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Dr Markus Kuhn

Portrait, July 2012

I am a University Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and a Fellow of Wolfson College.

Primarily a computer scientist by training, I also have backgrounds in electronics, digital signal processing, communications engineering, and physiology. My broader interests cover most aspects of applied computer science and technology, including neurophysiology and robotics.

My research and that of my PhD students has focused so far on computer security, in particular hardware and signal-processing aspects of this very wide field. Compromising emanations, RFID security, and the security of positioning systems (distance-bounding protocols, authentication of navigation signals) have recently been particular areas of interest. I also worked in the past on hardware tamper resistance, smartcards, network security, “intellectual property” protection technology (in particular pay-TV conditional access), data compression, video and audio technology, FPGA applications, and some standardization matters (character sets, semi-structured data, file formats, etc.).

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Dr Markus Kuhn
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Reachability status: Away 9–27 August 2016.

PhD applicants: I'm always glad to discuss specific project ideas with PhD applicants, preferably over the phone rather than by email. But please do not email me unsolicited CVs. Instead, please submit those through the University's central Graduate Admissions Office and list my name on the application form as a potential supervisor.

Internships: I do not have any interships on offer.

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  • OTPW is my one-time password package for POSIX systems, optimized for being used with printed password lists and designed to be more robust against certain denial-of-service attacks than various older schemes.
  • JBIG-KIT is my portable C implementation of a highly effective lossless bi-level image compression algorithm based on context sensitive arithmetic coding. The JBIG1 algorithm (specified in ITU-T Recommendation T.82) implemented in this library is especially suitable for compressing scanned documents and fax pages. You can also download the (German) project report (Studienarbeit) that I wrote about JBIG-KIT (abstract).
  • I prepared and maintain the ISO 10646-1 extension of the classic X Window System pixel fonts.
  • In early 1997, I wrote StirMark, a robustness testing tool for steganographic watermarking algorithms of still images. It is now maintained by Fabien Petitcolas.

Older material previously found here is now in my home page attic.


I currently supervise as a PhD student Christian O'Connell. Former PhD students of mine that have already graduated: Piotr Zieliński, Steven Murdoch, Gerhard Hancke, Saar Drimer, Andrew Lewis, Marios Omar Choudary.

We organize a Security Seminar Series, which is open to the public.