Picture of me!
PhD student at the University of Cambridge
Hello! I'm a Computer Science PhD student at the NLIP group at Cambridge. I work on chatbots and text generation for language education. I am supervised by Prof. Paula Buttery, and funded by the ALTA Institute.
I recently completed an internship at GitHub working on Copilot.
You can find my CV here.
May 2022
I began an internship at GitHub Next to work on Copilot!
May 2022
Our paper “Towards an open-domain chatbot for language practice” has been accepted at the BEA Workshop (co-located at NAACL) as a poster.
April 2022
Our paper “A Category Theory Framework for Sense Systems” has been accepted at the Globalex Workshop (co-located at LREC).
January 2022
I gave a short talk at our department's Education Showcase event to talk about my research on building chatbots for language practice. You can find the video here.
BEA @ NAACL 2022
Towards an open-domain chatbot for language learning
Gladys Tyen, Mark Brenchley, Andrew Caines, & Paula Buttery
Globalex @ LREC 2022
A Category Theory Framework for Sense Systems
David Strohmaier & Gladys Tyen
SemEval 2021
Cambridge at SemEval-2021 Task 1: An Ensemble of Feature-Based and Neural Models for Lexical Complexity Prediction
Zheng Yuan, Gladys Tyen, & David Strohmaier
African languages in digital spaces: Automatic textual analysis of a low resource mixed language
Gladys Tyen & Elisabeth Kerr
You can email me at gladys [dot] tyen [at] cl.cam.ac.uk, or message me on LinkedIn.
Last updated: October 2022