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Dr Daniel R. Thomas

Small picture of Daniel R. Thomas from 2014-03-20

Photo is from 2014-03-20 by Quentin Stafford-Fraser

I moved to the University of Strathclyde for a Chancellor's Fellowship on 5th August 2019



Telephone: +44 1223 763 748

GPG: 5017 A1EC 0B29 08E3 CF64 7CCD 5514 35D5 D749 33D9 (work)
EA14 782B FF32 D5B8 464B 92D7 B2FB 14CF 18EB 83B1 (home)

I have an (outdated) personal home page and blog. Research is blogged on Light Blue Touchpaper.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8936-0683


My interests are in measuring security and cybercrime so that we can monitor improvement, evaluate interventions, and inform regulators.

I am a Research Associate and Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and an Honorary Research Associate at Peterhouse, Cambridge. I am a member of the Digital Technology Group, the Security Group, and the Cambridge Cloud Cybercrime Centre.

I maintain the Android vulnerabilities website, information on the deployed version distribution of Android and help with the Device Analyzer project.



Presentations and posters


I have reviewed papers for: ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review (CCR), Journal of Internet Services and Applications (JISA), Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM) 2013, Ubicomp 2014, Transactions on Information Forensics & Security (2017), Transactions on Software Engineering (2017), The Computer Journal (2018) amongst others. I am co-editor for the Frontiers Research Topic on Big Data Ethics. I have reviewed a funding proposal for University of Luxembourg's internal call.


Listed alphabetically for my ease of reference (updated 2018-10-20). Active: Ross Anderson, Alastair R. Beresford, Sara Correia, Richard Clayton, Katherine Fletcher, Alice Hutchings, Sergio Pastrana, Jovan Powar, Jair Santanna, Diana A. Vasile, Alexander Vetterl, Helena Webb
Previous: Andrew Rice



I supervise various courses. I also have some project ideas.


I am one of the course lecturers for the R209 Computer Security: Principles and Foundations, R210 Computer Security: Current Applications and Research, and R254 Cybercrime MPhil courses in security.

In 2018 I lectured Security II: Part 2: Security engineering covering security, human factors, and psychology; security policies; authentication; and network security.

I gave one lecture on LaTeX for Markus Kuhn's Unix Tools course in November 2013.

I gave one lecture as part of the Research Students Lecture series in 2014 and 2015.

University Politics

I am a member of the University's Cycling and Walking working subgroup. I co-founded the West Cambridge Active Travel (WCAT) group.

I used to represent the PhD students to the Staff-Student Consultative Forum and the Faculty Board. I used to represent PhD students in the Digital Technology Group to the Graduate Student Forum.

I had a Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering which means that I could run various food based events in the department.

Declarations of interest

I have received funding from various organisations, I try not to let that influence me but in the interest of transparency details follow.

  • From October 2016 I have been funded by the EPSRC through the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre
  • From October 2015 to Septembr 2016 I was funded by ThreatSTOP
  • I the EPSRC Doctoral Training Account of the Computer Laboratory funded the second and third years of my PhD
  • The first year of my PhD was funded by Google
  • My year as a Research Assistant was partly funded by Google
  • I spent a summer working for Broadcom
  • I have been both a student and a mentor on the Google Summer of Code
  • I spent a summer as an on an Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) placement funded by BT
  • GCHQ/NCSC has provided small amounts of money to attend conferences and buy books or servers.