Cut-Free Sequent And Tableau Systems For Propositional Normal Modal Logics
    (was: Digital circuit verification using temporal logic)
  • Karl MacDorman (1991-10-01 – 1997-06-01)
    Symbol grounding: learning categorical and sensorimotor predictions for coordination in autonomous robots (TR-423)
    (was: Probabilistic graphical models)
  • Sanjay Saraswat (1992-10-01 – 1996-01-01)
    Performance analysis of Delphi machine
  • Ian J Lewis (1995-04-01 – 1998-06-01)
    PrologPF: parallel logic and functions on the Delphi Machine
    (was: Automated reasoning)
  • Ben Y Reis (1996-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    Simulating music learning with autonomous listening agents: entropy, ambiguity and context (TR-472)
    (was: Computer perception and cognition in music)
  • Mohammad Khorsheed (1997-04-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Automatic recognition of words in Arabic manuscripts (TR-495)
    (was: Pattern recognitions)
  • Neil Lawrence (1998-01-01 – 2001-05-08)
    Variational inference in probabilistic models
  • Prem Fernando (2000-10-01 – 2004-11-11)
    Automatic recognition of ancient Syriac handwriting
    (was: Applications of Artificial Intelligence)

Prof. A. A. Copestake

  • Advaith Siddharthan (2000-10-01 – 2004-01-06)
    Syntactic simplification and text cohesion (TR-597)
    (was: a Text Restructuring Tool Kit)
  • Eric Henderson (2002-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    A text representation language for contextual and distributional processing (TR-779)
    (was: Mapping Adjectives to Attributes for Lexical Acq'n)
  • Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha (2004-10-01 – 2008-10-21)
    Learning compound noun semantics
  • Richard Bergmair (2006-10-01 – 2011-03-15)
    Monte Carlo Semantics: Robust inference and logical pattern processing based on integrated deep and shallow representations
  • Aurelie Herbelot (2006-10-01 – 2010-10-12)
    Unspecified quantification (TR-795, local PDF)
    (was: Unsupervised RMRS - Building Ontological Networks)
  • Mohan Ganesalingam (2007-10-01 – 2010-07-01)
    The Language of Mathematics (local PDF)
    (was: Mathematics as a Natural Language)
  • Theodosia Togia (2011-10-01 – 2015-06-30)
    The language of collaborative tagging (TR-875, local PDF)
    (was: Uncovering Implicit Relations in Folksonomy)
  • Matic Horvat (2013-10-01 – 2017-07-04)
    Hierarchical statistical semantic translation and realization (TR-913, local PDF)
    (was: Robust Natural Language Generation in Hybrid Machine Translation Systems)
  • Guy Emerson (2014-10-01 – 2018-10-16)
    Functional distributional semantics: Learning linguistically informed representations from a precisely annotated corpus (local PDF)
    (was: Functional distributional semantics)
  • Alexander Kuhnle (2015-10-01 – 2019-11-26)
    Evaluating visually grounded language capabilities using microworlds (TR-942, local PDF)
    (was: Evaluating multi-modal deep learning with micro worlds)
  • Ewa Muszynska (2015-10-01 – 2020-06-09)
    Semantic chunking (local PDF)
    (was: Sentence chunking)
  • Anita Vero (2015-10-01 – 2022-03-01)
    Transparent analysis of multi-modal embeddings (TR-970, local PDF)
    (was: Multi-modal semantics for Natural Language Processing)
  • Paula Czarnowska (2017-10-01 – 2023-01-17)
    Morphological competence in neural natural language processing (local PDF)
    (was: In search of meaning universals: Expolring morpheme semantics across different languages)
  • Huiyuan Xie (2018-10-01 – 2023-11-21)
    Evaluating Natural Language Generation Tasks for Grammaticality, Faithfulness and Diversity (local PDF)
    (was: High-Quality Image Captioning Incorporating Formal Semantics)

Dr S. C. Crawley

  • Stephen M V Hailes (1987-10-01 – 1992-02-01)
    The Design And Implementation Of Troy, A Distributed Object-Based Language
    (was: Design and implementation of distributed object-ba)

Dr S. Crosby

  • Paul B Menage (1996-10-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Resource control of untrusted code in an open programmable network (TR-561)
    (was: Resource control for virtual private networks)
  • Timothy L Harris (1997-10-01 – 2001-01-15)
    Extensible virtual machines (TR-525)
    (was: Quality of service extensions to java for Nemisis)

Prof. J. A. Crowcroft

  • Tolga Uzuner (2002-01-05 – 2006-07-01)
    Effective network complexity
    (was: Integrated Network Management Systems)
  • Julian Chesterfield (2002-10-01 – 2006-02-09)
    Joint source-channel UEP coding for multimedia streaming in the wireless wide area network environment
    (was: Congestion control for Data Streams)
  • Timothy Deegan (2002-10-01 – 2006-07-04)
    The main name system
    (was: Optimising compilers for delay-line memory)
  • Boris Dragovic (2002-10-01 – 2006-07-04)
    CASPEr: containment-aware security for pervasive computing environments
    (was: CASPER: containment-aware security for pervasive environments)
  • Euan Harris (2002-10-01 – 2009-05-26)
    Rate limiting in an event-driven BGP speaker (local PDF)
    (was: Real-time metrics of network performance)
  • Karl Jeacle (2002-10-01 – 2006-02-09)
    (was: Interdomain Internet Protocol Multicast)
  • Christian Kreibich (2002-10-01 – 2007-05-24)
    Structural traffic analysis for network security monitoring
    (was: Scalable traffic normalisation and intrusion detec)
  • Meng How Lim (2002-10-01 – 2006-02-09)
    Landmark guided forwarding (TR-674)
    (was: Wide Area Wireless Ad Hoc Networks)
  • David Spence (2002-10-01 – 2006-03-01)
    Location based code placement in distributed systems (local PDF)
    (was: Location Based Code Placement in Ditributed Systems)
  • Manuel Costa (2003-10-01 – 2007-04-17)
    End-to-end containment of Internet worm epidemics
    (was: Peer-to-peer network layer)
  • Wenjun Hu (2003-10-01 – 2008-01-22)
    A tale of two prototypes: Practical network coding for wireless mesh networks
    (was: Security issues in mobile ad hoc networks)
  • Pan Hui (2004-10-01 – 2007-11-27)
    People are the network: Experimental design and evaluation of social based forwarding algorithms (TR-713)
    (was: Reduce Message Delivery Delay by Using State Information and Infrastructure in Pocket Switched Networks)
  • Joonwoong Kim (2005-10-01 – 2015-10-20)
    Anonymous communication in DTN
    (was: Computer Security)
  • John Miller (2006-10-01 – 2011-07-04)
    Distributed virtual environment scalability and security (TR-809)
    (was: Scaleable Cheat Mitigation in Distributed Virtual Environments)
  • Nishanth Sastry (2007-04-17 – 2011-07-04)
    Social network support for data delivery infrastructures
  • Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez (2009-01-05 – 2013-10-22)
    The hidden costs of mobile applications: A cross-layer analysis of energy and spectrum waste of mobile applications
    (was: Social resource pooling between proximal smart phones)
  • Jisun An (2010-01-05 – 2013-10-22)
    Multi-faceted analysis of news sharing in social networking sites
    (was: New media and online social networks - trends and filtering support for diversity)
  • Andrius Aucinas (2011-10-01 – 2015-10-20)
    Design of energy-efficient mobile communications protocols (local PDF)
    (was: Improving performance and energy efficiency of mobile systems through Cloud Computing)
  • Tobias Moncaster (2011-10-01 – 2018-03-06)
    Optimising the data centre operation by reducing transport latency (TR-921, local PDF)
    (was: INTERNET: Intelligent Energy awaRE NETworks)
  • Sheharbano Khattak (2013-10-01 – 2017-01-17)
    Characterization of Internet censorship from multiple perspectives (TR-897, local PDF)
    (was: Tweakable Pluggable Transports for Flexible Circumvention)
  • Gregory Tsipenyuk (2013-10-01 – 2017-10-17)
    Evaluation of decentralized email architecture and social network analysis based on email attachment sharing (TR-918, local PDF)
    (was: From client-server to peer-to-peer)
  • Syed Zafar Ul Hussan Gilani (2014-10-01 – 2018-06-19)
    Understanding the behaviour and influence of automated social agents (local PDF)
    (was: Interactive analytics for large data-set analysis)
  • Heidi Howard (2014-10-01 – 2019-01-22)
    Distributed consensus revised (TR-935)
    (was: High availabilty consensus)
  • Mohibi Hussain (2015-10-01 – 2020-03-03)
    Availability, integrity, and confidentiality for a content-centric internet architecture (local PDF)
    (was: Design analysis of future Internet technologies for overcoming the global digital divide)
  • Jianxin Zhao (2015-10-01 – 2020-01-21)
    Optimization of a modern numerical library, a bottom-up approach (TR-956, local PDF)
    (was: Personal data: Privacy enhancing databox)
  • Marco Caballero Gutierrez (2016-10-01 – 2021-06-29)
    Routing algorithms for next-generation MANETs: Why shortest is not the greatest (local PDF)
    (was: Multi-radio wireless ad-hoc routing)
  • Helen Oliver (2016-10-01 – 2021-03-02)
    Obstacles to wearable computing
  • Anwaar Ali (2017-04-17 – resubmit)
    Effective governance of community network using blockchain (local PDF)
    (was: Effective governance by and of blockchain)
  • Yilei Liang (2021-10-01 – active)
    Towards Intelligent Federated Learning System

Prof. J. G. Daugman

  • Mark Humphrys (1992-10-01 – 1997-01-01)
    Action selection methods using reinforcement learn (TR-426)
    (was: Competitive learning)
  • Stanley J Mrose (1994-10-01 – 1998-01-01)
    Multiresolution curve and surface design: theory and application of spline wavelets
    (was: Image synthesis)
  • Christopher Town (2001-10-01 – 2005-03-01)
    Ontology based visual information processing (local PDF)
    (was: Inference in computer vision)

Prof. A. Dawar

  • David Richerby (1999-10-01 – 2003-12-05)
    Fixed-point logics with choice
    (was: Logical characterisation of Ptime)
  • Pablo Arrighi (2000-10-01 – 2004-02-10)
    Representations of quantum operations with applications to quantum cryptography (TR-595)
    (was: Quantum Computing)
  • Paul Hunter (2002-10-01 – 2007-11-27)
    Complexity and infinite games on finite graphs (TR-704)
    (was: Games, complexity and Modal Logic)
  • Timos Antonopoulos (2004-01-05 – 2009-03-10)
    Expressive Power of Graph Languages
    (was: Expressive power of graph languages)
  • Yuguo He (2006-10-01 – 2010-12-07)
    Hierarchies in first-order logic and parameterized complexity (local PDF)
    (was: Descriptive Aspects of Parametrised Complexity)
  • Bjarki Holm (2006-10-01 – 2011-03-15)
    Descriptive complexity of linear algebra (local PDF)
    (was: Logical Formulation of Polynomial Time)
  • Arno Pauly (2008-10-01 – 2012-01-24)
    Computable metamathematics and its applications to game theory (local PDF)
    (was: Explaining Bounded Rationality through Computability and Complexity)
  • Jannis Bulian (2012-10-01 – 2016-06-28)
    Parameterized complexity of distances to sparse graph classes (TR-903, local PDF)
    (was: Definability and Parameterized Complexity)
  • Pengming Wang (2013-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    Descriptive complexity of constraint problems
    (was: Complexity of constraint satisfaction)
  • Gregory Wilsenach (2014-10-01 – 2019-06-11)
    Symmetric circuits and model-theoretic logics
    (was: Mathematical Logic)
  • Danny Vagnozzi (2017-10-01 – 2022-03-01)
    Variations on the theme of higher dimensional Weisfeiler-Leman algorithms (local PDF)
    (was: Graph Isomorphism)
  • Adam O' Conghaile (2018-10-01 – 2023-04-25)
    Game comonads and beyond: compositional constructions for logic and algorithms (local PDF)
    (was: Resources and coresources: compositional methods in finite model theory and descriptive complexity)
  • Yoàv Montacute (2020-10-01 – active)
    Coalgebras and game comonads
  • Ioannis Eleftheriadis (2021-10-01 – active)
    Categorical methods in finite model theory
  • Aidan Evans (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Locality in Finite Model Theory

Prof. N. A. Dodgson

  • Andrew J Penrose (1996-10-01 – 2001-01-23)
    Extending lossless image compression (TR-526)
    (was: Digital image processing)
  • James E Gain (1997-04-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Enhancing spatial deformation for virtual sculpting (TR-499)
    (was: 3D computer graphics)
  • Michael J Blain (1997-10-01 – 2003-02-11)
    Animating Liquids
    (was: Modelling of natural phenomena)
  • Tony Polichroniadis (1997-10-01 – 2001-05-08)
    High level control of vitual actors
    (was: Performance of graphics systems)
  • Mark F P Gillies (1998-01-01 – 2001-10-30)
    Practical behavioural animation based on vision and attention
    (was: Simulation for computer animation)
  • Steven Brooks (2000-01-05 – 2004-02-10)
    Concise texture editing (TR-584)
    (was: Computer Graphics and interaction)
  • Mohamed Hassan (2000-10-01 – 2005-10-04)
    Multiresolution in geometric modelling: subdivision mark points and ternary subdivison (local PDF)
    (was: Multi-resolution in Geometric Modelling)
  • Roongroj Nopsuwanchai (2000-10-01 – 2004-10-27)
    Discriminative training methods and their applications to handwriting recognition (TR-652)
    (was: Applications in Artificial Intelligence)
  • Mark Grundland (2001-01-05 – 2007-07-10)
    Color, style and composition in image processing (local PDF)
    (was: Artistic rendering)
  • Carsten Moenning (2001-10-01 – 2005-05-24)
    Intrinsic point-based surface processing (TR-658)
    (was: Multi-resolution modelling)
  • Stephen Rymill (2002-10-01 – 2006-10-11)
    Psychologically-based simulation of human behaviour (TR-717, local PDF)
    (was: Simulation of human behaviour)
  • Julian Smith (2003-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Towards robust inexact geometric computation (TR-766, local PDF)
    (was: Robust Algorithms for geometric processing)
  • Richard Southern (2003-10-01 – 2008-06-10)
    Animation manifolds for representing topological alteration (TR-723)
    (was: Subdivision surface generation from free-form surface design)
  • Thomas Cashman (2006-10-01 – 2010-03-02)
    NURBS-compatible subdivision surfaces
  • Christian Richardt (2007-10-01 – 2012-01-24)
    Colour videos with depth acquisition, processing and evaluation (TR-815)
    (was: Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Stereoscopic Video)
  • Lech Swirski (2010-10-01 – 2015-03-10)
    Gaze estimation on glasses-based stereoscopic displays (local PDF)
    (was: Dynamic depth cues)
  • Henrik Lieng (2011-10-01 – 2014-10-21)
    Surface modelling for 2D imagery

Dr C. H. Ek

  • Mala Virdee (2020-10-01 – active)
    Multi-fidelity deep Gaussian processes for climate multi-model ensemble prediction of extremes
    (was: Multi-fidelity and multi-model ensemble prediction of climate extremes)
  • Haoting Zhang (2021-10-01 – active)
    Active Learning and Optimisation of Drug Combinations

Prof. M. P. Fiore

  • Samuel Staton (2002-10-01 – 2007-06-12)
    Name-passing process calculi: operational models and structural operational semantics (TR-688)
    (was: Foundations of Concurrent Computation)
  • Chung Kil Hur (2004-10-01 – 2010-03-02)
    Categorical equational systems: algebraic models and equational reasoning (local PDF)
    (was: Programming language theory)
  • Ola Mahmoud (2007-01-05 – 2011-10-11)
    Second-order algebraic theories (TR-807, local PDF)
    (was: Type theory in computer science.)
  • Marco Ferreira Devesas Campos (2011-10-01 – 2016-03-08)
    Mendler induction and classical logic (local PDF)
    (was: Generalised recursivity in classical logic)
  • Philip Saville (2015-10-01 – 2020-04-28)
    Cartesian closed bicategories: type theory and coherence (local PDF)
    (was: Connections between higher-dimensional category theory and the metatheory of type theory)
  • Nathanael Arkor (2018-10-01 – 2022-06-07)
    Monadic and higher-order structure (local PDF)
    (was: Algebraic type theory: syntax and semantics)
  • David Berry (2021-10-01 – active)
    Normalisation for Two-Dimensional Simple Type Theory
  • Sanjiv Ranchod (2022-10-01 – active)
    Internal languages in computation, logic, and mathematics
  • Yufeng Li (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Syntactic and Semantic Investigations in Algebraic and Homotopy Type Theory

K. A. Fraser

  • Christopher Purcell (2003-10-01 – 2007-02-27)
    Scaling mount concurrency: scalability and progress in concurrent algorithms (TR-697)
    (was: Lock-free data structures)

Dr P. A. Gardner

  • Lucian J Wischik (1997-10-01 – 2002-06-18)
    Explicit fusions: theory and implementation
    (was: The Role of Names in Action calculi)

Dr R. J. Gibbens

  • Chi-kin Chau (2003-10-01 – 2007-05-27)
    Networks and disputes
    (was: Paradoxes in networking)

Dr A. D. Gordon

  • Paul D Hankin (1995-10-01 – 2001-05-08)
    A study of objects
    (was: Semantics of programming langs)

Prof. M. J. C. Gordon

  • Alberto Camilleri (1984-10-01 – 1988-06-01)
    Executing behavioural definitions in higher order (TR-140)
    (was: Formal verifcation of digital systems)
  • Thomas Frederick Melham (1984-10-01 – 1990-05-01)
    Formalising abstraction mechanisim for hardware ve (TR-201)
    (was: Machine assisted reasoning)
  • Francisco Corella (1986-10-01 – 1990-03-01)
    Foundations of automatic therem proving (TR-232)
    (was: Formal verification of hardware desings)
  • Jeffery J Joyce (1986-10-01 – 1990-05-01)
    Multi-level verification of microproccesor- based (TR-195)
    (was: Hardware verification)
  • Rachel Cardell-Oliver (1988-10-01 – 1992-04-01)
    The formal verification of hard real-time systems (TR-255)
    (was: Formal specification and verification of protocols)
  • Richard Boulton (1990-10-01 – 1994-05-01)
    Efficiency In A Fully-Expansive Theorem Prover (TR-337)
    (was: Automated reasoning and functional programming)
  • Victor Carreno (1990-10-01 – 1997-05-01)
    Transition assertions: a higher-order logic based method for the specification and verification of real-time systems
    (was: Formal verification of fault tolerence properties)
  • James Doug Grundy (1990-10-01 – 1993-12-01)
    A method of program refinement (TR-318)
    (was: The formal development of computer programs)
  • Monica Nesi Thery (1990-10-01 – 1996-10-01)
    Formalising process calculi in higher order logic (TR-411)
    (was: mechanization of process algebras)
  • John Peter Van Tassel (1990-10-01 – 1993-10-01)
    Femto-Vhdl: The Semantics Of A Subset Of Vhdl And Its Embedding In The Hol Proof Assistant (TR-317)
    (was: mechanised formal methods for VHDL)
  • John Harrison (1992-10-01 – 1996-11-01)
    Theorem proving with the real numbers (TR-408)
    (was: Mechanical verification of computer arithmetic)
  • Michael Norrish (1994-10-01 – 1999-01-01)
    C formalised in HOL (TR-453)
    (was: Computer assistaed program analysis and verfication)
  • Mark Staples (1994-10-01 – 1999-05-01)
    A mechanised theory of refinement
    (was: Automated program refinement)
  • Donald R Syme (1994-10-01 – 1999-03-01)
    Declarative theorem proving for operational semantics
    (was: Computer assisted formal reasoning)
  • Daryl J Stewart (1997-10-01 – 2002-05-20)
    A uniform sematics for Verilog and VHDL suitable for both simulation and verification
    (was: Formal Semantics for HDLS)
  • Joseph Ell Hurd (1998-10-01 – 2002-05-30)
    Formal verification of probabilistic alogorithms (TR-566)
    (was: Automated reasoning)
  • Hasan Amjad (2000-10-01 – 2004-09-07)
    Combining model checking and theorem proving (TR-601)
    (was: Formal Verification applied to ARM processors)
  • Juliano Iyoda (2002-10-01 – 2007-01-09)
    Translating HOL functions to hardware (TR-682)
    (was: Formal Methods)
  • James Reynolds (2004-10-01 – 2008-10-21)
    An automatic proof-generating translation from high-order to first-order logic (with applications to linking HOL4 and ACL2) (local PDF)
    (was: Verification of systems of communicating devices)
  • Olexiy Gotsman (2005-10-01 – 2009-10-06)
    Logics and analyses for concurrent heap-manipulating programs (TR-758)
    (was: Automated Reasoning)
  • Magnus Myreen (2005-10-01 – 2009-05-26)
    Formal verification of machine-code programs (TR-765, local PDF)
    (was: A model for reasoning about circuits with both clocked and self-timed components)
  • Thomas Tuerk (2007-01-05 – 2011-05-10)
    A separation logic framework for HOL (TR-799)
    (was: Application of Theorem Proving)
  • Eric Koskinen (2008-10-01 – 2012-05-08)
    Temporal verification of programs
  • Matko Botincan (2009-10-01 – 2014-01-21)
    Formal verification- driven parallelisation synthesis (TR-917, local PDF)
    (was: Checking correctness of realistic concurrent software)
  • Ramana Kumar (2011-10-01 – 2015-12-01)
    A Verified Implementation of ML (TR-879, local PDF)
    (was: Relating formal theories)

Dr D. J. Greaves

  • M Jennifer Li Kam Wa (1993-10-01 – 1998-07-01)
    A measurement-based approach to flow control in ATM networks
    (was: ATM NWs)
  • Chai-keong Toh (1993-10-01 – 1996-11-01)
    Protocol aspects of mobile radio networks
    (was: Computer Comms & NWs)
  • Richard J Bradbury (1995-10-01 – 1999-02-01)
    Architectures for the control of home area networks
    (was: Los cost ATM)
  • Umar Saif (1998-10-01 – 2002-01-15)
    Architectures for ubiquitous systems (TR-527)
    (was: ATM & Multiprotocol label switching)
  • Sang-Bum Suh (1998-10-01 – 2006-07-11)
    An effective multiple access policy for the home telephone wiring in a home LAN
    (was: Design & Implementation of the Network Computer fo)
  • Alberto Fernandes (2001-10-01 – 2005-09-22)
    Spectrum management for revenue maximisation in DSL
    (was: Modem Design)
  • Anil Madhavapeddy (2002-10-01 – 2006-10-10)
    Creating high-performance statically type-safe network applications (TR-775)
    (was: Audio networking)
  • Behzad Bastani (2003-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Open evolvable systems design by process-oriented modeling
    (was: Component Lifetime in Distributed Systems)
  • Atif Alvi (2004-10-01 – 2008-10-21)
    Controlling pervasive domains with ontologies and rules
    (was: Embedded systems)
  • Myoung Jin Nam (2005-10-01 – 2021-01-19)
    Inline and Sideline Approaches for Low-cost Memory Safety in C (TR-954, local PDF)
    (was: Interface Synthesis Between Hardware and Software Models)
  • Stephen Kell (2006-10-01 – 2011-05-10)
    Black-box composition of mismatched software compnents (TR-845, local PDF)
    (was: Component Interfaces)
  • Aisha Elsafty (2007-01-05 – 2013-03-12)
    A naming and trust approach for seamless handover in multiple-interface mobile devices (local PDF)
    (was: API for mobile, ad hoc and fixed network services)
  • Milos Puzovic (2008-10-01 – 2013-07-02)
    Hardware/software interface dynamic multicore scheduling (local PDF)
    (was: Hardware/Software Interface for Multicore Schedulling)
  • Jukka Lehtosalo (2009-10-01 – 2014-01-21)
    Adapting dynamic object-oriented languages to mixed dynamic and static typing
    (was: Implicit type and structure in dynamic languages)
  • Syed Ali Mustafa Zaidi (2009-10-01 – 2014-07-01)
    Accelerating Control-Flow Intensive Code in Spatial Hardware (TR-870)
    (was: Reconfigurable architecture)

Prof. T. G. Griffin

  • Eng Keong Lua (2003-10-01 – 2006-11-14)
    Massive scale collaborative grid environments through P2P
  • John Billings (2005-10-01 – 2010-01-19)
    Specifying and compiling Internet routing protocols
    (was: Resource bounded mobile code)
  • Alexander Gurney (2005-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Construction and verification of routing algebras (local PDF)
    (was: Mathematical Methods for Metarouting)
  • Md Abdul Alim (2007-10-01 – 2011-10-11)
    On the Interaction of Internet Routing Protocols
    (was: Metarouting for MANET networks)
  • Philip Taylor (2007-10-01 – 2012-01-24)
    Specification of policy languages for network routing protocols in the Bellman-Ford family
    (was: extending metarouting to complex forwarding specifications)
  • Vilius Naudziunas (2008-10-01 – 2011-12-06)
    Design and implementation of a language for path algebras
    (was: Implementing a Routing Protocol Metalanguage in constructive type theory)
  • Matthew Daggitt (2015-10-01 – 2019-03-05)
    An algebraic perspective on the convergence of vector-based routing protocols (local PDF)
    (was: Convergence results for Matrix Iteration)
  • Ran Zmigrod (2019-10-01 – 2022-10-11)
    A hitchhiker's guide to efficient non-projective dependency parsing (local PDF)
    (was: An Algorithmic Framework for Fast and Correct Dependency Parsing)

Dr T. C. Grosser

  • Siddharth Bhat Mala (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Extending Lean4: Compilation & Verification
  • Tabitha Healy (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Exploiting Representation for Efficient Hardware Verification
  • Alex Keizer (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Going fast without breaking things: verified optimizations in Lean
  • Alexandre Lopoukhine (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Leveraging Accelerated Graph Processing in Compiler Construction

Prof. H. Gunes

  • Nikhil Churamani (2018-10-01 – 2023-01-17)
    Continual Learning for Affective Robotics (local PDF)
    (was: Lifelong learning of affect in social robots)
  • Nida Abbasi (2020-10-01 – active)
    Developing a framework for age-appropriate mental and cognitive wellbeing screening for children - a multimodal robotised approach
  • Minja Axelsson (2020-10-01 – active)
    Computational Behaviour Generation for a Robotic Well-being Coach
  • Jiaee Cheong (2020-10-01 – active)
    A Causal Approach towards Fairness in Facial Affect Recognition

Dr T. Gur

  • Hugo Aaronson (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Quantum and classical sublinear algorithms
  • Jack O'Connor (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Zero-knowledge proofs

Dr S. M. Hand

  • Evangelos Kotsovinos (2001-10-01 – 2005-02-26)
    Global public computing (TR-615)
    (was: Distributed web operating systems)
  • Alexander Ho (2002-10-01 – 2007-04-17)
    Understanding systems with virtual machines (local PDF)
    (was: Pervasive Debugging)
  • Evangelia Kalyvianaki (2002-10-01 – 2008-12-02)
    Resource provisioning for virtualized server applications (TR-762)
    (was: Tracing distributed applications)
  • Andrew Warfield (2002-10-01 – 2006-06-09)
    Virtual devices for virtual machines (local PDF)
    (was: System support to improve I/O latency)
  • Yu-En Lu (2004-01-05 – 2008-04-22)
    Distributed proximity query processing
    (was: Scalable Distributed Indexing)
  • Grzegorz Milos (2005-10-01 – 2009-10-06)
    Efficient and effective sharing of memory in virtual machine monitors
    (was: Distributed Storage Architectures)
  • Steven Smith (2005-10-01 – 2014-01-21)
    Raft: Automated techniques for diagnosing, reproducing, and fixing concurrency bugs (local PDF)
    (was: Software-implemented tolerance of hardware faults using commodity hardware, operating systems, and applications)
  • Periklis Akritidis (2006-10-01 – 2010-10-12)
    Practical memory safety for C (TR-798, local PDF)
    (was: Efficient runtime checking for C/C++ code)
  • Derek Murray (2007-10-01 – 2011-12-06)
    A distributed execution engine supporting data-dependent control flow (local PDF)
    (was: Spread-Spectrum Computation)
  • Amitabha Roy (2007-10-01 – 2011-07-04)
    Software lock elision for x86 machine code (TR-801, local PDF)
    (was: Inter-Domain Communication in Virtualised Environments)

Dr R. K. Harle

  • Agata Brajdić (2009-10-01 – 2014-07-01)
    Infrastructure-free indoor pedestrian localisation with smartphones
    (was: Smart personal sensing)
  • Gareth Bailey (2011-10-01 – 2016-01-19)
    In situ gait analysis during steady state running using foot mounted sensors
    (was: Long-term sensing for sport and health monitoring)
  • Chao Gao (2013-10-01 – 2016-11-29)
    Signal maps for smartphone localisation (TR-901, local PDF)
    (was: Signal maps for Smartphone location)
  • Ran Guan (2015-10-01 – 2020-07-14)
    Crowdsourcing Mobile Data for Indoor Positioning (local PDF)
    (was: Robust Indoor positioning)

Dr S. B. Holden

  • Andrew Naish-Guzman (2003-10-01 – 2008-04-22)
    Sparse and robust kernal methods
    (was: Computational Learning Theory)
  • Ulrich Paquet (2003-10-01 – 2007-06-12)
    Bayesian inference for latent variable models (TR-724)
    (was: Bayesian Inference)
  • Richard Russell (2007-10-01 – 2012-03-13)
    Planning with preferences using maximum satisfiability (TR-822)
    (was: Maximum satisfiability approaches to planning with preferences)
  • Nicholas Pilkington (2009-10-01 – 2013-12-03)
    Hyperparameter optimisation for multiple kernels
    (was: Multiple kernel learning)
  • Ivo Timoteo (2012-10-01 – 2019-01-22)
    Learning dynamic systems as networks of stochastic differential equations
    (was: Identification of dynamic systems from time-series data)
  • Agnieszka Słowik (2019-01-04 – 2023-04-25)
    Out-of-distribution generalisation in machine learning (local PDF)
    (was: Machine Learning for Theorem Proving)
  • Fredrik Rømming (2022-10-01 – active)
    Learning Abstractions for Automated Theorem Proving
  • Francesco Ceccarelli (2023-10-01 – active)

Prof Sir A. Hopper

  • Andrew C Harter (1983-10-01 – 1990-07-01)
    Three dimensional integrated circuit layout (TR-202)
    (was: CAD for 3D semiconductors)
  • Olivia R Nagioff (1985-01-01 – 1991-02-01)
    Algorithms for Image Encoding
    (was: VLSI design)
  • David J Greaves (1985-10-01 – 1990-05-08)
    The design of a metropolitan area backbone ring
    (was: Integrated circuits)
  • Paul Karger (1986-01-01 – 1988-11-01)
    Improving security and performance for capability (TR-149)
    (was: Capability-based security kernel op Sys for digital)
  • Kamiar Sehat (1986-10-01 – 1992-10-01)
    Evaluation of caches and cache coherency
    (was: Cache design for multiprocessor systems)
  • Chu Suan Ang (1987-10-01 – 1992-05-01)
    Continuous media in fast networks
    (was: Digital communications)
  • Xiaofeng Jiang (1988-10-01 – 1992-03-01)
    Multipoint digital video communications (TR-251)
    (was: Video Stream architecture)
  • Subir Kumar Biswas (1990-10-01 – 1994-10-01)
    Handling Realtime Traffic In Mobile Networks (TR-351)
    (was: Cellular communication networks)
  • Gavin John Stark (1990-10-01 – 1997-01-01)
    Stream handling in multimedia communication systems
    (was: ATM network architectures)
  • Giles J Nelson (1993-10-01 – 1998-06-01)
    Context-aware and location systems
    (was: Data comms and op Sys support for realtime media)
  • Feng Shi (1993-10-01 – 1997-11-01)
    An architecture for scalable and deterministic video servers (TR-438)
    (was: Multi-service networks)
  • John B P Naylon (1994-10-01 – 1999-01-01)
    A wireless ATM local area network
    (was: Quality of service in mobile ATM networks)
  • Duncan P Grisby (1995-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    A distributed adaptive window system
    (was: A distributed lanuage based on PICT)
  • Andrew M R Ward (1995-10-01 – 1999-02-01)
    Sensor-driven computing
    (was: Sensor driven Computing)
  • David M Leask (1996-01-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Low power radio networking
    (was: Ubiquitous Networks)
  • Sheng F Li (1996-10-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Stateless client computing
    (was: Networks for ubiquitous systems)
  • Radina Stefanova (1996-10-01 – 2002-08-16)
    Power in radio networks
    (was: Mobile ATM-based networks)
  • Timothy M Edmonds (1997-10-01 – 2001-10-30)
    Adaptation for mobile systems
    (was: Ubiquitous embedded radio networks)
  • David Cottingham (2004-10-01 – 2009-01-20)
    Vehicular wireless communication (TR-741)
    (was: The Sentient Car)
  • Jonathan Davies (2004-10-01 – 2009-01-20)
    Programming networks of vehicles (TR-761)
    (was: The Sentient Car)
  • Mbou Eyole-Monono (2004-10-01 – 2008-04-22)
    Energy-efficient sentient computing (TR-722)
    (was: Sensor-driven Computing)
  • Simon Fothergill (2005-10-01 – 2013-10-22)
    Automatic assessment of kinaesthetic performance applied to rowing
    (was: Symbols in Sensor-Driven Computing)
  • Anthony Hylick (2005-10-01 – 2010-04-20)
    Managing energy consumption of hard disk drives by optimizing system interaction (local PDF)
    (was: Low energy computing)
  • Oliver Woodman (2006-10-01 – 2010-10-12)
    Pedestrian localisation for indoor environments (local PDF)
    (was: Sensors for Quantitative Sports Performance Analysis)
  • Sherif Akoush (2007-10-01 – 2012-01-24)
    Exploiting surplus renewable energy in datacentre computing (local PDF)
    (was: Renewable energy for computing)
  • Simon Hay (2007-10-01 – 2011-05-10)
    A model personal energy meter (TR-805, local PDF)
    (was: Personal Energy Meter)
  • Lucian Carata (2011-10-01 – 2016-10-18)
    Provenance-based computing (TR-930, local PDF)
    (was: Assured computing)

Dr F. Huszar

  • Annabelle Carrell (2021-10-01 – active)
    Towards a Theory of Calibration in Deep Learning
  • Siyuan Guo (2021-10-01 – active)
    Advances in Causal Structure Identification and Probabilistic Meta-learning
  • Nitarshan Rajkumar (2021-10-01 – active)
    Artificial Intelligence at Scale
  • Kamilė Stankevičiūtė (2021-10-01 – active)
    Capturing structure within and beyond the dataset: from inductive biases to self-supervision
  • Anna Mészáros (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Geometric properties of non-convex optimization algorithms in machine learning
  • Szilvia Réka Ujváry (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Understanding flatness, geometry and generalization from a mathematical perspective

Prof. A. J. Hutchings

  • Jack Hughes (2019-10-01 – 2023-11-21)
    Computational criminology: at-scale quantitative analysis of the evolution of cybercrime forums (local PDF)
    (was: Using machine learning and big data approaches to understand the role of gaming within cybercrime pathways on underground discussion platforms)
  • Jose Gilberto Atondo Siu (2020-10-01 – submitted)
    Automated detection of cryptocurrency investment scams at scale (local PDF)
    (was: Using NLP and ML to identify investment scam lures)
  • Kieron Turk (2021-10-01 – active)
    Interactions between Technology and Domestic Abuse
  • Viet Anh Vu (2022-01-04 – active)
    Measurement studies of the cybercrime underground
  • Tina Marjanov (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Understanding and preventing the (ab)use of stolen data in underground marketplaces
  • Anna Talas (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Preserving privacy online during life transitions
  • Chunlu Wang (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Effective and explainable multilingual hate speech detection in underground hacking and extremist forums

Prof. M. Jamnik

  • Matej Urbas (2009-10-01 – 2014-07-01)
    Mechanising heterogeneous reasoning in theorem provers (local PDF)
    (was: MixR: A framework for heterogeneous reasoning)
  • Edward Ayers (2016-10-01 – approved)
    Automated explanatory web mathematician
  • Botty Dimanov (2016-10-01 – 2021-04-27)
    Interpretable Deep Learning: Beyond Feature-Importance with Concept-based Explanations (local PDF)
    (was: Interpretable deep learning)
  • Aaron Stockdill (2017-10-01 – 2022-03-01)
    Automating representation change across domains for reasoning
  • Dmitry Kazhdan (2019-10-01 – 2024-04-23)
    Enhancing Interpretability: The role of concept-based explanations across data types (local PDF)
    (was: Learning the next generation of drug targets by modelling diseases, targets and their relationships)
  • Andrei Margeloiu (2020-10-01 – active)
    Breaking the curse of dimensionality in low-data tasks
  • Urška Matjašec (2020-10-01 – active)
    Interpretable, high-performing methodology for tabular data
  • Mateo Espinosa Zarlenga (2021-10-01 – active)
    Interpretable Concept-based Neural Architectures for Tabular Tasks
  • Albert Jiang (2021-10-01 – active)
    Learning Abstract Mathematical Reasoning
  • Konstantin Hemker (2022-10-01 – active)
    Improving stability, meaningfulness & faithfulness of machine learning explanations in healthcare
  • Julia Komorowska (2022-10-01 – active)
    Foundations of Graph Representation Learning in the context of Network and Life Sciences
  • Xiangjian Jiang (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Transfer Learning for Biomedical Tabular Data
  • Gaia Carenini (2024-04-17 – prelim)
    Fusing Human-Oriented Reasoning Techniques and Principles with Language Models

Prof. T. M. Jones

  • Ruoyu Zhou (2013-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    Guided automatic binary parallelisation
    (was: Parallelizing application binaries)
  • Jyothish Soman (2014-01-06 – 2018-01-23)
    A peformance efficient and practical processor error recovery framework (TR-931, local PDF)
    (was: A Software-Hardware Co-Design for Tolerating Hard Faults in Multicore Processors)
  • Sam Ainsworth (2014-10-01 – 2018-06-19)
    Prefetching for complex memory access patterns (TR-923, local PDF)
    (was: Exploiting memory-level parallelism with programmable data prefetchers)
  • Peng Sun (2015-10-01 – 2020-01-21)
    Speculative vectorization with selective replay (local PDF)
    (was: Enhancing Automatic Parallelisation Through Dynamic Adaptation)
  • Joseph Isaacs (2017-10-01 – 2023-01-17)
    Furthering Datalog in the pursuit of program analysis (local PDF)
    (was: Extracting ultra-fine-grained program parallelism)
  • Aida Miralaei (2017-10-01 – 2024-04-23)
    Near-memory processing for low-precision deep neural networks (local PDF)
    (was: Energy efficient in-memory approach for binary convolutional neural network)
  • Nandor Licker (2018-10-01 – 2022-06-28)
    Low-level cross-language post-link (local PDF)
    (was: Cross-language post-link optimisations)
  • Mahwish Arif (2020-10-01 – active)
    A full-coverage, low-overhead and accessible software framework for binary security
  • Marton Erdos (2020-10-01 – active)
    In-core speculative multithreading
  • Yuxin Guo (2023-01-04 – active)
    Microarchitectural support for transparent task-level parallelism
  • Peter Zhang (2023-01-04 – active)
    Parallel software reliability for legacy binaries

Dr E. Kalyvianaki

  • Smita Vijaya Kumar (2019-10-01 – submitted)
    Scheduling for Reduced Tail Latencies in Highly Utilised Datacenters (local PDF)
    (was: Centralised Datacenter CPU Scheduling with Decentralised Schedulers)
  • Wei Da (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Privacy Preserved Embedding-based Retrieval System

Prof. S. Keshav

  • Petr Dolezal (2020-10-01 – active)
    Complementarity of renewable energy sources across supergrids
  • Arduin Findeis (2021-10-01 – active)
    Using Reinforcement Learning to Control Towards generalist building control
  • Amelia Holcomb (2021-10-01 – active)
    Remote sensing of tropical forest degradation and regrowth
  • Madeline Lisaius (2022-10-01 – active)
    Self-Supervised Learning Approaches in Earth Observation Leveraging Physical Knowledge about the Interaction of Electro-Magnetic Radiation with Vegetation Canopies as Applied to Agriculture
  • Anaïs-Marie Berkes (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Layout, sizing and operation of energy systems in multiple-family residential housing
  • Yihang She (2023-10-01 – prelim)

Dr A. L. Korhonen

  • Colin Kelly (2008-10-01 – 2013-01-22)
    Automatic extraction of property norm-like data from large text corpora (TR-839)
    (was: Acquiring Feature-Based Conceptual Representations from Corpora)
  • Lin Sun (2008-10-01 – 2012-12-04)
    Automatic induction of verb classes using clustering (local PDF)
    (was: Automatic verb classification)
  • Thomas Lippincott (2009-10-01 – 2014-03-11)
    Unsupervised approaches to syntactic verb frame acquisition for biomedicine (local PDF)
  • Felix Hill (2012-10-01 – 2016-11-29)
    Representing linguistic meaning in distributed memories from words to sentences and beyond
    (was: Abstract concrete distinction in language)
  • Simon Baker (2013-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    Semantic text classification for cancer text mining
    (was: Adaptive semantic text classification for Biomedicine)

Prof. N. Krishnaswami

  • Dmitrij Szamozvancev (2018-10-01 – active)
    Second order abstract syntax for compuational reflection
  • Angus Hammond (2019-10-01 – active)
    Program logics for realistic ISAs
  • Faustyna Krawiec (2019-10-01 – active)
    Integrating machine learning in to the IDE
  • Dhruv Makwana (2019-10-01 – work away)
    Designing new low-level systems programming languages suitable for verification
  • Jad Elkhaleq Ghalayini (2021-10-01 – prelim)
    Semantics and refinement types for compiler Irs
  • Ilia Kaisin (2021-10-01 – prelim)
    Bidirectional type inference
  • Si Suo (2024-04-17 – await)
    Denotational models of bidirectional type inference

Dr M. G. Kuhn

  • Piotr Zielinski (2001-10-01 – 2006-04-27)
    Minimizing latency of agreement protocols (TR-667)
    (was: Efficient Mirroring in a malicious environment)
  • Steven Murdoch (2002-10-01 – 2007-11-27)
    Covert channel vulnerabilities in anonymity systems (TR-706, local PDF)
    (was: Secure storage and access to jointly-administered structured data)
  • Gerhard Hancke (2003-10-01 – 2008-10-21)
    Security of proximity identification systems (TR-752, local PDF)
    (was: Embedded system security)
  • Saar Drimer (2005-10-01 – 2009-10-06)
    Security for volatile FPGAs (TR-763)
    (was: Hardware Security)
  • Andrew Lewis (2007-10-01 – 2011-10-11)
    Reconstructing compressed photo and video data (TR-813)
    (was: Multimedia signal recompression and forensics)
  • Omar-Salim Choudary (2010-10-01 – 2014-10-21)
    Efficient multivariate statistical techniques for extracting secrets from electronic devices (TR-878, local PDF)
    (was: Authentication in ubiquitous computing)
  • Christian O'Connell (2014-10-01 – 2019-01-22)
    Exploiting quasiperiodic electromagnetic radiation using software-defined radio (local PDF)
    (was: Model-based assessment of compromising emanations)
  • Shih-Chun You (2018-10-01 – 2023-02-28)
    Single-trace template attacks on permutation-based cryptography (local PDF)
    (was: Side-channel analysis of cryptographic algorithms)
  • Dimitrije Erdeljan (2019-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    Eavesdropping risks of the DisplayPort video interface (local PDF)
    (was: Device detection based on compromising emanations)
  • Chun-Yu Peng (2021-10-01 – active)
    Practical single-trace attacks on post-quantum cryptographic schemes

Prof. N. D. Lane

  • Edward Brown (2020-10-01 – submitted)
    Forecasting and modelling space weather with Deep Learning methods (local PDF)
    (was: Deep Learning applied to Solar Imaging in Space Weather Forecasting)
  • Yan Gao (2020-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    Federated self-supervised learning (local PDF)
    (was: Decentralized Training of Acoustic Models for Speech Recognition)
  • Edgaras Liberis (2020-10-01 – 2023-04-25)
    Taming TinyML: deep learning inference at computational extremes (local PDF)
    (was: Efficient deep learning in resource-constrained environments)
  • Xinchi Qiu (2020-10-01 – active)
    Optimization and efficient learning for Federated Learning
  • Filip Svoboda (2020-10-01 – active)
    Learned Communication for Federated Neural Networks
  • Shyam Tailor (2020-10-01 – 2022-10-11)
    Practical processing and acceleration of graph neural networks (local PDF)
    (was: Accelerating Neural Networks for Graph Structured Data)
  • Anna Vaughan (2020-10-01 – active)
    Functional representations for extreme weather prediction
  • De Sheng Royson Lee (2021-01-05 – submitted)
    Learning to Adapt to Diverse Data and Systems Heterogeneity (local PDF)
    (was: Open Problems in Meta-Learning)
  • Daniel Beutel (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    The Design and Architecture of a Scalable Modular Federated Learning Framework
  • Alexandru-Andrei Iacob (2022-10-01 – active)
    Building Scalable Hierarchical Federated Learning Systems
  • Lorenzo Sani (2022-10-01 – active)
    Rethinking Federated Learning
  • Wanru Zhao (2023-01-04 – active)
    Data-free knowledge distillation for Personalized Federated Learning
  • Tomas Paulik (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Sensor-based Edge Computing enhanced with Federated Learning
  • Meghan Plumridge (2023-10-01 – prelim)
  • Preslav Aleksandrov (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Hardware-aware Network Architecture Search for ML Training Workloads
  • William Marino (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Aligning Generative AI with Humanity's Interests
  • Fangzheng (Bill) Shen (2024-04-17 – prelim)

Prof. N. D. Lawrence

  • Samuel Bell (2018-10-01 – 2023-04-25)
    Towards a psychological science of neural network behaviour (local PDF)
  • Andrei Paleyes (2020-01-04 – 2024-02-27)
    Towards maintainable and explainable AI systems with Dataflow (local PDF)
    (was: Frameworks for Surrogate Modelling and Emulation)
  • Pierre Thodoroff (2020-10-01 – active)
    Sequential Decision making in probabilistic models
  • Francisco Vargas (2020-10-01 – active)
    Dynamical Theories of Brownian Motion in Machine Learning
  • Aditya Ravuri (2021-10-01 – active)
    Probabilistic interpretations of dimensionality reduction methods
  • Oluwatomisin Dada (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    Reinforcement Learning in Disaggregated Energy Systems
  • Han-Bo Li (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    Optimal Transport and Probabilistic Modelling

Prof. I. M. Leslie

  • Derek McAuley (1985-01-01 – 1990-01-01)
    Configuration and binding in distributed systems (TR-186)
    (was: Protocol design for high-speed networks)
  • Bhaskar R Harita (1986-10-01 – 1991-03-01)
    Dynamic bandwidth management (TR-217)
    (was: Control and performance of integrated service netw)
  • Cosmos Nicolaou (1987-01-01 – 1991-05-01)
    A Distributed Architecture for Multimedia Communication Systems (TR-220)
    (was: Distributed systems: a multimedia communication ar)
  • Peter W Dickman (1987-10-01 – 1992-02-01)
    Distributed Object Management In A Non-Small Graph Of Autonomous Networks With Few Failures
    (was: Distributed systems architecture for object-based)
  • Glenford E Mapp (1988-01-01 – 1991-12-01)
    An object-oriented approach to virtual memory management (TR-242)
    (was: LAN)
  • Xiao Qian Chen (1988-10-01 – 1992-07-01)
    Congestion control and routing in integrated broadband networks
    (was: Bandwidth allocation and congestion control in fas)
  • J Matthew S Doar (1989-10-01 – 1993-05-01)
    Multicast In The Asynchronous Transfer Mode Environment (TR-298)
    (was: Efficient multicast in ATM networks)
  • Simon R Kelley (1990-01-01 – 1994-06-01)
    Congestion control for unreserved traffic in ATM networks
    (was: Management of multiservice networks)
  • Simon Andr Crosby (1990-10-01 – 1995-10-01)
    Performance management in ATM networks (TR-393)
    (was: Bandwidth management in ATM networks)
  • Eoin Andrew Hyden (1990-10-01 – 1994-05-01)
    Operating System Support For Quality Of Service (TR-340)
    (was: Multiprocessor op sys)
  • Timothy Roscoe (1991-10-01 – 1995-07-01)
    The structure of a multi-service operating system (TR-376)
    (was: Multi-media systems)
  • Daniel L Gordon (1992-10-01 – 1998-01-01)
    Scheduling in optically based ATM switching fabrics
    (was: High-speed multi-service ATM networks)
  • Shaw Chuang (1993-04-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Security management in ATM networks
    (was: Control of Multicast Communication in ATM Networks)
  • Xiaobao Chen (1993-10-01 – 1997-12-01)
    An end-to-end communication support architecture for multi-service applications
    (was: Comms NWs)
  • Steven M Hand (1994-10-01 – 1999-05-01)
    Providing quality of service in memory management
    (was: Memory management in support of multimedia applica)
  • Donald O Oparah (1994-10-01 – 2000-05-01)
    Adaptive resource management in a multimedia operating system
    (was: Managing quality of service guarantess in End Syst)
  • Jacobus E Van Der Merwe (1994-10-01 – 1999-05-01)
    Open service support for ATM
  • John Rooney (1995-01-01 – 1998-06-01)
    The structure of open ATM control architectures (TR-451)
    (was: Flexible control architectures for ATM networks)
  • Hendrik J Bos (1995-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    Elastic network control (TR-483)
    (was: Performance guarantees for accessing distributed o)
  • Rebecca Isaacs (1997-01-01 – 2001-05-29)
    Dynamic provisioning of resource-assured and programmable virtual private networks (TR-516)
    (was: Control and management of multiservice NWs)
  • Austin N Donnelly (1997-04-01 – 2002-04-25)
    Resource control in network elements (TR-534)
    (was: An IP router with QoS guarantees)
  • Dickon Reed (1997-04-01 – 2001-07-11)
    The effects of code layout on performance
    (was: Interpolation and QoS provisiomn)
  • Andrew W Moore (1997-10-01 – 2002-02-12)
    Measurement-based management of network resources (TR-528)
    (was: The application of statistical estimates to ATM co)
  • Ioannis Papaefstathiou (1997-10-01 – 2001-05-29)
    Increasing packet network bandwidth through low level compression
    (was: Computer Systems architecture)
  • Timothy Granger (1998-10-01 – 2004-02-10)
    Reconfigurable wavelengh-switched optical networks for the internet core (TR-575)
    (was: End to end quality of service guarantees)
  • James Hall (1998-10-01 – 2003-07-07)
    Multi-layer network monitoring and analysis (TR-571)
    (was: Large deviation theory)
  • Malte Schwarzkopf (2009-10-01 – 2016-03-08)
    Operating system support for warehouse-scale computing (local PDF)
    (was: Security and provenance for distributed personal Distributed personal storage)

Prof. P. Lio'

  • Richard Van der Wath (2005-10-01 – 2010-03-02)
    Computational modelling of hematopoietic stem cell division and regulation dynamics
    (was: A versatile Multiagent System-based framework for modelling stem cell behaviour)
  • Viet Anh Nguyen (2007-10-01 – 2011-10-11)
    Bayesian approaches to biological network predictions
    (was: Machine Learning methodologies for high through put biological data)
  • Anilkumar Sorathiya (2007-10-01 – 2011-10-11)
    Computational modelling approaches to HIV-1 dynamics
    (was: Bioinformatics and System Biology Modeling of viral and bacterial epidemics)
  • Ian Leung (2008-01-05 – 2011-10-11)
    Fast network analysis and applications in real-world networks (local PDF)
    (was: Using social contacts information to design communication)
  • Stephan Kitchovitch (2008-10-01 – 2012-03-13)
    Computational modelling and analysis of seasonal influenza transmission and evolution
    (was: Data-driven modelling of epidemics and inference on predictability)
  • Yuedong Song (2008-10-01 – 2015-03-10)
    Electroencephalogram machine learning to assist diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy (local PDF)
    (was: Neuroinformatics)
  • Syed Haider (2009-01-05 – 2012-03-13)
    Computational systems biology-based feature selection for cancer prognosis
    (was: Machine learning and Models of cancer data)
  • Mohammad Ali Moni (2011-05-05 – 2015-01-20)
    Clinical bioinformatics and computational modelling for diseas comorbidities diagnosis
    (was: Machine learning and optimisation approaches for Cancer tissue classification)
  • Claudio Angione (2011-10-01 – 2015-05-05)
    Computational methods for multi-omic models of cell metabolism and their importance for theoretical computer science
    (was: Biological design automation)
  • Naruemon (Ploy) Pratanwanich (2012-10-01 – 2016-10-18)
    Probabilistic latent variable modelling for integrated biological data (local PDF)
    (was: Bayesian approaches for learning biological pathway-based latent variables)
  • Yoli Shavit (2012-10-01 – 2015-12-01)
    Algorithms for reconstructing the 3D genome architecture (local PDF)
    (was: Computational modelling of the nuclear architecture)
  • Annalisa Occhipinti (2013-10-01 – 2017-01-17)
    Computational models of cancer for survival prediction
    (was: Survival analysis in computational cancer models)
  • Hui Xiao (2014-04-17 – 2018-10-16)
    Network-based approaches for multi-omic data integration
    (was: Computational modelling of epigenetic changes and developmentally relevant metabolic signalling pathways in early development)
  • Thomas Brouwer (2014-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    Bayesian matrix factorisation: inference, priors, and data integration (local PDF)
    (was: Biological data integration through matrix factorisation)
  • Maxwell Conway (2014-10-01 – 2019-01-22)
    Machine learning methods for detecting structure in metabolic flow networks (TR-945, local PDF)
    (was: Computational Modeling of Comorbidities)
  • Helena Andres Terre (2015-10-01 – 2020-01-21)
    Interpreting deep learning for cell differentiation (local PDF)
    (was: Cell decision making, integration of structural, genetic and epigenetic data)
  • Giovanna maria Dimitri (2015-10-01 – 2020-01-21)
    Multilayer network methodologies for brain data analysis and modelling (local PDF)
    (was: Development of network methodologies for brain data modelling)
  • Pablo Spivakovsky-Gonzalez (2015-10-01 – 2022-04-26)
    Computational tools for metabolic modeling and gene duplication analysis (local PDF)
    (was: Cold Fish)
  • Petar Velickovic (2016-01-04 – 2019-04-23)
    The resurgence of structure in deep neural networks (local PDF)
    (was: Multi layer networks algorithms using health data)
  • Tiago Azevedo (2016-10-01 – 2022-06-28)
    Data-driven representations in brain science: Modelling approaches in neuroimaging and gene expression domains (TR-973, local PDF)
    (was: Machine Learning for personalised systems medicine)
  • Simeon Spasov (2016-10-01 – 2021-10-12)
    Encoding parameter and structural efficiency in deep learning (local PDF)
    (was: Semi-supervised learning methods for data-scarce computer vision tasks)
  • Duo Wang (2016-10-01 – 2021-03-02)
    Neural Diagrammatic Reasoning (local PDF)
    (was: Bridging Computer Science with Neuroscience towards a new understanding of reasoning)
  • Jin Zhu (2016-10-01 – 2023-07-04)
    Deep neural networks for medical image super-resolution (local PDF)
    (was: Deep neural networks for medical image segmentation)
  • Alexander Campbell (2017-10-01 – 2024-02-27)
    Exploring Neuroimaging-Specific Deep Learning Biases: Uncertainty, Dynamic Graphs, and Communities (local PDF)
    (was: To be agreed)
  • Catalina Cangea (2017-10-01 – 2021-06-29)
    Exploiting multimodality and structure in world representations (local PDF)
    (was: Machine learning for multimodal data)
  • Benjamin Day (2017-10-01 – 2022-10-11)
    Meta-learning representations with relational structure (local PDF)
    (was: Developing AI inspired by statistical physics)
  • Emma Rocheteau (2017-10-01 – 2023-04-25)
    Representation Learning for Patients in the Intensive Care Unit (local PDF)
    (was: Predicting outcomes in psychiatric disorders using automated reinforcement-learning analysis of electronic health records)
  • Jacob Deasy (2018-10-01 – 2022-06-28)
    Relaxing assumptions in deep probabilistic modelling: Broader statistical assumptions for deep generative models and healthcare data (local PDF)
    (was: Machine learning in emergency care)
  • Paul Scherer (2019-01-04 – 2023-10-10)
    Distributional and relational inductive biases for graph representation learning in biomedicine (TR-993, local PDF)
    (was: Utilization of graph structured data in machine learning for oncology)
  • Cristian Bodnar (2019-10-01 – 2023-02-28)
    Topological Deep Learning: Graphs, Complexes, Sheaves (local PDF)
    (was: Geometric and Topological Deep Learning)
  • Felix Opolka (2019-10-01 – 2023-10-10)
    Non-parametric modelling of signals on graphs (local PDF)
    (was: Bayesian methods for inference on static and dynamic graphs)
  • Ramon Viñas Torné (2019-10-01 – 2023-11-21)
    Large-scale inference and imputation for multi-tissue gene expression (local PDF)
    (was: Learning the generating mechanisms of multi-omics data)
  • Junwei Yang (2019-10-01 – examined)
    Deep learning-based medical image reconstruction for multi-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (local PDF)
    (was: Deep learning for neuroscience and back)
  • Pietro Barbiero (2020-10-01 – 2023-10-10)
    Deep concept reasoning: beyond the accuracy-interpretability trade-off (local PDF)
    (was: Neurosymbolic Models of Biomedical Twins)
  • David Buterez (2020-10-01 – active)
  • Dobrik Georgiev (2020-10-01 – active)
    Neural algorithmic reasoning for computer science and biomedicine
  • Jacob Moss (2020-10-01 – active)
    Machine Learning Models of Genetic Regulation
  • Iulia Duta (2021-10-01 – active)
    Exploring the power of hypergraphs for graph-structured data
  • Charles Harris (2021-10-01 – active)
    AI for structural biology, drug discovery and protein design
  • Lucie Charlotte Magister (2021-10-01 – active)
    Medicine in a Glass Box: Towards Explainability and Interpretability of Deep Neural Networks in Medicine
  • Simon Mathis (2021-10-01 – active)
    Using artificial intelligence to understand and tackle biological impacts of climate change
  • Alexander Norcliffe (2021-10-01 – active)
    Composite Feature Selection
  • Chaitanya Joshi (2022-01-04 – active)
    Graph Neural Networks for Geometric Graphs: Theory, Engineering, and Applications
  • Carlos Purves (2022-01-04 – active)
    Reinforcement Learning on the Edge: Specialised Control Policies with Limited Resources
  • Miruna Cretu (2024-10-01 – await)

Prof. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy

  • Zahra Tarkhani (2018-01-04 – 2022-06-07)
    Secure Programming with Dispersed Compartments (local PDF)
    (was: Trusted computation on untrusted Cloud)
  • Derek Sorensen (2019-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    Meta Properties of Financial Smart Contracts (local PDF)
    (was: Synthetic Stable Homotopy Theory)
  • Ryan Gibb (2022-10-01 – active)
    Interspatial networking
  • Patrick Ferris (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Technology for empowering conservation and local livelihoods in the global south
  • Onkar Gulati (2023-10-01 – prelim)
  • Jessica Man (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Trustworthy archivable decentralised identity system
  • Sharan Agrawal (2024-04-17 – await)
    Agent Based Models for the Economics of Biodiversity and Climate Change

Prof. R. K. Mantiuk

  • György Dénes (2016-10-01 – 2020-04-28)
    Perceptual models for high-refresh-rate rendering (local PDF)
    (was: Terrain modelling)
  • Nanyang Ye (2016-10-01 – 2019-11-26)
    Visibility metrics and their application in visually lossless image compression (local PDF)
    (was: Visibility metric and its application in visually lossless image compression)
  • Aliaksei Mikhailiuk (2017-10-01 – 2021-01-19)
    Active sampling, scaling and dataset merging for large-scale image quality assessment (local PDF)
    (was: Quantifying quality of hyper-realistic images)
  • Fangcheng Zhong (2018-10-01 – 2023-01-17)
    Path from photorealism to perceptual realism (local PDF)
    (was: Perceptual rendering for computational displays)
  • Akshay Jindal (2019-01-04 – 2023-01-17)
    Motion quality models for real-time adaptive rendering (TR-977, local PDF)
    (was: Rendering for future display technologies)
  • Param Hanji (2019-10-01 – 2023-11-21)
    Improving photometric camera accuracy and image quality in high dynamic range imaging (local PDF)
    (was: Computational Photography for Realistic Rendering)
  • Joseph March (2021-01-05 – active)
    Design and Implementation of a Sparsely Sampled Path Tracer
  • Hongyun Gao (2022-01-04 – active)
    Towards Higher Quality Images via Dual Sensors
  • Dounia Hammou (2022-10-01 – active)
    Display-adaptive video quality
  • Yancheng Cai (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Display image quality
  • Yaru Liu (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Efficient representations for 3D scenes
  • Fei Yin (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    3D Consistency Quality Assessment

Prof. C. Mascolo

  • John Tang (2008-10-01 – 2012-03-13)
    Temporal network metrics and their application to real world networks
    (was: Security Applications of Temporal Network Analysis)
  • Salvatore Scellato (2009-04-10 – 2012-10-16)
    Spatial properties of online social services: measurement, analysis and applications (local PDF)
    (was: Spatio-social analysis of human social networks)
  • Kiran Rachuri (2009-10-01 – 2013-03-12)
    Smartphones based Social Sensing: Adaptive Sampling, Sensing and Computation Offloading
    (was: Mobile sensing)
  • Anastasios Noulas (2010-01-05 – 2013-10-22)
    Human urban mobility in location-based social networks: Analysis, models and applications
    (was: Analysis of Location based social networks)
  • Chloe Brown (2011-10-01 – 2014-10-21)
    The role of space in social groups: Analysis and technological applications (local PDF)
    (was: A Mobile-phones-based social network)
  • Desislava Hristova (2013-04-17 – 2016-11-29)
    A multilayer approach to geo-social networks: models, metrics and applications (local PDF)
    (was: Profiling users and places through use of multi-layer data)
  • Petko Georgiev (2013-10-01 – 2017-03-07)
    Heterogeneous resource mobile sensing: computational offloading, scheduling and algorithm optimisation (local PDF)
    (was: Improving the energy efficiency of sensor-based applications on co-processor enabled mobile devices)
  • Alessandro Montanari (2014-10-01 – 2018-10-16)
    Devising and evaluating wearable technology for social dynamics monitoring (local PDF)
    (was: Behaviour intervention through mobile systems)
  • Xiao Zhou (2015-10-01 – 2019-11-26)
    Spatio-temporal patterns of human mobility from geo-social networks for urban computing: Analysis, models and applications
    (was: Culture-led Urban Development in Geo-Social Network: Measurement, Analysis and Applications)
  • Krittika D'Silva (2016-10-01 – 2020-07-14)
    Modeling Urban Venue Dynamics through Spatio-Temporal Metrics and Complex Networks (local PDF)
    (was: Temporal models of urban human mobility)
  • Andreas Grammenos (2016-10-01 – 2021-06-29)
    Federated Linear Dimensionality Reduction (local PDF)
    (was: Streaming analytics over dynamic, heterogeneous high dimensional data)
  • Dionysios Manousakas (2016-10-01 – 2021-03-02)
    Data Summarizations for Scalable, Robust and Privacy-Aware Learning in High Dimensions (TR-960, local PDF)
    (was: Mobile user modelling: Towards intelligent privacy aware collaborative sensing)
  • Dimitrios Spathis (2017-10-01 – 2021-10-12)
    Machine learning to model health with multimodal mobile sensor data (local PDF)
    (was: Multi-task and multi-modal deep learning on heterogenous mobile sensing data)
  • Apinan Hasthanasombat (2018-10-01 – 2022-11-22)
    A causal perspective on model robustness: case studies in health and sensor data (local PDF)
    (was: Continual causal learning in personal analytics)
  • Lorena Qendro (2018-10-01 – 2023-01-17)
    Efficient, robust and uncertainty aware mobile health (local PDF)
    (was: Uncertainty aware mobile sensing: Exploiting uncertainty estimations to inform sensor fusion and model selection)
  • Andrea Ferlini (2019-01-04 – 2022-11-22)
    Exploring the potential of Earables for Personal-Scale Sensing (local PDF)
    (was: Multi-modal in-ear sensing platform to sense behavioural cues)
  • Erika Bondareva (2019-10-01 – active)
    Machine learning for automated auscultation: disease diagnostics and progression tracking through audio signals
  • Chi Ian Tang (2019-10-01 – 2024-02-27)
    Self-supervised learning for data-efficient human activity recognition (local PDF)
    (was: Semi-supervised Learning for Scalable Human Activity Recognition Systems)
  • Kayla-Jade Butkow (2020-10-01 – active)
    Multimodal Earable Sensing Platform for Stress Detection and Monitoring
  • Young Dae Kwon (2020-10-01 – active)
    Efficient Continual Learning and On-Device Training for Mobile and IoT Devices
    (was: Efficient on-device systems that can sense, learn, and optimize continually in the wild)
  • Tong Xia (2020-10-01 – 2024-04-23)
    Reliable and decentralised deep learning for physiological data (local PDF)
    (was: Listening to your health: Automatic and reliable respiratory disease detection through sounds)
  • Yvonne Wu (2021-10-01 – active)
    Weakly-Supervised Learning for Wearable Sensing
  • Jake Stuchbury-Wass (2022-10-01 – active)
    Investigating wearable device sensing for cardiovascular health monitoring
  • Sotirios Vavaroutas (2022-10-01 – active)
    Automating the machine learning pipeline for sparse and unlabelled data
  • Yuwei Zhang (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Robust and trustworthy decentralized learning for healthcare applications

Prof. D. R. McAuley

  • Mark David Hayter (1990-10-01 – 1994-12-01)
    A workstation architecture to support multimedia (TR-319)
    (was: Device integration in a multimedia workstation)
  • Richard J Black (1991-10-01 – 1995-03-01)
    Explicit network scheduling (TR-361)
    (was: Management of an ATM network)
  • Simon W Moore (1991-10-01 – 1995-01-01)
    Multithreaded processor design (TR-358)
    (was: An architecture for real-time systems)
  • Paul Barham (1992-10-01 – 1996-10-01)
    Devices in a multi-service operating system (TR-403)
    (was: Distributed systems for machine learning)
  • Ian Pratt (1993-10-01 – 1999-02-01)
    The user-safe device I/O architecture
    (was: ATM devices)

Prof. A. J. R. G. Milner

  • James J Leifer (1995-10-01 – 2001-07-11)
    Operational congruences for reactive systems (TR-521)
    (was: Semantics of concurrent computation)

Dr C. Mishra

  • Justin Tan Jia Tian (2021-10-01 – active)
    String theory and machine learning
  • Oisin Kim (2022-10-01 – active)
    String geometry, machine learning, and computation.
  • Daattavya Aggarwal (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Quantum Computation & Machine Learning for String Geometry

Dr J. K. M. Moody

  • Raphael Yahalom (1986-01-01 – 1991-01-01)
    Managing the order of transactions in widely-distruted data systems (TR-231)
    (was: Increasing availability in dis db sys)
  • Zhixue Wu (1989-04-10 – 1994-05-01)
    A New Approach To Implementing Atomic Data Types (TR-338)
    (was: Databases)
  • Mohamed Afshar (1992-10-01 – 1999-03-01)
    An open parallel architecture for data-intensive applications (TR-459)
    (was: Parallel evaluation of functional database queries)
  • Richard JB Hayton (1992-10-01 – 1996-06-01)
    An open architecture for secure interworking services (TR-399)
    (was: Replication and detached working in a distributed)
  • Scarlet Schwiderski (1992-10-01 – 1996-06-01)
    Monitoring the behaviour of distributed systems (TR-400)
    (was: Using ECA Rules to specify behaviour in a distribt)
  • Kam Hong Shum (1993-04-01 – 1996-11-01)
    Adaptive parallelism for computing on heterogeneous clusters (TR-404)
    (was: Comms nws)
  • Timothy J Mills (1994-10-01 – 1998-02-01)
    Content modelling in multimedia information retrieval systems: the Cobra retrieval system
    (was: An architecture for information retrieval in an OD)
  • Oliver Seidel (1995-10-01 – 2000-01-01)
    Metadata support for connecting application components asynchronously
    (was: Flexible concurrency control for object-orientated)
  • Pavel T Wojciechowski (1995-10-01 – 2000-07-18)
    Nomadic pict: language and infrastructure design for mobile computation (TR-492)
    (was: A distributed language based on PICT)
  • Wojciech Basalaj (1997-10-01 – 2001-01-23)
    Proximity visualisation of abstract data (TR-509)
    (was: Data Visualisation)
  • Alexis Hombrecher (1998-10-01 – 2002-10-29)
    Reconciling event taxonomies across administrative domains
    (was: Databases & Distributed Systems)
  • Agathoniki Trigoni (1998-10-01 – 2002-01-15)
    Semantic optimization of OQL queries (TR-547)
    (was: Data mining in event streams)
  • Andras Belokosztolszki (2000-10-01 – 2004-04-05)
    Role-based access control policy administration (TR-586)
    (was: Metadata support for co-ordinating distributed app)
  • Marco Palomino-Zuniga (2000-10-01 – 2005-10-15)
    Distributed creation and maintenance of web content indices
    (was: Distributed Retrieval and Maintenance of Web Content Indices)
  • David Eyers (2001-10-01 – 2005-06-16)
    Active privilege management for distributed access control systems (TR-669)
    (was: An active security framework for role-based access control)
  • Andrew Twigg (2002-10-01 – 2006-10-10)
    Compact forbidden-set routing (TR-678, local PDF)
    (was: Computing Distributed Fixed Points)
  • Tomasz Macura (2004-10-01 – 2009-03-10)
    Automating the quantitative analysis of micoscopy images (local PDF)
    (was: Medical Image Search & Retrieval)

Prof. A. W. Moore

  • Wei Li (2007-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Toward online behavioural traffic classification
    (was: Towards accurate traffic classification)
  • Charalampos Rotsos (2009-04-10 – 2014-10-21)
    Scalable Software Defined Networking
    (was: Machine Learning in Network Management)
  • Matthew Grosvenor (2012-01-05 – 2017-01-17)
    Latency-first datacenter network scheduling (TR-943)
  • Diana Andreea Popescu (2014-04-17 – 2019-03-05)
    Latency-driven performance in data centres (TR-937)
    (was: Software Defined Measurements in Data-centers)
  • Omer Sella (2017-10-01 – 2023-01-17)
    Coding for emerging archival storage media
    (was: Adaptive network fabrics for rackscale)
  • Jichun Wu (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Network systems security

Prof. S. W. Moore

  • Simon Frankau (2000-10-01 – 2004-11-11)
    Hardware synthesis from stream-processing functional language (TR-824, local PDF)
    (was: Reconfigurable Systems for Streamed Media Processi)
  • Panit Watcharawitch (2000-10-01 – 2004-04-20)
    MulTEP: a multi-threaded embedded processor (TR-588)
    (was: Multithreaded Processor Design)
  • Scott Fairbanks (2001-10-01 – 2005-02-26)
    High precision timing using self-timed circuits (TR-738)
    (was: On chip clock generation and distribution scheme)
  • Ian Caulfield (2002-10-01 – 2007-10-09)
    Complexity-effective superscalar embedded processors using instruction-level distributed processing (TR-707)
    (was: Automated processor synthesis)
  • Hui-Yun Li (2003-01-05 – 2006-04-21)
    Security evaluation at design time for cryptographic hardware (TR-665)
    (was: Design Time Security Analysis)
  • James Srinivasan (2003-01-05 – 2011-01-25)
    Improving cache utilisation (TR-800, local PDF)
    (was: Heterogeneous Cache Architectures)
  • Jacques Fournier (2003-10-01 – 2007-10-09)
    Vector microprocessors for cryptography (TR-701)
    (was: Hardware Security)
  • Simon Hollis (2003-10-01 – 2007-10-09)
    Pulse-based, on-chip interconnect (TR-698)
    (was: Reducing side-channel emissions of interconnect and memory structures)
  • Theo Markettos (2003-10-01 – 2010-07-01)
    Active electromagnetic attacks on secure hardware (TR-811, local PDF)
    (was: Hardware key management for smartcards)
  • Matthew Johnson (2004-10-01 – 2008-06-10)
    A new approach to Internet banking (TR-731, local PDF)
    (was: Transferred to CL)
  • Alban Rrustemi (2004-10-01 – 2008-06-10)
    Computing surfaces - a platform for scalable interactive displays (TR-732, local PDF)
    (was: Future architectures for computing devices)
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    Communication flows in power-efficient networks-on-chips (TR-786)
    (was: Power Consumption in Networks on Chip)
  • Philip Paul (2005-10-01 – 2009-07-02)
    Microelectronic Security Measures (TR-829, local PDF)
    (was: Secure Smart Cards)
  • Rosemary Francis (2006-04-17 – 2009-07-02)
    Networks for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (TR-828)
    (was: Network clock distribribution architectures for next generation FPGAs)
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    Rentian locality in chip multiprocessors (local PDF)
    (was: Exploiting Locality in Chip Multiprocessor Networks)
  • Nick Barrow-Williams (2007-10-01 – 2011-07-04)
    Proximity coherence for chip-multiprocessors (TR-810, local PDF)
    (was: Proximity Coherence for Chip Multiprocessors)
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    Communication centric, multi-core, fine-grained processor architecture (TR-832)
    (was: Scalable memory and threading models for many-core architectures)
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    Communication for programmability and performance on multi-core processors (TR-831, local PDF)
    (was: Processor pairing for software transactional memory)
  • Paul James Fox (2009-04-10 – 2013-01-22)
    Massively parallel neural computation (TR-830, local PDF)
    (was: Massively Parallel Neural Computation)
  • Steven Marsh (2010-10-01 – 2015-01-20)
    Efficient programming models for neurocomputation (local PDF)
    (was: Providing an efficient programming model for Biologically Inspired Massively Parallel Architectures)
  • Jonathan Woodruff (2010-10-01 – 2014-05-06)
    CHERI: A RISC capability machine for practical memory safety (TR-858)
    (was: A RISC approach to capability-based systems)
  • Robert Norton (2011-10-01 – 2015-12-01)
    Hardware support for compartmentalisation (TR-887)
    (was: Low latency inter-core communication)
  • Alexandre Joannou (2013-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    High-performance memory safety optimizing the CHERI capability machine (TR-936)
    (was: A capability aware memory sub-system)
  • Colin Rothwell (2013-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    Protection from malicious peripherals
    (was: A flexible, efficient accelerator fabric)
  • Hongyan Xia (2015-10-01 – 2019-10-15)
    Capability memory protection for embedded systems (TR-955, local PDF)
    (was: A capability model for IoT and embedded devices)
  • Robert Kovacsics (2016-10-01 – 2020-06-09)
    Much tag-do about nothing
    (was: Security for the Internet of Things devices)
  • Marno Van Der Maas (2017-10-01 – 2022-01-18)
    Protecting enclaves from side-channel attacks through physical isolation (TR-980, local PDF)
    (was: Private Application Execution)
  • Peter Rugg (2018-10-01 – 2023-02-28)
    Efficient spatial and temporal safety for microcontrollers and application-class processors (TR-984, local PDF)
    (was: Efficient microarchitecture for capability machines)
  • Franz Fuchs (2021-10-01 – active)
    Transient-Execution Attacks and Mitigations using Capability-based Memory Protection
  • Samuel Stark (2022-10-01 – active)
    Heterogenous Capability Domains in the context of CPUs and GPUs

Dr S. E. Morgan

  • Shrankhla Pandey (2023-04-17 – prelim)
    Using computational speech markers to predict relapse for individual patients with psychotic disorders

Prof. R. M. Mortier

  • Allison Randal (2018-01-04 – 2023-11-21)
    Transient execution vulnerabilities in the security context of server hardware (TR-992, local PDF)
    (was: Characterising Computational Density in Datacentres)
  • Vadim Safronov (2019-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    Decentralised protocol-independent automation in smart buildings (local PDF)
    (was: Towards Distributed and Protocol-Independent IoT Interoperation in Smart Buildings])
  • Al Amjad Tawfiq Isstaif (2020-10-01 – active)
    Autoscaling Applications at the Network Edge
  • Andrew Jeffery (2020-10-01 – active)
    Decentralised Cluster Orchestration
  • Christopher Jensen (2020-10-01 – active)
    Reconfigurable Consensus

Prof. R. D. Mullins

  • Daniel Bates (2009-10-01 – 2013-12-03)
    Exploiting tightly-coupled cores (TR-846, local PDF)
    (was: Design Space Exploration of Programmable Fabrics)
  • Andreas Koltes (2010-10-01 – 2014-12-02)
    Reconfigurable memory systems for embedded microprocessors (local PDF)
    (was: Reconfigurable memories for embedded manycore processors)
  • Niall Murphy (2011-10-01 – 2016-01-19)
    Discovering and exploiting parallelism in DOACROSS loops (TR-882, local PDF)
    (was: A Scalable approach to speculation and prediction in manycore architectures)
  • Alex Chadwick (2015-10-01 – 2022-10-11)
    Exploiting heterogeneous parallelism in software and hardware (local PDF)
    (was: Design of operating systems for many-core systems)
  • Roy Spliet (2015-10-01 – 2020-07-14)
    A SIMD architecture for hard real-time systems (local PDF)
    (was: Parallel accelerators for hard real-time systems)
  • Partha Maji (2016-01-04 – 2019-11-26)
    Model-architecture co-design of deep neural networks for embedded systems (local PDF)
    (was: Model-architecture co-design of deep neural network for embedded systems)
  • Yiren Zhao (2017-10-01 – 2022-01-18)
    Software and hardware codesign for efficient neural networks
  • Xuan Guo (2018-10-01 – 2023-01-17)
    Efficient Virtual Cache Coherency for Multi-core Systems and Accelerators (TR-979, local PDF)
    (was: Efficient virtual memory and inter-core communication in heterogeneous many-core systems)
  • David Khachaturov (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    Automated security analysis of hardware systems
  • Jason Brown (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Reinforcement learning and reward modelling
  • Karl Mose (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    The automatic and interactive discovery of processor microarchitectures

Prof. A. Mycroft

  • Phillip Yelland (1986-10-01 – 1991-07-01)
    Models of modularity: a study of object-oriented programming
    (was: Applications of procedural reflection to object-or)
  • Mads Rosendahl (1987-01-01 – 1992-04-01)
    Abstract interpretation and attribute grammars
    (was: Theoretical computer science)
  • Kish Shen (1987-01-01 – 1993-01-26)
    Studies of and/or parallelism in Prolog
    (was: Parallel implementation of Prolog)
  • P Nicholas Benton (1988-10-01 – 1993-05-01)
    Strictness Analysis Of Lazy Functional Programs (TR-309)
    (was: Strictness analysis of lazy functional programs)
  • Gavin M Bierman (1990-10-01 – 1994-05-01)
    On intuitionistic linear logic (TR-346)
    (was: Applications of functional programming to scientif)
  • Andrew J Kennedy (1992-01-01 – 1996-03-01)
    Programming languages and dimensions (TR-391)
    (was: Type systems in programming languages)
  • Robert Ennals (2000-10-01 – 2004-07-13)
    Adaptive evaluation of non-strict programs (TR-730)
    (was: Declarative Systems)
  • Neil E Johnson (2000-10-01 – 2004-10-14)
    Code size optimization for embedded processors (TR-607)
    (was: Space optimisation for embedded processors)
  • Richard Sharp (2000-10-01 – 2003-03-14)
    Higher-level hardware synthesis
    (was: Hardware Compilation Using Functional Languages)
  • Nicholas Nethercote (2001-10-01 – 2004-11-11)
    Dynamic binary analysis and instrumentation or building tools is easy (TR-606)
    (was: Cache optimisation for functional languages)
  • Alan Lawrence (2002-10-01 – 2007-11-27)
    Optimizing compilation with the value state dependence graph (TR-705)
    (was: Dynamic Compilation)
  • Muhammad Umar Janjua (2003-10-01 – 2017-01-17)
    Static Program Correction Analysis and Transformations
    (was: The Software/Hardware Interface)
  • Sarah Thompson (2003-10-01 – 2006-07-01)
    On the application of program analysis and transformation to high reliability electronics (TR-670)
    (was: Hardware partial evaluation)
  • Mark Adcock (2004-10-01 – 2009-05-26)
    Improving cache performance by runtime data movement (TR-757, local PDF)
    (was: Dynamic Optimisation)
  • Anton Lokhmotov (2004-10-01 – 2008-04-22)
    Programming and compiling for embedded SIMD architectures
    (was: Compilation Technologies for SIMD Architectures)
  • Sofiane Naci (2004-10-01 – 2008-06-10)
    Controlling prevasive domains with ontologies and rules (local PDF)
    (was: Execution optimisation for embedded systems)
  • Viktor Vafeiadis (2004-10-01 – 2007-11-27)
    Modular fine-grained concurrency verification (TR-726, local PDF)
    (was: Compositional Concurrent Programming)
  • Na Xu (2004-10-01 – 2008-12-02)
    Static contract checking for Haskell (TR-737)
    (was: Scalable Automated Program Synthesis from Specifications)
  • Silvia Breu (2006-04-17 – 2011-12-06)
    Mining and tracking in evolving software (TR-838, local PDF)
    (was: Aspect Mining)
  • Boris Feigin (2006-10-01 – 2011-01-25)
    Interpretational overhead in system software (TR-797)
    (was: Multi-language interoperability)
  • Jonathan Mak (2007-10-01 – 2011-03-15)
    Facilitating program parallelisation - a profiling-based approach (TR-796, local PDF)
    (was: Static program analysis)
  • Robin Message (2007-10-01 – 2012-05-08)
    Programming for humans- a new paradigm for domain-specific languages (TR-843)
    (was: Declarative Web Programming)
  • Maximilian Bolingbroke (2008-10-01 – 2013-03-12)
    Supercompilation for call-by-need languages (TR-835, local PDF)
    (was: Profiling-based parallelisation of functional languages)
  • Dominic Orchard (2008-10-01 – 2013-07-02)
    Programming contextual computations (TR-854)
    (was: Extensible and practical data-parallelism)
  • Charles Reams (2008-10-01 – 2012-07-03)
    Modelling energy efficiency for computation (TR-821)
    (was: Language challenges in the manycore era)
  • Leo White (2008-10-01 – 2013-03-12)
    Extending old languages for the new architectures (local PDF)
    (was: Programming heterogeneous multicore architectures)
  • Christopher Smowton (2009-10-01 – 2014-07-01)
    I/O optimisation and elimination via partial evaluation I/O optimisation and elimination via partial evaluation (TR-865)
    (was: Datapaths for commodity operating systems)
  • Peter Calvert (2010-10-01 – 2015-03-10)
    Architecture-neutral parallelism via the Join Calculus (TR-871, local PDF)
    (was: Abstraction of multiple processor systems)
  • Tomas Petricek (2011-01-05 – 2017-01-17)
    Context-aware programming languages (TR-906, local PDF)
    (was: Languages for reactive programming)
  • Raoul-Gabriel Urma (2011-10-01 – 2016-03-08)
    Programming language evolution
  • Janina Voigt (2011-10-01 – 2014-10-21)
    Aliasing contracts: a unifying approach to object-oriented alias protection (TR-880)
    (was: Ownership of object-oriented languages)
  • Stephen Dolan (2012-10-01 – 2017-01-17)
    Algebraic subtyping (local PDF)
    (was: Advanced type systems)
  • Raphael Proust (2012-10-01 – 2016-10-18)
    ASAP: As Static As Possible memory management (TR-908, local PDF)
    (was: Practical Linear Typing)
  • Dylan McDermott (2016-10-01 – 2020-03-03)
    Reasoning about effectual programs and evaluation order (TR-948, local PDF)
    (was: Coeffects)
  • Andrej Ivaskovic (2018-10-01 – 2022-04-26)
    Programming and static analysis with graded monads (local PDF)
    (was: Graded structures in program analysis)
  • Indigo Orton (2019-10-01 – 2022-06-07)
    Dynamic analysis for concurrency optimisation (TR-974, local PDF)
    (was: Dynamic Analysis for Concurrency Optimisation)

Prof. R. M. Needham

  • Piete T M Brooks (1980-10-01 – 1988-07-01)
    Distribution of functions in computer networks
    (was: Computer networks)
  • Mian Wei (1983-10-01 – 1991-03-01)
    A distributed compilation system
    (was: Distributed computation)
  • Roger Stuart Calnan (1984-10-01 – 1989-05-01)
    The integration of Voice within a digital network
    (was: Integrated services in local networks)
  • Peter Newman (1985-01-01 – 1989-05-01)
    Design of a multicast fast packet switch (TR-165)
    (was: Integrated communication)
  • David Tennenhouse (1985-01-01 – 1988-12-13)
    Distributed Systems and Communications Protocol
  • Timothy Gleeson (1986-10-01 – 1990-05-01)
    Aspects of abstraction in computing
    (was: Distributed computing)
  • T Mark A Lomas (1986-10-01 – 1992-10-01)
    Aspects of Computer Network Security
    (was: Aspects of security in distributed computing)
  • Chaoying Ma (1988-01-01 – 1992-11-01)
    Designing a universal name service (TR-270)
    (was: Global naming)
  • Cormac John Sreenan (1988-01-01 – 1993-02-01)
    Synchronisation services for digital continuous media (TR-292)
    (was: Distributed operating systems)
  • Paul W Jardetzky (1988-10-01 – 1992-10-01)
    Network file server design for continuous media (TR-268)
    (was: Distributed computing)
  • William S Harbison (1989-10-01 – 1997-07-01)
    Trusting in computer systems (TR-437)
    (was: Distributed computing)
  • Narm Hee Lee (1991-01-01 – 1995-10-01)
    Routing in high speed integrated services networks
    (was: Protocols for high-speed networks)
  • Akira Nakamura (1991-04-01 – 1994-05-01)
    An investigation of real-time synchronisation
    (was: Managing quality of service in distributed systems)
  • Ross J Anderson (1992-01-01 – 1995-05-01)
    Robust computer security
  • Michael Roe (1992-10-01 – 1997-06-01)
    Cryptography and evidence (TR-780)
    (was: Authentication in large distributed systems)
  • Ian Jackson (1993-10-01 – 1998-06-01)
    Who goes here? Confidentiality of location through anonymity
    (was: Security architectures)
  • Che-Hao (Albert) Chang (1994-01-01 – 2000-01-01)
    Reasoning about security protocols
    (was: Computer security)
  • Yolanta Beresnevichiene (1994-10-01 – 2000-10-24)
    A role and context based security model (TR-558)
    (was: Security of information)
  • Geraint Price (1994-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    The interaction between fault tolerance and security (TR-479)
    (was: resilient security systems)
  • Kan Zhang (1994-10-01 – 2000-07-18)
    On Secure Information Flow in Computer Systems
    (was: Security in sys & nw)
  • Bruno Crispo (1996-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    Delegation of responsibility
    (was: Aspects of trust in delegated systems)

Dr A. C. Norman

  • Thomas James W Clarke (1984-10-01 – 1989-05-01)
    Support for heap-based programming
    (was: Support for funcional programming)
  • Michael Luke Tunmer (1986-10-01 – 1990-11-01)
    Combinator reduction on networks of small processors
    (was: Architecture of tree structured reduction machines)
  • Mantŝika Matooane (1998-04-01 – 2001-11-27)
    Parallel systems in symbolic and algebraic computation (TR-537)
    (was: Parallel computer architecture)

Dr D. A. Orchard

Prof. A. C. Oztireli

  • Fazilet Gokbudak (2020-10-01 – active)
    Structured Filters for Image-based Scene Manipulations
  • Tianhao Wu (2021-10-01 – active)
    Image-based 3D Understanding via Neural Implicit Representations
  • Chenliang Zhou (2021-10-01 – active)
    Language Guided 3D Generative Representations
  • Hanxue Liang (2022-01-04 – active)
    3D modeling via neural implicit representations
  • Kyle Fogarty (2022-10-01 – active)
    Neural geometry processing
  • Zhilin Guo (2022-10-01 – active)
    3D machine perception
  • Ahmet Canberk Baykal (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Interfaces for visual content generation with text encoders

Prof. L. C. Paulson

  • David A Wolfram (1987-01-01 – 1990-11-01)
    The clausal theory of types
    (was: Languages based on higher order logics)
  • Andrew D Gordon (1987-10-01 – 1992-11-10)
    Functional programming and Input/Output (TR-285)
    (was: Functional programming)
  • Martin D Coen (1988-10-01 – 1992-10-01)
    Interactive program derivation (TR-272)
    (was: Interactive program synthesis)
  • Michael Hinchey (1992-10-01 – 1999-06-01)
    Structural design and formal methods
    (was: Distributed systems - engineering & application)
  • Jacques D Fleuriot (1995-10-01 – 1999-06-01)
    A combination of geometry theorem proving and nonstandard analysis, with application to Newton's Principia (TR-469)
    (was: Mechanized Non-Standard Analysis)
  • Florian Kammueller (1995-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    Modular reasoning in Isabelle (TR-470)
    (was: Formal methods of computer science)
  • Clemens M Ballarin (1996-01-01 – 1999-10-01)
    Computer algebra and theorem proving (TR-473)
    (was: Computer Algebra and theorem proving)
  • Giampaola Bella (1996-10-01 – 2000-07-18)
    The inductive verification of cryptographic protocols (TR-493)
    (was: H'ware validation by evolving algebras and Isabell)
  • Hyun Jin Choi (2000-04-10 – 2006-01-12)
    Security protocol design by composition (TR-657)
    (was: Design of tamper resistant microcontrollers using)
  • Michael Compton (2002-10-01 – 2008-03-11)
    Formal verification of process algebra systems (local PDF)
    (was: Formal Verification of Distributed Algorithms)
  • Jia Meng (2002-10-01 – 2005-09-22)
    The integration of higher order interactive proof with first order automatic theorem proving (TR-872)
    (was: Computational Logic)
  • Aaron Coble (2005-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Anonymity, information and machine-assisted proof (TR-785, local PDF)
    (was: Applications of Probabilistic Calculi to Anonymity)
  • James Bridge (2006-10-01 – 2010-10-12)
    Machine learning and automated theorem proving (TR-792, local PDF)
    (was: Application of Resolution Based Automatic Theorem Provers)
  • Jean Martina (2006-10-01 – 2011-05-10)
    Verification of security protocols based on multicase communication (TR-816)
    (was: Inductive verification of secret sharing protocols)
  • Nik Sultana (2008-10-01 – 2014-07-01)
    Higher-order proof translation (TR-867)
    (was: Interfacing proof assistants with automatic verification tools)
  • William Denman (2010-10-01 – 2015-01-20)
    Automated verification of continuous and hybrid dynamical systems (TR-910, local PDF)
    (was: Verification of analog circuits)
  • Zongyan Huang (2011-10-01 – 2015-10-20)
    Machine learning and algebra (TR-884, local PDF)
    (was: Experiments on improving formal verification of hybrid systems using automated theorem prover MetiTarski)
  • William Sonnex (2011-10-01 – 2016-01-19)
    Fixed-point promotion: taking the induction out of automated induction (TR-905)
    (was: Verifying properties of functional prgrams)
  • Wenda Li (2013-10-01 – 2018-03-09)
    Towards justifying computer algorithms in Isabelle/HOL (local PDF)
    (was: Real algebraic geometry in Isabelle)
  • Kawin Worrasangasilpa (2017-01-05 – 2021-10-19)
    Formally verifying the security properties of a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol (local PDF)
    (was: Formal Verification and Graph Algorithms)
  • Chelsea Edmonds (2019-10-01 – 2024-02-27)
    Formalising Combinatorial Structures and Proof Techniques in Isabelle/HOL (local PDF)
    (was: Formal Proof Techniques for Combinatorial Structures in Isabelle/HOL)

Prof. A. M. Pitts

  • Roy Crole (1987-10-01 – 1991-12-01)
    Programming metalogics with a fixpoint type (TR-247)
    (was: Full abstraction and polymorphism)
  • Eike Ritter (1989-10-01 – 1993-03-01)
    Categorical Abstract Machines For Higher-Order Typed Lambda Calculi (TR-297)
    (was: Category Theory)
  • Ian D B Stark (1991-10-01 – 1995-05-01)
    Names and higher-order functions (TR-363)
    (was: Semantics of programming languages)
  • Joshua X Ross (1992-10-01 – 1998-12-01)
    An evaluation based approach to process calculi (TR-456)
    (was: Semantics of reactive systems)
  • Keith Wansbrough (1998-10-01 – 2002-12-17)
    Simple polymorphic usage analysis (TR-623)
    (was: Functional programming)
  • Mark Shinwell (2001-01-05 – 2005-03-03)
    The fresh approach: functional programming with names and binders (TR-618, local PDF)
    (was: Theory and practice of metaprocessing)
  • Matthew Parkinson (2001-10-01 – 2005-11-17)
    Local reasoning for Java (TR-654)
    (was: Semantics for Object Orientated Languages)
  • Alisdair Stuart Wren (2003-10-01 – 2007-10-09)
    Relationships for object-oriented programming languages (TR-702)
    (was: Foundations of object-oriented programming languages)
  • Ranald Clouston (2005-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    Equational logic for names and binders (local PDF)
    (was: Computational Applications of Nominal Sets)
  • Matthew Lakin (2005-10-01 – 2009-12-01)
    An executable meta-language for inductive definitions with binders (TR-772)
    (was: Programming language support for structural operational semantics)
  • Ian Orton (2015-10-01 – 2019-01-22)
    Cubical models of homotopy type theory
    (was: Homotopy type theory)
  • Sam Steenkamp (2018-10-01 – 2023-02-28)
    Quotient W-Types (local PDF)
    (was: Quotients in type theory)

Dr I. A. Pratt

  • Richard M Mortier (1997-10-01 – 2002-04-24)
    Internet traffic engineering (TR-532)
    (was: Exploiting resource guarantees in Nemesis)
  • Keir Anthony Fraser (1999-10-01 – 2004-02-10)
    Practical lock-freedom (TR-579)
    (was: Dynamic code optimization)
  • James Roy Bulpin (2000-10-01 – 2005-02-26)
    Operating system support for simultaneous multithreaded processors (TR-619)
    (was: Hardware Concurrency Primitives)
  • Calicrates Policroniades-Borraz (2001-10-01 – 2006-05-31)
    Decomposing file data into discernible items (TR-672)
    (was: Peer to peer file systems)
  • Timothy Moreton (2002-10-01 – 2007-04-17)
    A wide-area file system for migrating virtual machines (TR-714)
    (was: Global-scale content distribution and storage)
  • Doug Santry (2003-01-05 – 2007-10-09)
    A cluster storage system for modern virtual machines
    (was: File Systems for Network Attached Storage)
  • Russ Ross (2003-04-10 – 2007-04-17)
    Cluster storage for commodity computation (TR-690, local PDF)
    (was: Cluster File System Optimizations)

Prof. A. S. Prorok

  • Qingbiao Li (2018-10-01 – 2023-04-25)
    Graph Neural Networks for Multi-Robot Coordination
    (was: Learning-based methods for path planning in robot teams)
  • Alexandre Raymond (2018-10-01 – 2022-11-22)
    Explanations for Autonomous Agents (local PDF)
    (was: Explainable path planning)
  • Ryan Kortvelesy (2019-10-01 – 2024-02-27)
    Graph Neural Networks for Multi-Agent Learning (local PDF)
    (was: Graph Attention Networks for Intelligent Coordination in Autonomous Multi-Agent Systems)
  • Jan Blumenkamp (2020-10-01 – active)
    Learning communication for real-world multi-agent systems
  • Steven Morad (2021-01-05 – active)
    Graph neural memory: Applying graph neural networks to partially observable reinforcement learning
  • Matteo Bettini (2021-10-01 – active)
    Neural diversity in multi-agent systems
  • Jennifer Gielis (2021-10-01 – active)
    Coupled Navigation-Networking Techniques for Mobile Robot Systems
  • Katherine Green (2021-10-01 – active)
    Understanding Ecosystem Dynamics for Marine Conservation
  • Jasmine Bayrooti (2022-10-01 – active)
    Optimising Incentives to Balance Self-Interest and Cooperation in Multi-Agents
  • Zhan Gao (2022-10-01 – active)
    Environment co-optimization for multi-agent learning
  • Rishabh Jain (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Verifiable Multi-Agent Program Synthesis through Graph Neural Networks

Dr S. G. Pulman

  • John Michael Levine (1986-10-01 – 1993-01-01)
    A flexible bidirectional dialogue system
    (was: Generation of natural language text)
  • Benjamin Macias (1986-10-01 – 1991-10-01)
    An incremental parser for govenment-binding theory
    (was: Natural language)
  • David R Milward (1987-01-01 – 1991-10-22)
    Axiomatic grammar, non-constituent coordination and incremental interpretation
    (was: Natural Language processing)
  • Richard S Crouch (1987-10-01 – 1993-07-01)
    The Temporal Properties Of English Conditionals And Modals (TR-325)
    (was: Temporal properties of English models and conditio)
  • Lee Fedder (1988-10-01 – 1993-01-01)
    Generating natural language text from the output of an application program
    (was: Generation of natural language)
  • Barney D Pell (1989-10-01 – 1993-10-01)
    Strategy generation and evaluation for meta-game playing (TR-315)
    (was: Machine learning)
  • Tanya Bowden (1992-10-01 – 1997-07-11)
    Natural language techniques for error correction
    (was: Natural lang processing and understanding)
  • George Kiraz (1992-10-01 – 1996-11-01)
    Computational approach to non-linear morphology
    (was: Computational linguistics)
  • Hyun S Park (1994-10-01 – 1998-05-01)
    The Korean Core Language Engine
    (was: Corpus processing for computational linguistics)
  • James R Thomas (1994-10-01 – 1999-10-01)
    Stretching a point: aspect and temporal discourse (TR-486)
    (was: Extension of discourse representation theory)
  • Jana Sukkarieh (1996-10-01 – 2002-05-28)
    Natural language for knowledge representation
    (was: NLP)
  • David C Abensour (1997-10-01 – 2002-01-15)
    Finite state and statistical methods for natural language processing
    (was: Finite state methods for NLP)
  • Sylvia F Knight (1997-10-01 – 2001-11-27)
    Natural language processing for Aerospace documentation
    (was: Use of Statistical methods in semantic processing)

Prof. A. C. Rice

  • James Snee (2011-10-01 – 2016-05-03)
    Operating system support for in-program instrumentation Operating system support for in-program instrumentation
    (was: Investigating execution behaviour using cross-layer instrumentation)
  • Oliver Chick (2012-10-01 – 2016-03-08)
    Forgoing hypervisor fidelity for measuring virtual machine performance
    (was: Energy efficient application development for mobile platforms)
  • Ayat Fekry (2016-10-01 – 2020-11-24)
    Optimising data intensive computing with efficient configuration tuning (local PDF)
    (was: Provenance for Accelerating Big Data Analytics)
  • Nicholas Timmons (2017-10-01 – 2021-06-29)
    Software-based approximate computing for mathematical functions (local PDF)
    (was: Software-based approximate computing)

Dr M. Richards

  • Paul Curzon (1986-10-01 – 1990-10-01)
    A structured approach to the verification of low level microcode (TR-215)
    (was: Verification of microcode programs)
  • Karen L Wrench (1987-01-01 – 1990-12-01)
    A distributed and-or parallel Prolog network
    (was: Concurrent programming)
  • Panayis Fourniotis Pavlatos (1993-10-01 – 1998-10-01)
    Compiler optimisation of typeless languages
    (was: Programming language compilation)
  • Reuben R Thomas (1995-10-01 – 2001-02-13)
    Mite: a basis for ubiquitous virtual machines
    (was: An investigation of virtual processors)
  • Joerg Lepler (1999-01-01 – 2005-01-05)
    Cooperation and deviation in market-based resource allocation (TR-622)
    (was: Resource Adaptable Application Design)
  • Jeremy Singer (2001-10-01 – 2005-09-22)
    Static program analysis based on virtual register renaming (TR-660)
    (was: Analysis and Optimisation of Complete Programs)
  • Eben Upton (2001-10-01 – 2006-07-18)
    Compiling with data dependence graphs (local PDF)
    (was: Code Optimization for Embedded Applications)
  • Martin Vechev (2003-10-01 – 2007-10-09)
    Derivation and evaluation of concurrent collectors
    (was: Analysis of complete programs)

Prof. P. Robinson

  • Kamal Chaudhary (1987-10-01 – 1991-01-01)
    VLSI Routing
    (was: VLSI design)
  • David M Evers (1989-10-01 – 1994-01-01)
    Distributed Computing With Objects (TR-332)
    (was: Object oriented distributed computing)
  • Steven M G Freeman (1989-10-01 – 1994-05-01)
    An architecture for distributed user interfaces (TR-342)
    (was: Human factors in computer interaction)
  • Pierre David Wellner (1991-01-01 – 1994-01-01)
    Interacting with paper on the Digitaldesk (TR-330)
    (was: Multi-media toolkit)
  • Jonathan Sewell (1992-10-01 – 1996-07-01)
    Managing complex models for computer graphics (TR-420)
    (was: Image synthesis)
  • Quentin Stafford-Fraser (1992-10-01 – 1996-05-01)
    Video-augmented environments (TR-419)
    (was: Controlling computers by video)
  • Peter J C Brown (1994-10-01 – 1998-05-01)
    Selective mesh refinement for rendering (TR-490)
    (was: Formal methods)
  • Stefan G Hild (1994-10-01 – 1998-02-01)
    Managing mobile connections
    (was: Visual programming)
  • Breton M Saunders (1995-10-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Fast animation dynamics
    (was: Articulated figure animation)
  • Steven P Wilcox (1995-10-01 – 1999-03-01)
    Synthesis of asynchronous circuits (TR-468)
    (was: Self-timed circuit design)
  • Calum A M Grant (1996-10-01 – 2000-05-01)
    Software visualization in Prolog (TR-511)
    (was: The visualisation of programs)
  • Jonathan D Pfautz (1996-10-01 – 2001-02-13)
    Depth perception in computer graphics (TR-546)
    (was: Human-computer interaction)
  • Richard R Watts (1997-10-01 – 2002-04-30)
    The development of an uncertain reasoning system
    (was: User Interface Design)
  • Paul Cunningham (1998-10-01 – 2002-05-28)
    Verification of asynchronous circuits (TR-587)
    (was: Self-timed circuit logic)
  • Mark Ashdown (1999-10-01 – 2004-03-09)
    Personal projected displays (TR-585)
    (was: Shared Media Spaces)
  • Silas Brown (2000-10-01 – 2004-06-15)
    Conversion of notations
  • Marc Peter Cardle (2000-10-01 – 2004-10-14)
    Automated editing of sound and motion
    (was: Music Visualisation)
  • Robert Gordon Hague (2000-10-01 – 2004-11-11)
    End-user programming in multiple languages (TR-651)
    (was: Ubiquitous end-user programming)
  • Rana El-Kaliouby (2001-10-01 – 2005-06-16)
    Mind-reading machines: automated inference of complex mental states (TR-636)
    (was: Integrating Emotional Intel. into Multi-Modal Int.)
  • William Billingsley (2002-10-01 – 2007-07-10)
    The Intelligent Book: technologies for intelligent and adaptive textbooks focussing on Discrete Mathematics (TR-719)
    (was: The Intelligent Book)
  • Tal Sobol-Shikler (2002-10-01 – 2007-07-10)
    Le ton fait la musique: analysis of expressions in speech (TR-740)
    (was: Emotion in interfaces)
  • Maja Vukovic (2003-01-05 – 2006-10-10)
    Context aware service composition (TR-700)
    (was: Context Aware Systems)
  • Gregory Hughes (2004-10-01 – 2008-06-10)
    Lecture Adaptation for students with disabilities
    (was: Non-visual adaptive interfaces)
  • Philip Tuddenham (2004-10-01 – 2008-10-21)
    Tabletop interfaces for remote collaboration (TR-734)
    (was: Shared Media Spaces for Remote Collaboration)
  • Daniel Bernhardt (2005-10-01 – 2009-10-06)
    Emotion inference from human body motion (TR-787)
    (was: Affective computing)
  • Shazia Afzal (2006-10-01 – 2010-10-12)
    Affect inference in learning environments: a functional view of facial affect analysis using naturalistic data (TR-793, local PDF)
    (was: Affect in education)
  • Pradipta Biswas (2006-10-01 – 2010-03-02)
    Inclusive user modelling (local PDF)
    (was: Modelling user interfaces for special needs)
  • Laurel Riek (2007-10-01 – 2011-07-04)
    Expression synthesis on robots (local PDF)
    (was: Expression Synthesis on Robots)
  • Ian Davies (2008-10-01 – 2013-07-02)
    Workload measurement in command and control
    (was: Affect in control systems)
  • Tadas Baltrusaitis (2009-10-01 – 2014-01-21)
    Automatic facial expression analysis (TR-861, local PDF)
    (was: Improvement for inference of complex mental states)
  • Andra Adams (2010-10-01 – 2016-01-19)
    Automated inference of complex emotions from facial expressions and head gestures
    (was: An android head for social-emotional intervention for children with autism spectrum conditions)
  • Ntombikayise Banda (2010-10-01 – 2021-01-19)
    Multimodal Emotion Recognition (local PDF)
    (was: Multi-modal fusion for affective inference)
  • Marwa Mahmoud (2010-10-01 – 2015-05-05)
    Analysis of hand-over-face gestures in natural expressions
    (was: Emotional inference from gestures and expressions)
  • Vaiva Imbrasaite (2011-10-01 – 2015-03-10)
    Continuous dimensional emotion tracking in music
    (was: Multi-modal dimensional emotion tracking in music)
  • Flora Ponjou Tasse (2012-10-01 – 2016-10-18)
    3D Shape Retrieval
  • Jingjing Shen (2012-10-01 – 2016-10-18)
    Trimmed NURBS to untrimmed subdivision: conversion for watertight representations
    (was: Converting trimmed NURBS to subdivision)
  • Erroll Wood (2013-10-01 – 2017-07-04)
    Gaze estimation with graphics (local PDF)
    (was: Presence and interaction for tele-immersive systems)

Dr M. A. Sabin

  • Uwe Nimscheck (1992-10-01 – 1995-10-01)
    Rendering for free form deformations (TR-381)
    (was: Modelling and rendering)
  • Christopher T Faigle (1994-04-01 – 1998-02-01)
    DMS-Splines and radiosity
    (was: Algorithms for computer graphics)

Dr T. M. Sauerwald

  • Leran Cai (2016-10-01 – 2021-01-19)
    The Impact of Randomisation in Load Balancing and Random Walks (local PDF)
    (was: Network algorithms based on Markov Chains)
  • Hayk Saribekyan (2017-10-01 – 2021-10-12)
    Information dissemination via random walks (TR-964, local PDF)
    (was: Information spreading in distributed computing)
  • Dimitrios Los (2019-10-01 – 2023-10-10)
    Balanced allocations under incomplete information: New settings and techniques (TR-989, local PDF)
    (was: Load Balancing for Online Problems)
  • Charlotte Out (2022-10-01 – active)
    Information Spreading on Networks

Dr S. E. Sentance

  • Laurence Gale (2022-10-01 – active)
    Towards improving the teaching and learning of debugging for secondary school learners
  • Salomey Addo (2023-01-04 – active)
    Investigating pedagogical approaches to teaching the concepts and skills of AI, machine learning and data science

Prof. P. M. Sewell

  • Ole H Jensen (1995-01-01 – 2007-01-09)
    Mobile Processes in Bigraphs
    (was: Theory and semantics of concurrent computation)
  • Asis Unyapoth (1996-10-01 – 2001-05-29)
    Nomadic pi-calculi: expressing and verifying communication infrastructure for mobile computation (TR-514)
    (was: Applying Pi-calculua to real dist. systems)
  • Andrei Serjantov (2000-10-01 – 2004-07-13)
    On the anonymity of anonymity systems (TR-604)
    (was: A practical justification for explicit fusions)
  • Moritz Becker (2001-10-01 – 2005-09-22)
    CASSANDRA: flexible trust management and its application to electronic health records (TR-648)
    (was: Semantically founded distributed systems)
  • Gareth Stoyle (2001-10-01 – 2006-11-21)
    A theory of dynamic software updates (local PDF)
    (was: Semantic foundations of distributed systems)
  • Rok Strnisa (2005-10-01 – 2009-10-06)
    Formalising, improving, and reusing the Java module system
    (was: Design and implementation of scalable, high-level class-based programming languages for secure distributed computing)
  • Mark Batty (2009-01-05 – 2014-10-21)
    The C11 and C++11 Concurrency Model
    (was: An intermediate language with relaxed memory model semantics)
  • Kayvan Memarian (2011-10-01 – 2023-02-28)
    The Cerberus C semantics (TR-981, local PDF)
    (was: C)
  • Kyndylan Nienhuis (2013-10-01 – 2022-01-18)
    Verified security properties for the capability-enhanced CHERI-MIPS architecture (local PDF)
    (was: Verifying the correctness of compartmentalisation in CHERI)
  • Jean Pichon-Pharabod (2013-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    A no-thin-air memory model for programming languages
    (was: Memory models: reasoning and optimisation)
  • Christopher Pulte (2014-10-01 – 2019-04-23)
    The semantics of multicopy atomic ARMv8 and RISC-V (local PDF)
    (was: Verified emulation)
  • Conrad Watt (2016-10-01 – 2021-07-06)
    Mechanising and evolving the formal semantics of WebAssembly: The Web’s new low-level language (local PDF)
    (was: Formalising WebAssembly: the new language of the Net)
  • Thibaut Pérami (2021-10-01 – prelim)
    System semantics
  • Rini Banerjee (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    Executable separation-logic specification
  • Nils Lauermann (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Multicore Semantics

Dr E. F. S. Shuckburgh

  • Tudor Suciu (2020-10-01 – active)
    AI for Extreme Weather: the future of Coastal Flooding

Dr J. Singh

  • Michelle Lee (2019-10-01 – 2023-07-04)
    Context-conscious fairness throughout the machine learning lifecycle (local PDF)
    (was: Automating the assessment of contextual fairness trade-offs in machine learning)
  • Anna (Hilje) Hudig (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    User Empowerment in Internet-of-Things Ecosystems: Addressing Data Harvesting and User Manipulation
  • Shreya Chappidi (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Designing for fairness and inclusion in medical AI systems

Prof. K. I. B. Spärck-Jones

  • Victor Poznanski (1985-10-01 – 1991-06-01)
    A Relevance-Based Utterance Processing System (TR-246)
    (was: Natural language processing)
  • Derek G Bridge (1986-10-01 – 1991-07-01)
    Computing presuppositions in an incremental natural language processing system (TR-237)
    (was: Computing user beliefs)
  • Richard C Hutchings (1986-10-01 – 1990-11-01)
    The computer comprehension of systematic metaphor
    (was: Natural language processing)
  • Mark T Maybury (1986-10-01 – 1991-11-01)
    Planning multisentential English text using communicative acts (TR-239)
    (was: Computer generation of English texts)
  • Malgorzata E Stys (1992-10-01 – 1998-10-01)
    A processing model of information structure in machine translation
    (was: Discourse structure and machine translation)
  • Ralph Becket (1993-10-01 – 1999-01-01)
    Efficient knowledge and action planning in first order logic
    (was: Fuzzy autonomous learning systems)
  • Richard I Tucker (1993-10-01 – 1999-11-01)
    Automatic summarising and the CLASP system (TR-484)
    (was: Automatic processing of unrestricted text)
  • Martin Choquette (1996-10-01 – 2002-01-11)
    Local evidence in document retrieval (TR-519)
    (was: Automatic information retrieval)
  • Oi Yee (Olivia) Kwong (1996-10-01 – 2000-10-24)
    Word sense selection in texts: an integrated model (TR-504)
    (was: Training the computer to fill out cloze passages)
  • Donnla B Nic Gearailt (1997-10-01 – 2003-07-15)
    Dictionary characteristics in cross-language information retrieval (TR-616)
    (was: NLP)

Prof. F. M. Stajano

  • Jonathan Anderson (2008-10-01 – 2012-10-16)
    Privacy engineering for social networks. (TR-825, local PDF)
    (was: Protection Architectures for Social Applications)

Dr S. Staton

  • Benjamin Roberts (2008-10-01 – 2013-01-22)
    Language semantics for secure information flow analysis
    (was: Language semantics to enforce Distributed Information Flow Control)

Dr W. Sun

  • Yuan Gao (2023-01-04 – prelim)
    Knowledge-driven tutorial dialogue system
  • Mila Marcheva (2023-01-04 – active)
    Modeling Child Second Language Acquisition
  • Yufei Chen (2024-01-05 – await)
    Probing Cognition--Language Interaction with Multi-Agent Communication Model

Prof. S. H. Teufel

  • William Hollingsworth (2003-10-01 – 2008-03-11)
    Using lexical chains to characterise scientific text
    (was: Automatic text skimming using lexical chains)
  • Anna Ritchie (2004-10-01 – 2008-10-21)
    Citation context analysis for information retrieval (TR-744)
    (was: Information retrieval by citation and term models)
  • Johanna Geiss (2007-04-17 – 2011-07-04)
    Latent semantic sentence clustering for multi-document summarization (TR-802, local PDF)
    (was: Using Latent Semantic Indexing for Automatic Text Summarization)
  • Ekaterina Shutova (2007-10-01 – 2011-05-10)
    Computational approaches to figurative language (TR-803)
    (was: Computational Approaches to Figurative Language)
  • Awais Athar (2009-10-01 – 2014-01-21)
    Sentiment analysis of scientific citations (TR-856)
    (was: Sentiment detection in scientific text)
  • James Gregory Jardine (2009-10-01 – 2013-12-03)
    Automatically Generating Reading Lists (TR-848, local PDF)
    (was: Automatic Creation of a Scientific Reading List)
  • Sandro Bauer (2012-04-17 – 2017-10-17)
    Content selection for timeline generation from single history articles
    (was: Topic models for social networks)
  • Yimai Fang (2013-10-01 – 2018-04-17)
    Proposition-based summarization with coherence-driven incremental model
    (was: Generalized coreference for automatic summarization)
  • Yiannos Stathopoulos (2013-10-01 – 2022-06-28)
    Retrieval of research-level mathematics via joint modelling of text and types (local PDF)
    (was: Retrieval of mathematical concepts via deep indexing)
  • Kevin Heffernan (2015-10-01 – 2021-01-19)
    Problem-solving recognition in scientific text (local PDF)
    (was: Argumentation Patterns in Scientific Discourse)
  • Olesya Razuvayevskaya (2015-10-01 – 2022-06-07)
    Towards automatic interpretation of A Fortiori arguments (local PDF)
    (was: Computational methods for enthymeme reconstruction)
  • Daniel Bruder (2016-10-01 – 2023-07-04)
    Electronic Long-Term Archiving of Complex Textual Artefacts (local PDF)
    (was: Graph-based operational transformations and semantic version management for multi-hierarchical non-linear text archives)
  • Yiwen Chen (2019-01-04 – submitted)
    Lyrics generation constrained by tone, melody and imagery (local PDF)
    (was: Lyrics generation with melodic and linguistic constraints)
  • Tiago Pimentel Martins Da Silva (2019-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    On the Optimality of the Lexicon (local PDF)
    (was: Assessing Phonotactics)
  • Josef Valvoda (2019-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    The Role of Precedent in Computational Models of Law (local PDF)
    (was: Robust Reasoning in the legal domain)
  • Yuxiao Ye (2019-10-01 – 2024-01-23)
    Argument mining with informal text (local PDF)
    (was: A multi-document model for informal, naturally occurring arguments)
  • Rowan Hall Maudslay (2020-10-01 – active)
    Productive Metaphor in the Lexicon
  • Jennifer White (2020-10-01 – active)
    Gender De-biasing Methods for NLP
  • Andrii Nikolaiev (2023-04-17 – prelim)
    Mathematical texts

Prof. J. Vicary

  • Ioannis Markakis (2020-10-01 – active)
    A Computadic Approach to Multiple Categories
  • Alexander Rice (2020-10-01 – submitted)
    A type-theoretic approach to semistrict higher categories (local PDF)
    (was: Strictifying composition in weak\infty-categories)
  • Calin Tataru (2020-10-01 – submitted)
    A computational approach to higher categories (local PDF)
    (was: Cubical models of higher categories)
  • Chiara Sarti (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    Word problems in higher categories
  • Wilfred Offord (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    New computational models of higher categories

Prof. A. Vlachos

  • Kris Cao (2014-10-01 – 2019-10-15)
    Learning meaning representations for text generation with deep generative models (local PDF)
    (was: Automatic induction of narrative schemas)
  • James Thorne (2019-01-04 – 2022-01-18)
    Evidence-based verification and correction of textual claims (TR-968, local PDF)
    (was: Interpretable Automation of Information Verification and Fact Checking)
  • Christine De Kock (2019-10-01 – 2023-02-28)
    Constructive online disagreement (local PDF)
    (was: Successful factors of online conversations)
  • Georgi Karadzhov (2019-10-01 – 2024-02-27)
    DEliBots: Deliberation Enhancing Bots (local PDF)
    (was: Deliberation Enhancing Bots)
  • Rami Aly (2020-10-01 – active)
    Claim Verification Over Unstructured and Structured Information
  • Michail Korakakis (2020-10-01 – active)
    Towards Educational Machine Learning
  • Julius Cheng (2021-01-04 – active)
    Exploring the use dynamic oracles in imitation learning
  • Pietro Lesci (2021-10-01 – active)
    Data-centric approaches to model training in NLP
  • Zhangdie Yuan (2021-10-01 – active)
    On Fact-Checking with Knowledge Graphs
  • Eric Chamoun (2022-10-01 – active)
    AI-assisted scientific writing
  • Ieva Staliunaite (2022-10-01 – active)
    Causality in Language: From Linguistic Theory to Causal Inference Modeling
  • Marek Strong (2022-10-01 – active)
    Uncertainty in imitation learning
  • Xiaochen Zhu (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Secure Federated Fine-Tuning For Foundation Models

Dr I. J. Wassell

  • Min Lin (2004-10-01 – 2009-10-06)
    Channel modelling for wireless sensor networks
    (was: Wireless sensor network)
  • William Carson (2005-10-01 – 2009-05-26)
    Performance modelling and design of bit-interleaved coded modulation
    (was: Intelligent Relaying)
  • Bogdan Roman (2006-10-01 – 2011-01-25)
    Scalable Cross-Layer Wireless Medium Access Control
    (was: Sentient Computing)
  • Yan Wu (2006-10-01 – 2010-01-19)
    Propagation modelling for wireless sensor networks deployed to perform civil infrastructure monitoring (local PDF)
    (was: Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • Weisi Guo (2007-04-17 – 2011-03-15)
    Power allocation for wireless collaborative networks
  • Ruoshui Liu (2007-10-01 – 2011-12-06)
    Planning and deployment of wireless sensor networks
    (was: Wireless communication networks)
  • Wei Chen (2009-10-01 – 2012-12-04)
    Compressive sensing for wireless sensor networks
  • Steven Herbert (2010-10-01 – 2014-10-21)
    Wireless communications in vehicles (local PDF)
    (was: Intelligent vehicle communication)
  • Yu Wang (2012-01-05 – 2016-05-03)
    Structured sparsity learning - taming the penalty under structure (local PDF)
    (was: Compressive sensing enhanced spectrum sensing with cyclic feature detection)
  • Xin Ding (2012-04-17 – 2016-10-18)
    On enhancing compressive sensing for multidimensional signals: causal and batch approaches
    (was: Block-based adaptive compression sensing for video images)
  • Ziqiang Feng (2013-10-01 – 2017-10-17)
    Power control and resource allocation for QoS-constrained wireless networks (local PDF)
    (was: Cross-layer wireless cooperative communication for delay and loss sensitive applications)
  • David Turner (2013-10-01 – 2019-01-22)
    Parallelisation of greedy algorithms for compressive sensing reconstruction (TR-751, local PDF)
    (was: Real Time Compressive Sensing and Classification)
  • Yang Liu (2014-10-01 – 2018-10-16)
    Application of prior information to discriminative feature learning (local PDF)
    (was: Face Recognition based on Compressive Sensing)
  • Joseph Zammit (2016-10-01 – 2021-04-27)
    Compressive sensing of images and video: towards low-complexity, real-time operation (local PDF)
    (was: Real-time compressive sensing imagine systems)
  • Stefanos Bakirtzis (2020-10-01 – submitted)
    Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Electromagnetism and Indoor Wireless Networks (local PDF)
    (was: Characterizing mobile service demands and optimal indoor radio access network deployment for 5G and beyond systems)
  • Kehai Qiu (2020-10-01 – active)
    Machine-learning assisted radio access network planning: from outdoor to indoor
  • Liam Self (2021-10-01 – active)
    UWB Location Awareness and its application in Collaborative Indoor Positioning

Prof. R. N. Watson

  • Ionel Gog (2012-10-01 – 2018-01-23)
    Flexible and efficient computation in large data centres (local PDF)
    (was: Generalized distributed dataflow processing)
  • Ilias Marinos (2012-10-01 – 2018-07-03)
    Network and storage stack specialisation for performance (local PDF)
    (was: A Compiler-Assisted Instrumentation Framework for Security Attestation)
  • Lawrence Esswood (2015-10-01 – 2021-01-19)
    CheriOS: A high-performance and completely untrusted single-address-space capability operating system (TR-961, local PDF)
    (was: Automated Software Exploitation and Mitigation)
  • Alexander Richardson (2015-10-01 – 2020-01-21)
    Complete spatial safety for C and C++ using CHERI capabilities (TR-949, local PDF)
    (was: The implications of capability-system design for persistent memory technologies)
  • Hesham Almatary (2018-04-17 – 2022-06-28)
    CHERI Compartmentalisation for Embedded Systems (TR-976, local PDF)
    (was: CHERI architecture)
  • Jessica Clarke (2018-10-01 – active)
    Optimising Code for Modern Instruction Set-based Capability Systems
  • Brett Gutstein (2018-10-01 – 2022-10-11)
    Memory safety with CHERI capabilities: security analysis, language interpreters, and heap temporal safety (TR-975, local PDF)
    (was: Improving C-language memory safety with CHERI)
  • Peter Blandford-Baker (2020-10-01 – active)
    Enabling High-Performance Software Compartmentalization using CHERI Co-Processes
  • Dapeng Gao (2021-10-01 – active)
    Software compartmentalisation for CHERI
  • Rosie Baish (2022-10-01 – prelim)
    Extending the C standards to increase safety
  • Konrad Witaszczyk (2022-10-01 – active)
    Hardware-assisted compartmentalization strategies in supervisor mode code
  • Kian Cross (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Reasoning about Compartmentalising Complex Software
  • Zhuo Ying Jiang Li (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Software vulnerability exploitation and mitigation under CHERI memory protections

Prof. D. J. Wheeler

  • Michael Burrows (1984-10-01 – 1989-02-01)
    Caching, migration and replication of files in a distributed file system (TR-153)
    (was: Hardware)
  • Donald A Gaubatz (1984-10-01 – 1991-11-01)
    Logic Programming Analysis Of Asynchronous Digital Circuits
    (was: Analytical studies of distributed systems)
  • Li Gong (1987-10-01 – 1990-11-01)
    Cryptographic protocols for distributed systems
    (was: Protection of data)
  • KwokYam Lam (1987-10-01 – 1991-03-01)
    A new approach for improving system availability (TR-226)
    (was: Computer communication)
  • Michael R Warner (1990-04-01 – 1993-07-01)
    Charging and resource control for open dist systems
    (was: Data encryption for LANs)

Prof. G. Winskel

  • Guo- Qiang Zhang (1985-01-01 – 1990-01-01)
    The logic of domains (TR-185)
    (was: Topics in Computer Security)
  • Jonathan Billington (1986-10-01 – 1990-11-01)
    Extensions to coloured Petri Nets and their application to protocols (TR-222)
    (was: Protocol engineering)
  • Juanito Camilleri (1987-10-01 – 1991-05-01)
    Priority in process calculi (TR-227)
    (was: Operational semantics of programming languages)
  • Lucy Brace-Evans (2003-10-01 – 2007-10-09)
    Event structures with persistence (TR-710)
    (was: Domain theory for concurrency from event structures)
  • Jonathan Hayman (2004-10-01 – 2009-07-02)
    Petri net semantics (TR-782)
    (was: Independence models and separation logic)
  • David Turner (2004-10-01 – 2009-05-26)
    Nominal domain theory for concurrency
    (was: Presheaves and Operational Semantics)
  • Christopher Thompson-Walsh (2008-10-01 – 2013-01-22)
    Semantics and extension of a biological modelling language
    (was: Symmetry and concurrency)
  • John Wickerson (2008-10-01 – 2013-05-07)
    Concurrent verification for sequential programs (TR-834)
    (was: Reasoning about concurrent programs)
  • Alexander Katovsky (2010-10-01 – 2015-10-20)
    Games as Factorization Systems
    (was: Concurrent games)
  • Steffen Loesch (2010-10-01 – 2014-10-21)
    Program equivalence in function metaprogramming via nominal Scott domains (TR-860)
    (was: Domain-theoretic semantics with nominal sets)
  • Hugo Paquet (2015-10-01 – 2020-01-21)
    Probabilistic concurrent game semantics (TR-950)
    (was: Probabilistic programming with strategies)

Dr D. J. Wischik

  • Dan Andrei Iliescu (2019-10-01 – active)
    Deep learning for grouped data
    (was: An environment for data interaction, with machine learning support)
  • Andi Zhang (2019-10-01 – active)
    Machine learning for discrete-structured datatypes
  • Omer Nivron (2020-10-01 – active)
    Towards a universal correction of climate simulators to observations
  • Raghul Parthipan (2020-10-01 – submitted)
    Machine learning for the weather: advancing the state-of-the-art in ML modelling for dynamical systems (local PDF)

Dr N. E. Wiseman

  • Gianpaulo Tommasi (1985-01-01 – 1990-11-01)
    Procedural Methods In Computer Graphics
    (was: Procedural methods in computer graphics)
  • Richard David Williams (1985-01-01 – 1989-03-01)
    Organisation and analysis of spatial data
    (was: Cartographic databases)
  • Stephen James Roger Harrison (1985-10-01 – 1989-11-01)
    Raytracing image synthesis techniques
    (was: Natural language)
  • Stuart Philip Hawkins (1985-10-01 – 1990-07-01)
    Video replay in computer animation (TR-207)
    (was: Computer Graphics)
  • David J Brown (1986-10-01 – 1991-06-01)
    Abstraction of image and pixel - The Thistle Display System (TR-229)
    (was: Distributed computing)
  • Heng Wang (1987-01-01 – 1991-10-01)
    Modelling and image generation (TR-235)
    (was: Computer graphics)
  • Jeremy Ball (1987-10-01 – 1992-01-01)
    SEMORICA: a system examining motion and object representation issues in computer animation
    (was: Computer animation)
  • Eng Lim Goh (1987-10-01 – 1990-07-01)
    Image synthesis using parallel architectures
    (was: Computer graphics)
  • Timothy F Wiegand (1988-01-01 – 1992-01-01)
    A parallel architecture for storage and retrieval of spatial data
    (was: Display processor design)
  • A Daniel Hall (1988-10-01 – 1992-01-01)
    Pipelined image processing for pattern recognition (TR-892)
    (was: Pipelined processor for Image enhancement)
  • Siu Chi Hsu (1988-10-01 – 1992-05-01)
    Computer support for large character set languages
    (was: Image synthesis)
  • Wing Hung Lau (1988-10-01 – 1992-01-01)
    Realistic 3D image composition
    (was: Display processor design)
  • Adrian M T Wrigley (1989-01-01 – 1994-01-01)
    Real-time ray tracing on a novel HDTV framestore
    (was: Computer graphics hardware)
  • Neil A Dodgson (1989-10-01 – 1992-07-01)
    Image resampling (TR-261)
    (was: Image transformation and sampling)
  • Oliver Michael Castle (1990-10-01 – 1995-10-01)
    Synthetic image generation for a multiple-view autostereo display (TR-382)
    (was: User interface design)
  • Michael John Turner (1990-10-01 – 1994-05-01)
    The Contour Tree Image encoding technique and file format (TR-344)
    (was: Image coding techniques)
  • Nicholas Benedict Van Someren (1990-10-01 – 1995-01-01)
    High Quality De-Interlacing Of Television Images
    (was: Interactive video for HDTV)
  • Jane Louis Hunter (1991-01-01 – 1994-10-01)
    Integrated sound synchronisation for computer animation (TR-348)
    (was: Computer animation)

Dr J. D. Yallop

  • David Sheets (2013-10-01 – active)
    Resolution as a resource
  • Yulong Huang (2023-01-04 – prelim)
    Dependently-typed compilation: Theory and applications
  • Jacob Bennett-Woolf (2024-04-23 – prelim)
    Optimizing Functions via Relatively Indexed Types

Dr E. Yoneki

  • Valentin Dalibard (2012-10-01 – 2016-11-29)
    A framework to build bespoke auto-tuners with structured Bayesian optimisation (TR-900, local PDF)
    (was: Modelling the structure of communities for distributed systems)
  • Andre Ribeiro (2012-10-01 – 2016-11-29)
    'When Google search helps unemployment' and other cases for a theory of everday media
    (was: A game-theoretical theory of media)
  • Michael Schaarschmidt (2015-10-01 – 2020-03-03)
    End-to-end deep reinforcement learning in computer systems (TR-946, local PDF)
    (was: Deep reinforcement learning in cloud data management)
  • Guoliang He (2021-10-01 – active)
    Neural Networks Super-optimization via Reinforcement Learning
  • Taiyi Wang (2021-10-01 – active)
    Deep reinforcement learning in database management systems
  • Zakir Singh (2023-10-01 – prelim)
    Equality Saturation for Deep Learning Compilers
  • Youhe Jiang (2024-01-05 – prelim)
    Distributed machine learning systems from ML Compiler perspective

Prof. S. J. Young

  • John Bradshaw (1987-10-01 – 1991-10-01)
    Using Knowledge Of Purpose And Knowledge Of Structure As A Basis For Evaluating The Behaviour Of Mechanical Systems (TR-236)
    (was: Qualitative modelling of causal systems)