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Graduate Students' Forum

The Graduate Students' Forum meets towards the end of each term. Each research groups is represented by a research student and students on the M.Phil in Advanced Computer Science also elect a representative. The Graduate Students' Coordinator, Researcher Development Coordinator and Graduate Education Manager are also members of the forum. The minutes of the forum go to the Graduate Education Committee and to the Degree Committee.


The current (2017 to 2018) membership of the Graduate Students' Forum:

  • Dr Andrew Rice, Researcher Development Coordinator
  • Ms Lise Gough, Graduate Education Manager
  • Mark Wassell, PLS
  • Botty Dimanov, AI
  • Partha Maji, Comp Arch
  • Vacant, Security
  • Kevin Heffernan, NLIP
  • Stephan Kollman, DTG
  • Heidi Howard, SRG
  • Vacant, Rainbow
  • Vacant, MPhil in ACS
  • Anita Vero, Women@CL

Email: cl [hyphen] gradforum [at]



GSF Annual Spoon Survey (GASS) Report and Recommendations

Activites and upcoming events

  • Michaelmas Term 2017:
  • 3 November: Postgraduate Studies Open Day
  • 3 and 30 November: First-year research presentations
  • Various dates: Happy Hour board games nights
  • December(date TBA): Christmas Quiz - for research students, MPhils and Part IIIs, and staff
  • Lent Term 2018: One-minute madness presentations - MPhil and PhD

Past events