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CST Part IB group projects photographs

Photos of group-project demonstrations 2019

A popular part of the Computer Science Tripos is the Group Project, undertaken by second-year (Part IB) students. The group projects are designed to reflect current industrial practice, and students learn some of the delights and pitfalls of working as part of a software development team. Most of this work falls in the Lent Term; at the end of the term the students present their Group Project work to current students, researchers, staff and industrial supporters.

Group Alpha: AI Chef Group Alpha
Client: Isabella Gottardi
Company: ARM

Group Bravo: Bone doctor Group Bravo
Winner of best technical project
Client: Edward Salkeld
Company: TPP

Group Charlie: Clean cycle
Client: David Paul
Company: Magna

Group Delta: Competing for autonomy Group Delta
Client: Lucy Mair
Company: G-Research

Group Echo: Distributed microcontracts Group Echo
Client: Michael Gifford
Company: Infectious Diseases Institute Kampala

Group Foxtrot: Eyes on the road Group Foxtrot
Client: Ben Catterall
Company: IMC

Group Golf: Eyes in the sky Group Golf
Client: Karan Singha
Company: IMC

Group Hotel: Fever finder Group Hotel
Client: Dan Storisteanu
Company: SimPrints

Group India: Grand remote Group India
Client: Rob Sinclair
Company: NHS Digital

Group Juliet: Groundwater app
Client: Carlos Martin
Company: British Antarctic Survey

Group Kilo: Heros in conference Group Kilo
Client: Mark Ogilvie
Company: Jagex

Group Lima: LawBot Group Lima
Client: Tetiana Bersheda
Company: Lexsnap

Group Mike: Meeting zoom Group Mike
Winner of best professional project
Client: Imdad Sardharwalla
Company: Argon Design

Group November: Million plant map Group November
Client: Lauren Gardiner
Company: Cambridge University Herbarium

Group Oscar: Probable causes
Client: Theo Mauger
Company: Morgan Stanley

Group Papa: Text farming Group Papa
Winner of better future award
Client: Tim Wilkinson
Company: KisanHub

Group Quebec: VR Avatar Group Quebec
Client: Matthew Johnson
Company: Frontier

Group Romeo: West augmentation Group Romeo
Client: Daria Jelonek
Company: Studio Above & Below