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Department of Computer Science and Technology


List of PhD students

List of finished PhD students

Below is a list of all the PhD theses so far recommended by the Computer Science Degree Committee to the Board of Graduate Studies for approval (which can in some cases mean that there are still corrections to be made before final approval). Fully approved Cambridge PhDs are listed in the University Library thesis catalog.

All authors are encouraged to publish their approved thesis as a Computer Laboratory Technical Report. Where available, the table below links to that public tech-report version of the thesis. Where available, it also links the local PDF version uploaded by the student, which now also includes files that were in the past collected by Lise Gough in /usr/groups/studentadmin/PhD_theses. (The local PDFs are only accessible to members of the Computer Laboratory and may in some cases not yet contain any final corrections required by the examiners.)

Note: If a Computer Laboratory research student's PhD is not listed here, then it might have been dealt with by the Mathematics Degree Committee (this includes any pre-1987 Computer Laboratory PhD) or by the Engineering Degree Committee (this applies to some early ones in the Digital Technology Group).

Yiwen ChenLyrics generation constrained by tone, melody and imageryProf. S. H. Teufel2019-01-04local PDF
Jose Gilberto Atondo SiuAutomated detection of cryptocurrency investment scams at scaleProf. A. J. Hutchings2020-10-01local PDF
Smita Vijaya KumarScheduling for Reduced Tail Latencies in Highly Utilised DatacentersDr E. Kalyvianaki,
Prof. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy
2019-10-01local PDF
Aida MiralaeiNear-memory processing for low-precision deep neural networksProf. T. M. Jones2017-10-01local PDF
Tong XiaReliable and decentralised deep learning for physiological dataProf. C. Mascolo2020-10-01local PDF
Mariana-Cristina MărășoiuEnd-user programming of visualisationsProf. A. F. Blackwell2015-10-01local PDF
Junwei YangDeep learning-based medical image reconstruction for multi-contrast magnetic resonance imagingProf. P. Lio'2019-10-01local PDF
Nicholas BoucherDeception and defense from machine learning to supply chainsProf. R. J. Anderson2020-10-01TR-994, local PDF
Georgi KaradzhovDEliBots: Deliberation Enhancing BotsProf. A. Vlachos2019-10-01local PDF
Chi Ian TangSelf-supervised learning for data-efficient human activity recognitionProf. C. Mascolo2019-10-01local PDF
Alexander CampbellExploring Neuroimaging-Specific Deep Learning Biases: Uncertainty, Dynamic Graphs, and CommunitiesProf. P. Lio'2017-10-01local PDF
Dimitrije ErdeljanEavesdropping risks of the DisplayPort video interfaceDr M. G. Kuhn2019-10-01local PDF
Tiago Pimentel Martins Da SilvaOn the Optimality of the LexiconProf. S. H. Teufel,
Dr R. D. Cotterell
2019-10-01local PDF
Andrei PaleyesTowards maintainable and explainable AI systems with DataflowProf. N. D. Lawrence2020-01-04local PDF
Yuxiao YeArgument mining with informal textProf. S. H. Teufel2019-10-01local PDF
Ryan KortvelesyGraph Neural Networks for Multi-Agent LearningProf. A. S. Prorok2019-10-01local PDF
Dmitry KazhdanEnhancing Interpretability: The role of concept-based explanations across data typesProf. M. Jamnik,
Prof. P. Lio'
2019-10-01local PDF
Derek SorensenMeta Properties of Financial Smart ContractsProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy,
Prof. S. Keshav
2019-10-01local PDF
Vadim SafronovDecentralised protocol-independent automation in smart buildingsProf. R. M. Mortier2019-10-01local PDF
Daniel HugenrothStrong metadata privacy for mobile devices and applicationsProf. A. R. Beresford2019-10-01local PDF
Chelsea EdmondsFormalising Combinatorial Structures and Proof Techniques in Isabelle/HOLProf. L. C. Paulson2019-10-01local PDF
Yan GaoFederated self-supervised learningProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-01local PDF
Christopher DavisOn the evaluation and application of neural language models for grammatical error detectionProf. P. J. Buttery2017-10-01local PDF
Ramon Viñas TornéLarge-scale inference and imputation for multi-tissue gene expressionProf. P. Lio'2019-10-01local PDF
Josef ValvodaThe Role of Precedent in Computational Models of LawProf. S. H. Teufel2019-10-01local PDF
Param HanjiImproving photometric camera accuracy and image quality in high dynamic range imagingProf. R. K. Mantiuk2019-10-01local PDF
Jack HughesComputational criminology: at-scale quantitative analysis of the evolution of cybercrime forumsProf. A. J. Hutchings2019-10-01local PDF
Allison RandalTransient execution vulnerabilities in the security context of server hardwareProf. R. M. Mortier2018-01-04TR-992, local PDF
Diana VasileSecuring encrypted communicationProf. A. R. Beresford2015-04-10local PDF
Huiyuan XieEvaluating Natural Language Generation Tasks for Grammaticality, Faithfulness and DiversityProf. A. A. Copestake2018-10-01local PDF
Pietro BarbieroDeep concept reasoning: beyond the accuracy-interpretability trade-offProf. P. Lio'2020-10-01local PDF
Felix OpolkaNon-parametric modelling of signals on graphsProf. P. Lio'2019-10-01local PDF
Paul SchererDistributional and relational inductive biases for graph representation learning in biomedicineProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Jamnik
2019-01-04TR-993, local PDF
Daniel BruderElectronic Long-Term Archiving of Complex Textual ArtefactsProf. S. H. Teufel2016-10-01local PDF
Dimitrios LosBalanced allocations under incomplete information: New settings and techniquesDr T. M. Sauerwald2019-10-01TR-989, local PDF
Jin ZhuDeep neural networks for medical image super-resolutionProf. P. Lio'2016-10-01local PDF
Sian GoodingA personalised approach to lexical complexityProf. E. J. Briscoe2019-10-01local PDF
Qingbiao LiGraph Neural Networks for Multi-Robot CoordinationProf. A. S. Prorok2018-10-01
Peter RuggEfficient spatial and temporal safety for microcontrollers and application-class processorsProf. S. W. Moore2018-10-01TR-984, local PDF
Agnieszka SłowikOut-of-distribution generalisation in machine learningDr S. B. Holden,
Prof. M. Jamnik
2019-01-04local PDF
Samuel BellTowards a psychological science of neural network behaviourProf. N. D. Lawrence2018-10-01local PDF
Christine De KockConstructive online disagreementProf. A. Vlachos2019-10-01local PDF
Edgaras LiberisTaming TinyML: deep learning inference at computational extremesProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-01local PDF
Shih-Chun YouSingle-trace template attacks on permutation-based cryptographyDr M. G. Kuhn2018-10-01local PDF
Cristian BodnarTopological Deep Learning: Graphs, Complexes, SheavesProf. P. Lio'2019-10-01local PDF
Emma RocheteauRepresentation Learning for Patients in the Intensive Care UnitProf. P. Lio'2017-10-01local PDF
Sam SteenkampQuotient W-TypesProf. A. M. Pitts2018-10-01local PDF
Adam O' ConghaileGame comonads and beyond: compositional constructions for logic and algorithmsProf. A. Dawar2018-10-01local PDF
Kayvan MemarianThe Cerberus C semanticsProf. P. M. Sewell2011-10-01TR-981, local PDF
Michelle LeeContext-conscious fairness throughout the machine learning lifecycleDr J. Singh2019-10-01local PDF
Akshay JindalMotion quality models for real-time adaptive renderingProf. R. K. Mantiuk2019-01-04TR-977, local PDF
Fangcheng ZhongPath from photorealism to perceptual realismProf. R. K. Mantiuk2018-10-01local PDF
Apinan Hasthanasombat A causal perspective on model robustness: case studies in health and sensor dataProf. C. Mascolo2018-10-01local PDF
Nikhil ChuramaniContinual Learning for Affective RoboticsProf. H. Gunes2018-10-01local PDF
Xuan GuoEfficient Virtual Cache Coherency for Multi-core Systems and AcceleratorsProf. R. D. Mullins2018-10-01TR-979, local PDF
Andrea FerliniExploring the potential of Earables for Personal-Scale SensingProf. C. Mascolo2019-01-04local PDF
Lorena QendroEfficient, robust and uncertainty aware mobile healthProf. C. Mascolo2018-10-01local PDF
Ran ZmigrodA hitchhiker's guide to efficient non-projective dependency parsingProf. T. G. Griffin,
Dr R. D. Cotterell
2019-10-01local PDF
Omer SellaCoding for emerging archival storage mediaProf. A. W. Moore,
Dr N. Zilberman
Alex ChadwickExploiting heterogeneous parallelism in software and hardwareProf. R. D. Mullins2015-10-01local PDF
Joseph IsaacsFurthering Datalog in the pursuit of program analysisProf. T. M. Jones2017-10-01local PDF
Paula CzarnowskaMorphological competence in neural natural language processingProf. A. A. Copestake2017-10-01local PDF
Brett GutsteinMemory safety with CHERI capabilities: security analysis, language interpreters, and heap temporal safetyProf. R. N. Watson2018-10-01TR-975, local PDF
Shyam TailorPractical processing and acceleration of graph neural networksProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-01local PDF
Alexandre RaymondExplanations for Autonomous AgentsProf. A. S. Prorok,
Prof. H. Gunes
2018-10-01local PDF
Benjamin DayMeta-learning representations with relational structureProf. P. Lio'2017-10-01local PDF
Nathanael ArkorMonadic and higher-order structureProf. M. P. Fiore2018-10-01local PDF
Zahra TarkhaniSecure Programming with Dispersed CompartmentsProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2018-01-04local PDF
Yiannos StathopoulosRetrieval of research-level mathematics via joint modelling of text and typesProf. S. H. Teufel2013-10-01local PDF
Hesham AlmataryCHERI Compartmentalisation for Embedded SystemsProf. R. N. Watson2018-04-17TR-976, local PDF
Tiago AzevedoData-driven representations in brain science: Modelling approaches in neuroimaging and gene expression domainsProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Spillantini
2016-10-01TR-973, local PDF
Olesya RazuvayevskayaTowards automatic interpretation of A Fortiori argumentsProf. S. H. Teufel2015-10-01local PDF
Andrej IvaskovicProgramming and static analysis with graded monadsProf. A. Mycroft2018-10-01local PDF
Jacob DeasyRelaxing assumptions in deep probabilistic modelling: Broader statistical assumptions for deep generative models and healthcare dataProf. P. Lio'2018-10-01local PDF
Nandor LickerLow-level cross-language post-linkProf. T. M. Jones2018-10-01local PDF
Pablo Spivakovsky-GonzalezComputational tools for metabolic modeling and gene duplication analysisProf. P. Lio'2015-10-01local PDF
Anita VeroTransparent analysis of multi-modal embeddingsProf. A. A. Copestake2015-10-01TR-970, local PDF
Indigo OrtonDynamic analysis for concurrency optimisationProf. A. Mycroft2019-10-01TR-974, local PDF
Yiren ZhaoSoftware and hardware codesign for efficient neural networksProf. R. D. Mullins2017-10-01local PDF
Kyndylan NienhuisVerified security properties for the capability-enhanced CHERI-MIPS architectureProf. P. M. Sewell2013-10-01local PDF
Danny VagnozziVariations on the theme of higher dimensional Weisfeiler-Leman algorithmsProf. A. Dawar2017-10-01local PDF
Marno Van Der MaasProtecting enclaves from side-channel attacks through physical isolationProf. S. W. Moore2017-10-01TR-980, local PDF
James ThorneEvidence-based verification and correction of textual claimsProf. A. Vlachos2019-01-04TR-968, local PDF
Aaron StockdillAutomating representation change across domains for reasoningProf. M. Jamnik2017-10-01TR-971, local PDF
Dimitrios SpathisMachine learning to model health with multimodal mobile sensor dataProf. C. Mascolo2017-10-01local PDF
Hayk SaribekyanInformation dissemination via random walksDr T. M. Sauerwald2017-10-01TR-964, local PDF
Michael DodsonCapability-based access control for cyber physical systemsProf. A. R. Beresford2018-10-01TR-963, local PDF
Simeon SpasovEncoding parameter and structural efficiency in deep learningProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Spillantini (ClinMed)
2016-10-01local PDF
Kawin WorrasangasilpaFormally verifying the security properties of a proof-of-stake blockchain protocolProf. L. C. Paulson2017-01-05local PDF
Andreas GrammenosFederated Linear Dimensionality ReductionProf. C. Mascolo2016-10-01local PDF
Nicholas TimmonsSoftware-based approximate computing for mathematical functionsProf. A. C. Rice2017-10-01local PDF
Marco Caballero GutierrezRouting algorithms for next-generation MANETs: Why shortest is not the greatestProf. J. A. Crowcroft2016-10-01local PDF
Catalina CangeaExploiting multimodality and structure in world representationsProf. P. Lio'2017-10-01local PDF
Conrad WattMechanising and evolving the formal semantics of WebAssembly: The Web’s new low-level languageProf. P. M. Sewell2016-10-01local PDF
Mansoor AhmedDecentralised computer systemsProf. R. J. Anderson2017-10-01local PDF
Russell MooreSkill embeddings: artificial neural network representations for pedagogical policy developmentProf. P. J. Buttery2016-01-04local PDF
Botty DimanovInterpretable Deep Learning: Beyond Feature-Importance with Concept-based ExplanationsProf. M. Jamnik2016-10-01local PDF
Saad AloteibiA user-centred approach to information retrievalDr S. Clark2009-10-01local PDF
Joseph ZammitCompressive sensing of images and video: towards low-complexity, real-time operationDr I. J. Wassell,
Dr. Ashwin A Seshia (CUED)
2016-10-01local PDF
Ahmed ZaidiThe role of machine learning in personalised instructional sequencing for language learningProf. P. J. Buttery2016-10-01local PDF
Myoung Jin NamInline and Sideline Approaches for Low-cost Memory Safety in CDr D. J. Greaves2005-10-01TR-954, local PDF
Jiexin ZhangHardware and software fingerprinting of mobile devicesProf. A. R. Beresford2017-10-01local PDF
Dionysios ManousakasData Summarizations for Scalable, Robust and Privacy-Aware Learning in High DimensionsProf. C. Mascolo2016-10-01TR-960, local PDF
Kevin HeffernanProblem-solving recognition in scientific textProf. S. H. Teufel2015-10-01local PDF
Leran CaiThe Impact of Randomisation in Load Balancing and Random WalksDr T. M. Sauerwald2016-10-01local PDF
Aliaksei MikhailiukActive sampling, scaling and dataset merging for large-scale image quality assessmentProf. R. K. Mantiuk2017-10-01local PDF
Youmna FaragNeural approaches to discourse coherence: modeling, evaluation and applicationProf. E. J. Briscoe2016-10-01local PDF
Ntombikayise BandaMultimodal Emotion RecognitionProf. P. Robinson2010-10-01local PDF
Duo WangNeural Diagrammatic ReasoningProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Jamnik
2016-10-01local PDF
Lawrence EsswoodCheriOS: A high-performance and completely untrusted single-address-space capability operating systemProf. R. N. Watson2015-10-01TR-961, local PDF
Ayat FekryOptimising data intensive computing with efficient configuration tuningProf. A. C. Rice2016-10-01local PDF
Helen OliverObstacles to wearable computingProf. J. A. Crowcroft2016-10-01TR-966, local PDF
Krittika D'SilvaModeling Urban Venue Dynamics through Spatio-Temporal Metrics and Complex NetworksProf. C. Mascolo2016-10-01local PDF
Ran GuanCrowdsourcing Mobile Data for Indoor PositioningDr R. K. Harle2015-10-01local PDF
Roy SplietA SIMD architecture for hard real-time systemsProf. R. D. Mullins2015-10-01local PDF
Ewa MuszynskaSemantic chunkingProf. A. A. Copestake2015-10-01local PDF
Robert KovacsicsMuch tag-do about nothingProf. S. W. Moore2016-10-01
Alexander Michael VetterlHoneypots in the age of universal attacks and the Internet of ThingsProf. R. J. Anderson2016-10-01TR-944, local PDF
Helena Andres TerreInterpreting deep learning for cell differentiationProf. P. Lio'2015-10-01local PDF
Mohibi HussainAvailability, integrity, and confidentiality for a content-centric internet architectureProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Dr A. Sathiaseelan
2015-10-01local PDF
Philip SavilleCartesian closed bicategories: type theory and coherenceProf. M. P. Fiore2015-10-01local PDF
Dylan McDermottReasoning about effectual programs and evaluation orderProf. A. Mycroft2016-10-01TR-948, local PDF
Alexander RichardsonComplete spatial safety for C and C++ using CHERI capabilitiesProf. R. N. Watson2015-10-01TR-949, local PDF
Peng SunSpeculative vectorization with selective replayProf. T. M. Jones2015-10-01local PDF
Hugo PaquetProbabilistic concurrent game semanticsProf. G. Winskel2015-10-01TR-950
Michael SchaarschmidtEnd-to-end deep reinforcement learning in computer systemsDr E. Yoneki2015-10-01TR-946, local PDF
Jianxin ZhaoOptimization of a modern numerical library, a bottom-up approachProf. J. A. Crowcroft2015-10-01TR-956, local PDF
Giovanna maria DimitriMultilayer network methodologies for brain data analysis and modellingProf. P. Lio'2015-10-01local PDF
Nanyang YeVisibility metrics and their application in visually lossless image compressionProf. R. K. Mantiuk2016-10-01local PDF
Xiao ZhouSpatio-temporal patterns of human mobility from geo-social networks for urban computing: Analysis, models and applicationsProf. C. Mascolo2015-10-01
Alexander KuhnleEvaluating visually grounded language capabilities using microworldsProf. A. A. Copestake2015-10-01TR-942, local PDF
Partha MajiModel-architecture co-design of deep neural networks for embedded systemsProf. R. D. Mullins2016-01-04local PDF
Hongyan XiaCapability memory protection for embedded systemsProf. S. W. Moore2015-10-01TR-955, local PDF
Kris CaoLearning meaning representations for text generation with deep generative modelsProf. A. Vlachos,
Dr S. Clark
2014-10-01local PDF
Gregory WilsenachSymmetric circuits and model-theoretic logicsProf. A. Dawar2014-10-01
Jean MaillardMachine learning methods for vector-based compositional semanticsDr S. Clark2014-10-01
Petar VelickovicThe resurgence of structure in deep neural networksProf. P. Lio'2016-01-04local PDF
Christopher BryantAutomatic annotation of error types for grammatical error correctionProf. E. J. Briscoe2015-10-01TR-938, local PDF
Matthew DaggittAn algebraic perspective on the convergence of vector-based routing protocolsProf. T. G. Griffin2015-10-01local PDF
Diana Andreea PopescuLatency-driven performance in data centresProf. A. W. Moore2014-04-17TR-937
Stephan KollmannPrivacy-preserving decentralised collaborative applicationsProf. A. R. Beresford2014-10-01local PDF
Ian OrtonCubical models of homotopy type theoryProf. A. M. Pitts2015-10-01
Christopher PulteThe semantics of multicopy atomic ARMv8 and RISC-VProf. P. M. Sewell2014-10-01local PDF
Heidi HowardDistributed consensus revisedProf. J. A. Crowcroft2014-10-01TR-935
David TurnerParallelisation of greedy algorithms for compressive sensing reconstructionDr I. J. Wassell2013-10-01TR-751, local PDF
Christian O'ConnellExploiting quasiperiodic electromagnetic radiation using software-defined radioDr M. G. Kuhn2014-10-01local PDF
Ivo TimoteoLearning dynamic systems as networks of stochastic differential equationsDr S. B. Holden2012-10-01
Guy EmersonFunctional distributional semantics: Learning linguistically informed representations from a precisely annotated corpusProf. A. A. Copestake2014-10-01local PDF
Maxwell ConwayMachine learning methods for detecting structure in metabolic flow networksProf. P. Lio'2014-10-01TR-945, local PDF
Khaled BaqerResilient payment systemsProf. R. J. Anderson2014-10-01TR-929, local PDF
Yang LiuApplication of prior information to discriminative feature learningDr I. J. Wassell2014-10-01local PDF
Menglin XiaText readability and summarisation for non-native reading comprehensionProf. E. J. Briscoe2014-10-01
Meng ZhangModelling text meta-properties in automated text scoring for non-native English writingProf. E. J. Briscoe2014-10-01
Guo YuEffects of timing on users' perceived control when interacting with intelligent systemsProf. A. F. Blackwell,
Dr Ian Cross
2014-10-01TR-939, local PDF
Ilias MarinosNetwork and storage stack specialisation for performanceProf. R. N. Watson,
Kyle Nesbit (Google mentor)
2012-10-01local PDF
Alessandro MontanariDevising and evaluating wearable technology for social dynamics monitoringProf. C. Mascolo2014-10-01local PDF
Hui XiaoNetwork-based approaches for multi-omic data integrationProf. P. Lio',
Prof. Anne Ferguson-Smith, MoleBio
Syed Zafar Ul Hussan GilaniUnderstanding the behaviour and influence of automated social agentsProf. J. A. Crowcroft2014-10-01local PDF
Sam AinsworthPrefetching for complex memory access patternsProf. T. M. Jones2014-10-01TR-923, local PDF
Yimai FangProposition-based summarization with coherence-driven incremental modelProf. S. H. Teufel2013-10-01
Thomas BrouwerBayesian matrix factorisation: inference, priors, and data integrationProf. P. Lio'2014-10-01local PDF
Isak HermanPublic engagement technology for bioacoustic citizen scienceProf. A. F. Blackwell2013-10-01local PDF
Colin RothwellProtection from malicious peripheralsProf. S. W. Moore2013-10-01
Wenda LiTowards justifying computer algorithms in Isabelle/HOLProf. L. C. Paulson2013-10-01local PDF
Alexandre JoannouHigh-performance memory safety optimizing the CHERI capability machineProf. S. W. Moore2013-10-01TR-936
Simon BakerSemantic text classification for cancer text miningDr A. L. Korhonen2013-10-01
Jean Pichon-PharabodA no-thin-air memory model for programming languagesProf. P. M. Sewell2013-10-01
Ionel GogFlexible and efficient computation in large data centresProf. R. N. Watson,
Prof. I. M. Leslie
2012-10-01local PDF
Wenduan XuStructured learning with inexact search: Advances in shift-reduce CCG parsingDr S. Clark2012-01-05local PDF
Gregory TsipenyukEvaluation of decentralized email architecture and social network analysis based on email attachment sharingProf. J. A. Crowcroft2013-10-01TR-918, local PDF
Pengming WangDescriptive complexity of constraint problemsProf. A. Dawar2013-10-01
Ruoyu ZhouGuided automatic binary parallelisationProf. T. M. Jones,
Dr R. D. Mullins
Ziqiang FengPower control and resource allocation for QoS-constrained wireless networksDr I. J. Wassell2013-10-01local PDF
Jyothish SomanA peformance efficient and practical processor error recovery frameworkProf. T. M. Jones,
Prof. S. W. Moore
2014-01-06TR-931, local PDF
Erroll WoodGaze estimation with graphicsProf. P. Robinson2013-10-01local PDF
Sandro BauerContent selection for timeline generation from single history articlesProf. S. H. Teufel,
Dr S. Clark
Matic HorvatHierarchical statistical semantic translation and realizationProf. A. A. Copestake,
Prof. W. J. Byrne, CUED
2013-10-01TR-913, local PDF
Petko GeorgievHeterogeneous resource mobile sensing: computational offloading, scheduling and algorithm optimisationProf. C. Mascolo2013-10-01local PDF
Advait SarkarInteractive analytical modellingProf. A. F. Blackwell,
Prof. M. Jamnik
2013-10-01TR-920, local PDF
Matthew GrosvenorLatency-first datacenter network schedulingProf. A. W. Moore2012-01-05TR-943
Sheharbano KhattakCharacterization of Internet censorship from multiple perspectivesProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Dr S. J. Murdoch
2013-10-01TR-897, local PDF
Stephen DolanAlgebraic subtypingProf. A. Mycroft2012-10-01local PDF
Valentin DalibardA framework to build bespoke auto-tuners with structured Bayesian optimisationDr E. Yoneki,
Prof. J. A. Crowcroft
2012-10-01TR-900, local PDF
Andre Ribeiro'When Google search helps unemployment' and other cases for a theory of everday mediaDr E. Yoneki,
Dr S. H. Teufel
Zheng YuanGrammatical error correction in non-native EnglishProf. E. J. Briscoe2013-10-01TR-904
Desislava HristovaA multilayer approach to geo-social networks: models, metrics and applicationsProf. C. Mascolo2013-04-17local PDF
Annalisa OcchipintiComputational models of cancer for survival predictionProf. P. Lio'2013-10-01
Chao GaoSignal maps for smartphone localisationDr R. K. Harle2013-10-01TR-901, local PDF
Raphael ProustASAP: As Static As Possible memory managementProf. A. Mycroft2012-10-01TR-908, local PDF
Jingjing ShenTrimmed NURBS to untrimmed subdivision: conversion for watertight representationsProf. P. Robinson,
Dr J. Kosinka
Douwe KielaDeep embodiment: Grounding semantics in perceptual modalitiesDr S. Clark2012-10-01TR-899, local PDF
Felix HillRepresenting linguistic meaning in distributed memories from words to sentences and beyondDr A. L. Korhonen2012-10-01
Tomas PetricekContext-aware programming languagesProf. A. Mycroft,
Dr Don Syme
2011-01-05TR-906, local PDF
Dongting YuAccess control for network managementProf. R. J. Anderson2010-10-01TR-898
Muhammad Umar JanjuaStatic Program Correction Analysis and TransformationsProf. A. Mycroft,
Flora Ponjou Tasse3D Shape RetrievalProf. P. Robinson2012-10-01
Lucian CarataProvenance-based computingProf Sir A. Hopper,
Dr R. S. Sohan
2011-10-01TR-930, local PDF
Naruemon (Ploy) PratanwanichProbabilistic latent variable modelling for integrated biological dataProf. P. Lio'2012-10-01local PDF
Xin DingOn enhancing compressive sensing for multidimensional signals: causal and batch approachesDr I. J. Wassell2012-04-17
Mariano FeliceArtificial error generation for translation-based grammatical error correctionProf. E. J. Briscoe2013-01-04TR-895, local PDF
Kumar SharadLearning to de-anonymize social networksProf. R. J. Anderson,
Dr S. J. Murdoch
Jannis BulianParameterized complexity of distances to sparse graph classesProf. A. Dawar2012-10-01TR-903, local PDF
Laurent SimonExploring new attack vectors for the exploitation of smartphonesProf. R. J. Anderson2012-04-17TR-909
Thomas PasquierTowards practical information flow control and auditProf. J. M. Bacon2012-10-01TR-893, local PDF
Yu WangStructured sparsity learning - taming the penalty under structureDr I. J. Wassell2012-01-05local PDF
James SneeOperating system support for in-program instrumentation Operating system support for in-program instrumentationProf. A. C. Rice,
Dr R. S. Sohan
Marco Ferreira Devesas Campos Mendler induction and classical logicProf. M. P. Fiore2011-10-01local PDF
Oliver ChickForgoing hypervisor fidelity for measuring virtual machine performanceProf. A. C. Rice,
Dr R. S. Sohan
Andra AdamsAutomated inference of complex emotions from facial expressions and head gesturesProf. P. Robinson2010-10-01
Malte SchwarzkopfOperating system support for warehouse-scale computingProf. I. M. Leslie,
2009-10-01local PDF
Yoli ShavitAlgorithms for reconstructing the 3D genome architectureProf. P. Lio'2012-10-01local PDF
Daniel ThomasSecurity metrics for computer systemsProf. A. R. Beresford2012-10-01
William SonnexFixed-point promotion: taking the induction out of automated inductionProf. L. C. Paulson2011-10-01TR-905
Niall MurphyDiscovering and exploiting parallelism in DOACROSS loopsProf. R. D. Mullins2011-10-01TR-882, local PDF
Gareth BaileyIn situ gait analysis during steady state running using foot mounted sensorsDr R. K. Harle2011-10-01
Robert NortonHardware support for compartmentalisationProf. S. W. Moore2011-10-01TR-887
Raoul-Gabriel UrmaProgramming language evolutionProf. A. Mycroft2011-10-01TR-902
Zongyan HuangMachine learning and algebraProf. L. C. Paulson2011-10-01TR-884, local PDF
Ramana KumarA Verified Implementation of MLProf. M. J. C. Gordon,
Dr M. O. Myreen
2011-10-01TR-879, local PDF
Alistair SteadUsing multiple representations to develop notational expertise in programmingProf. A. F. Blackwell2011-10-01TR-890
Joonwoong KimAnonymous communication in DTNProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Theodosia TogiaThe language of collaborative taggingProf. A. A. Copestake2011-10-01TR-875, local PDF
Alexander KatovskyGames as Factorization SystemsProf. G. Winskel2010-10-01
Tobias MoncasterOptimising the data centre operation by reducing transport latencyProf. J. A. Crowcroft2011-10-01TR-921, local PDF
Andrius AucinasDesign of energy-efficient mobile communications protocolsProf. J. A. Crowcroft2011-10-01local PDF
Claudio AngioneComputational methods for multi-omic models of cell metabolism and their importance for theoretical computer scienceProf. P. Lio'2011-10-01
Vaiva ImbrasaiteContinuous dimensional emotion tracking in musicProf. P. Robinson2011-10-01
Marwa MahmoudAnalysis of hand-over-face gestures in natural expressionsProf. P. Robinson2010-10-01
Lech SwirskiGaze estimation on glasses-based stereoscopic displaysProf. N. A. Dodgson2010-10-01local PDF
Ekaterina KochmarError detection in content word combinationsProf. E. J. Briscoe2011-10-01TR-886, local PDF
Mohammad Ali MoniClinical bioinformatics and computational modelling for diseas comorbidities diagnosisProf. P. Lio'2011-05-05
Rubin XuImproving application trustworthiness on stock AndroidProf. R. J. Anderson2010-10-01
Steven MarshEfficient programming models for neurocomputationProf. S. W. Moore2010-10-01local PDF
William DenmanAutomated verification of continuous and hybrid dynamical systemsProf. L. C. Paulson2010-10-01TR-910, local PDF
Peter CalvertArchitecture-neutral parallelism via the Join CalculusProf. A. Mycroft2010-10-01TR-871, local PDF
Zhen BaiAugmented reality interfaces for symbolic play in early childhoodProf. A. F. Blackwell2010-10-01TR-874
Andreas KoltesReconfigurable memory systems for embedded microprocessorsProf. R. D. Mullins2010-10-01local PDF
Omar-Salim ChoudaryEfficient multivariate statistical techniques for extracting secrets from electronic devicesDr M. G. Kuhn2010-10-01TR-878, local PDF
Mark BattyThe C11 and C++11 Concurrency ModelProf. P. M. Sewell,
Henrik LiengSurface modelling for 2D imageryProf. N. A. Dodgson,
Jiri Kosinka
2011-10-01TR-862, local PDF
Charalampos RotsosScalable Software Defined NetworkingProf. A. W. Moore2009-04-10
Chloe BrownThe role of space in social groups: Analysis and technological applicationsProf. C. Mascolo2011-10-01local PDF
Janina VoigtAliasing contracts: a unifying approach to object-oriented alias protectionProf. A. Mycroft2011-10-01TR-880
Steffen LoeschProgram equivalence in function metaprogramming via nominal Scott domainsProf. G. Winskel2010-10-01TR-860
Steven HerbertWireless communications in vehiclesDr I. J. Wassell2010-10-01local PDF
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Jonathan WoodruffCHERI: A RISC capability machine for practical memory safetyProf. S. W. Moore2010-10-01TR-858
Agata Brajdić Infrastructure-free indoor pedestrian localisation with smartphonesDr R. K. Harle,
Prof. J. M. Bacon
Syed Ali Mustafa ZaidiAccelerating Control-Flow Intensive Code in Spatial HardwareDr D. J. Greaves2009-10-01TR-870
Christopher SmowtonI/O optimisation and elimination via partial evaluation I/O optimisation and elimination via partial evaluationProf. A. Mycroft,
Prof. A. W. Moore
Matej UrbasMechanising heterogeneous reasoning in theorem proversProf. M. Jamnik2009-10-01local PDF
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Prof. E. J. Briscoe
2009-10-01local PDF
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Prof. A. Mycroft
Matko BotincanFormal verification- driven parallelisation synthesisProf. M. J. C. Gordon2009-10-01TR-917, local PDF
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Dr S. Clark
Tadas BaltrusaitisAutomatic facial expression analysisProf. P. Robinson2009-10-01TR-861, local PDF
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James Gregory JardineAutomatically Generating Reading ListsProf. S. H. Teufel,
2009-10-01TR-848, local PDF
Jisun AnMulti-faceted analysis of news sharing in social networking sitesProf. J. A. Crowcroft2010-01-05
Wei Ming KhooDecompilation as searchProf. R. J. Anderson2009-10-01TR-844
Daniel BatesExploiting tightly-coupled coresProf. R. D. Mullins2009-10-01TR-846, local PDF
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Narseo Vallina-RodriguezThe hidden costs of mobile applications: A cross-layer analysis of energy and spectrum waste of mobile applicationsProf. J. A. Crowcroft2009-01-05
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Marek ReiMinimally supervised dependency-based methods for natural language processingProf. E. J. Briscoe,
John WickersonConcurrent verification for sequential programsProf. G. Winskel2008-10-01TR-834
Maximilian BolingbrokeSupercompilation for call-by-need languagesProf. A. Mycroft,
2008-10-01TR-835, local PDF
Kiran RachuriSmartphones based Social Sensing: Adaptive Sampling, Sensing and Computation OffloadingProf. C. Mascolo2009-10-01
Ching-Yun ChangTransformations for linguistic steganographyDr S. Clark2009-10-01local PDF
Paul James FoxMassively parallel neural computationProf. S. W. Moore2009-04-10TR-830, local PDF
Leo WhiteExtending old languages for the new architecturesProf. A. Mycroft,
Derek McAuley
2008-10-01local PDF
Christopher Thompson-WalshSemantics and extension of a biological modelling languageProf. G. Winskel2008-10-01
Yuedong SongElectroencephalogram machine learning to assist diagnosis and treatment of epilepsyProf. P. Lio'2008-10-01local PDF
Soren PreibuschPrivacy choices online: preferences, incentives and enforcementProf. A. R. Beresford2008-10-01local PDF
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Benjamin RobertsLanguage semantics for secure information flow analysisDr S. Staton2008-10-01
Wei ChenCompressive sensing for wireless sensor networksDr I. J. Wassell,
2009-10-01local PDF
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Lin SunAutomatic induction of verb classes using clusteringDr A. L. Korhonen2008-10-01local PDF
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Meredydd LuffCommunication for programmability and performance on multi-core processorsProf. S. W. Moore,
2009-01-05TR-831, local PDF
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Robin MessageProgramming for humans- a new paradigm for domain-specific languagesProf. A. Mycroft2007-10-01TR-843
Syed HaiderComputational systems biology-based feature selection for cancer prognosisProf. P. Lio'2009-01-05
Eric KoskinenTemporal verification of programsProf. M. J. C. Gordon,
Byron Cook
John TangTemporal network metrics and their application to real world networksProf. C. Mascolo2008-10-01
Shailendra FuloriaRobust security for the electricity networkProf. R. J. Anderson2009-01-05
Hyoungshick KimComplex network analysis for secure and robust communicationsProf. R. J. Anderson2008-10-01
Stephan KitchovitchComputational modelling and analysis of seasonal influenza transmission and evolutionProf. P. Lio'2008-10-01
Christian RichardtColour videos with depth acquisition, processing and evaluationProf. N. A. Dodgson2007-10-01TR-815
Simon FothergillAutomatic assessment of kinaesthetic performance applied to rowingProf Sir A. Hopper2005-10-01
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Sherif AkoushExploiting surplus renewable energy in datacentre computingProf Sir A. Hopper,
Dr R. S. Sohan
2007-10-01local PDF
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Vilius NaudziunasDesign and implementation of a language for path algebrasProf. T. G. Griffin2008-10-01
Ruoshui LiuPlanning and deployment of wireless sensor networksDr I. J. Wassell2007-10-01
Arno PaulyComputable metamathematics and its applications to game theoryProf. A. Dawar2008-10-01local PDF
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Pedro BrandaoAbstracting information on body area networksProf. J. M. Bacon2007-04-17TR-812
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Anilkumar SorathiyaComputational modelling approaches to HIV-1 dynamicsProf. P. Lio'2007-10-01
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Silvia BreuMining and tracking in evolving softwareProf. A. Mycroft2006-04-17TR-838, local PDF
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Amitabha RoySoftware lock elision for x86 machine codeDr S. M. Hand,
Dr T. L. Harris
2007-10-01TR-801, local PDF
Johanna GeissLatent semantic sentence clustering for multi-document summarizationProf. S. H. Teufel2007-04-17TR-802, local PDF
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Laurel RiekExpression synthesis on robotsProf. P. Robinson2007-10-01local PDF
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Simon HayA model personal energy meterProf Sir A. Hopper2007-10-01TR-805, local PDF
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Julien QuintardTowards a worldwide storage infrastructureProf. J. M. Bacon2007-10-01
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John MillerDistributed virtual environment scalability and securityProf. J. A. Crowcroft2006-10-01TR-809
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2006-10-01TR-845, local PDF
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Bogdan RomanScalable Cross-Layer Wireless Medium Access ControlDr I. J. Wassell,
Prof. F. M. Stajano
Yuguo HeHierarchies in first-order logic and parameterized complexityProf. A. Dawar,
2006-10-01local PDF
Bjarki HolmDescriptive complexity of linear algebraProf. A. Dawar,
2006-10-01local PDF
James SrinivasanImproving cache utilisationProf. S. W. Moore,
2003-01-05TR-800, local PDF
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James BridgeMachine learning and automated theorem provingProf. L. C. Paulson2006-10-01TR-792, local PDF
Oliver WoodmanPedestrian localisation for indoor environmentsProf Sir A. Hopper2006-10-01local PDF
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Aurelie HerbelotUnspecified quantificationProf. A. A. Copestake,
Prof. S. H. Teufel
2006-10-01TR-795, local PDF
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Prof. Martin Hyland
2007-10-01local PDF
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Richard Van der WathComputational modelling of hematopoietic stem cell division and regulation dynamicsProf. P. Lio'2005-10-01
Daniel O'KeeffeDistributed complex event detection for pervasive computingProf. J. M. Bacon2003-10-01TR-783
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Dr S. B. Holden
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Byron Cook
Anthony HylickManaging energy consumption of hard disk drives by optimizing system interactionProf Sir A. Hopper,
Dr R. S. Sohan
2005-10-01local PDF
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Saar DrimerSecurity for volatile FPGAsDr M. G. Kuhn2005-10-01TR-763
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Aaron CobleAnonymity, information and machine-assisted proofProf. L. C. Paulson2005-10-01TR-785, local PDF
Julian SmithTowards robust inexact geometric computationProf. N. A. Dodgson2003-10-01TR-766, local PDF
Ranald CloustonEquational logic for names and bindersProf. A. M. Pitts2005-10-01local PDF
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Alexander GurneyConstruction and verification of routing algebrasProf. T. G. Griffin,
2005-10-01local PDF
Rok StrnisaFormalising, improving, and reusing the Java module systemProf. P. M. Sewell2005-10-01
Min LinChannel modelling for wireless sensor networksDr I. J. Wassell2004-10-01
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Grzegorz MilosEfficient and effective sharing of memory in virtual machine monitorsDr S. M. Hand2005-10-01
Luis VargasIntegrating databases and Publish/SubscribeProf. J. M. Bacon2004-10-01
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Rosemary FrancisNetworks for Field Programmable Gate ArraysProf. S. W. Moore,
Jonathan HaymanPetri net semanticsProf. G. Winskel2004-10-01TR-782
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David CottinghamVehicular wireless communicationProf Sir A. Hopper2004-10-01TR-741
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Evangelia KalyvianakiResource provisioning for virtualized server applicationsDr S. M. Hand,
Dr T. L. Harris
Na XuStatic contract checking for HaskellProf. A. Mycroft2004-10-01TR-737
Diarmuid Ó SéaghdhaLearning compound noun semanticsProf. A. A. Copestake2004-10-01TR-735
Salman TaherianState-based Publish/Subscribe for Sensor SystemsProf. J. M. Bacon2003-10-01TR-739
Shishir NagarajaRobust covert network topologiesProf. R. J. Anderson2003-10-01local PDF
Tomasz MacuraAutomating the quantitative analysis of micoscopy imagesDr J. K. M. Moody2004-10-01local PDF
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Anna RitchieCitation context analysis for information retrievalProf. S. H. Teufel,
Steve Robinson
James ReynoldsAn automatic proof-generating translation from high-order to first-order logic (with applications to linking HOL4 and ACL2)Prof. M. J. C. Gordon,
2004-10-01local PDF
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2003-10-01TR-752, local PDF
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Dr T. G. Griffin
2002-10-01local PDF
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2004-10-01local PDF
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Dr T. L. Harris
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Mbou Eyole-MononoEnergy-efficient sentient computingProf Sir A. Hopper,
Rob Harle
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Lauri PesonenA capability-based access control architecture for multi-domain publish/subscribe systemsProf. J. M. Bacon,
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Prof. S. H. Teufel
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Rebecca WatsonOptimising the speed and accuracy of a Statistical GLR ParserProf. E. J. Briscoe2004-10-01TR-743
Michael ComptonFormal verification of process algebra systemsProf. L. C. Paulson,
Prof. M. J. C. Gordon
2002-10-01local PDF
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2002-10-01TR-706, local PDF
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Pan HuiPeople are the network: Experimental design and evaluation of social based forwarding algorithmsProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
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Simon HollisPulse-based, on-chip interconnectProf. S. W. Moore,
Ian CaulfieldComplexity-effective superscalar embedded processors using instruction-level distributed processingProf. S. W. Moore,
Alan LawrenceOptimizing compilation with the value state dependence graphProf. A. Mycroft,
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Doug SantryA cluster storage system for modern virtual machinesDr I. A. Pratt,
Dr S. M. Hand
Richard SouthernAnimation manifolds for representing topological alterationProf. N. A. Dodgson,
Prof. P. Robinson
Jacques FournierVector microprocessors for cryptographyProf. S. W. Moore,
Lucy Brace-EvansEvent structures with persistenceProf. G. Winskel,
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Alisdair Stuart WrenRelationships for object-oriented programming languagesProf. A. M. Pitts,
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Prof. A. F. Blackwell
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Timothy MoretonA wide-area file system for migrating virtual machinesDr I. A. Pratt,
Dr T. L. Harris
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2001-01-05local PDF
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Manuel CostaEnd-to-end containment of Internet worm epidemicsProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Miguel Castro
Russ RossCluster storage for commodity computationDr I. A. Pratt,
Dr S. M. Hand
2003-04-10TR-690, local PDF
Christopher PurcellScaling mount concurrency: scalability and progress in concurrent algorithmsK. A. Fraser,
Dr S. M. Hand
Samuel StatonName-passing process calculi: operational models and structural operational semanticsProf. M. P. Fiore,
Alexander HoUnderstanding systems with virtual machinesDr S. M. Hand,
2002-10-01local PDF
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Eng Keong LuaMassive scale collaborative grid environments through P2PProf. T. G. Griffin,
Prof. J.A. Crowcroft
Christian KreibichStructural traffic analysis for network security monitoringProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Andrew TwiggCompact forbidden-set routingDr J. K. M. Moody,
2002-10-01TR-678, local PDF
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Gareth StoyleA theory of dynamic software updatesProf. P. M. Sewell,
2001-10-01local PDF
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Maja VukovicContext aware service compositionProf. P. Robinson,
Stephen RymillPsychologically-based simulation of human behaviourProf. N. A. Dodgson,
2002-10-01TR-717, local PDF
Paula ButteryComputational models for first language acquisitionProf. E. J. Briscoe,
Prof. A. A. Copestake
Tolga UzunerEffective network complexityProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Eben UptonCompiling with data dependence graphsDr M. Richards,
2001-10-01local PDF
Hui-Yun LiSecurity evaluation at design time for cryptographic hardwareProf. S. W. Moore2003-01-05TR-665
Andrew WarfieldVirtual devices for virtual machinesDr S. M. Hand,
2002-10-01local PDF
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Dr T. L. Harris
Meng How LimLandmark guided forwardingProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Julian ChesterfieldJoint source-channel UEP coding for multimedia streaming in the wireless wide area network environmentProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Piotr ZielinskiMinimizing latency of agreement protocolsDr M. G. Kuhn,
Karl JeacleTCP-XMProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Richard ClaytonAnonymity and traceability in cyberspaceProf. R. J. Anderson,
2000-10-01TR-653, local PDF
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Dr S. M. Hand
2002-10-01local PDF
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Moritz BeckerCASSANDRA: flexible trust management and its application to electronic health recordsProf. P. M. Sewell,
Judita PreissProbabilistic word sense disambiguationProf. E. J. Briscoe,
Prof. A. A. Copestake
Marco Palomino-ZunigaDistributed creation and maintenance of web content indicesDr J. K. M. Moody,
Jia MengThe integration of higher order interactive proof with first order automatic theorem provingProf. L. C. Paulson,
Prof. M. J. C. Gordon
Mohamed HassanMultiresolution in geometric modelling: subdivision mark points and ternary subdivisonProf. N. A. Dodgson,
2000-10-01local PDF
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Nathan DimmockUsing trust and risk for access control in global computingProf. J. M. Bacon,
Rana El-KalioubyMind-reading machines: automated inference of complex mental statesProf. P. Robinson,
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Hyun Jin ChoiSecurity protocol design by compositionProf. L. C. Paulson,
Prof. S. W. Moore
Christopher TownOntology based visual information processingProf. J. G. Daugman2001-10-01local PDF
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Mark ShinwellThe fresh approach: functional programming with names and bindersProf. A. M. Pitts,
Prof. M. J. C. Gordon
2001-01-05TR-618, local PDF
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David EyersActive privilege management for distributed access control systemsDr J. K. M. Moody,
James Roy BulpinOperating system support for simultaneous multithreaded processorsDr I. A. Pratt,
Dr T. L. Harris
Scott FairbanksHigh precision timing using self-timed circuitsProf. S. W. Moore,
Sergei SkorobogatovSemi-invasive attacks - a new approach to hardware security analysisProf. R. J. Anderson,
Prof. S. W. Moore
Arasnath KimisGeneric event services middlewareProf. J. M. Bacon1999-10-01
Nicholas NethercoteDynamic binary analysis and instrumentation or building tools is easyProf. A. Mycroft,
Dr T. L. Harris
Roongroj NopsuwanchaiDiscriminative training methods and their applications to handwriting recognitionProf. N. A. Dodgson,
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