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William Gates building cyce park

Cycling is the fastest way of getting round the city, and the William Gates Building hosts what has been described by the Cambridge Cycling Campaign as the “highest quality cycle park in the city”.

On-site cycle park

bike park

The outdoor cycle park is considered to be the “best in the universe-ity”!

Bicycles can be parked under the huge white tents in front of the Computer Laboratory. These tents are fully illuminated at night.

Due to the high numbers of bikes in the City, bike theft is common, so for your own security please ensure your bikes are locked.
The Computer Laboratory takes no responsibility for any losses or damage to any bikes parked on site.

Secure parking at the train station

If you prefer to come to Cambridge by train, you can leave your bike in the indoors cycle park next to the station or rent a bike from the cycle park's bike shop.

Cycle safety

If you're not used to cycling in traffic there are some important things you need to know. This section provides links to the Cambridge University Students' Union pages on cycle safety:

  • Buying a bike
    Considers what to buy, how much to spend and places where students and staff can get discount on bikes and parts.
  • Cycling tips
    Information on how to cycle safely and responsibly, with advice on taking cycling proficiency lessons. You will need to contact the CUSU Welfare and Graduates Officer for these lessons.
  • Cycling and the law
    Information on cycling within the law.
    • through red lights
    • the wrong way down one-way streets
    • on pavements which are not designated cycle paths
    • at night without lights
    • whilst under the influence of drink or drugs
      are all against the law!
  • Safety equipment
    Information about locks, lights, reflectors and helmets.
    Make sure you are seen, especially at night and in the winter.
    Wear bright, reflective clothing and make sure working lights and reflectors are fitted to your cycle.

    Accidents do happen, and in Cambridge, because of the high volume of traffic and cycles in such a small area, they happen often.

    Our very own Professor Jon Crowcroft describes himself as “half man half bike” after surviving a collision with a bus in Madingly Road.

  • Cycle theft.
    Information on how to:
    • insure your bike
    • report the theft of your bike
    • register your bike with Immobilise.

Coton cycle and footpath

The Coton cyclepath is popular for recreational cycling or walking.
The path begins at the corner of Adams Road and Wilberforce Road, passing along the back of the West Cambridge site, before crossing the M11 motorway and terminating at the village recreation ground (football, cricket and bowls clubs play here).

On the roads and gardens around Coton it is often possible to see Muntjac deer, along with other wildlife and birds.

Online interactive map

online mapping

The Cambridge Cycling Campaign website provides an excellent interactive cycle route planner designed by Simon Nuttall. It is based on a high-quality route database that was specifically created for Cambridge cyclists and is maintained by experienced local cyclists. It tells you quite reliably the shortest, fastest or quietest cycling route from A to B anywhere in and around Cambridge. Try it, you may discover lots of surprising shortcuts and interesing variant routes!

Useful sites