Computer Laboratory

Meeting and teaching rooms

Lecture theatres, seminar and meeting rooms with a "bookings" link must be booked in advance via reception staff. Please refer to the Policy Statement. Click on the room number to see the location (and content) of each room.

Reception will record the meeting-room bookings in a Google calendar for the respective room (see the "bookings" links below). Note that these are public calendars, therefore the booking entries should avoid sensitive information. The name of the person who made the booking is usually sufficient; the entry does not require any information about the attendees or the purpose of a private meeting.

Public access (outside access-control zone)

Lecture theatres
LT1 264 fixed seats, lecture tables, PC, 2 data projectors(VGA), 2 visualizers, loudspeakers, OHP bookings
LT2 125 fixed seats, lecture tables, PC, 2 data projectors(VGA), 2 visualizers, loudspeakers, OHP bookings
Seminar rooms
FW11 35 chairs, table circle, data projector(VGA), whiteboards, 90 m² ☎63761 bookings
FW09 14 chairs, long table, data projector(VGA), TV, OHP, 34 m² ☎63762 bookings
FW26 70 chairs in rows, data projector(VGA), whiteboards, OHP, 86 m² ☎63763 bookings
SW01 36 chairs in rows with tables, data projector(VGA), PC, whiteboard, 64 m² bookings
Meeting rooms
GW01 information and relaxation area for students, football table bookings
SW00 11 chairs, table, display (VGA, HDMI) bookings
Supervision rooms (4–6 people)
FW04 4 chairs, round table, whiteboard bookings
FW05 4 chairs, round table, whiteboard bookings
FW07 4 chairs, round table, whiteboard bookings
FW08 6 chairs, round table, half-circle table, whiteboard bookings
FW19 4 chairs, round table, whiteboard bookings
FW22 8 chairs, two round tables, whiteboard bookings
Other facilities
“Street” maximum 563 standing places, 399 m² ☎63700 bookings
Courtyard 200 standing places
Café 80 chairs, maximum 296 standing places, 140 m²

Student access

Computer rooms
SW02 MPhil PCs, 134 m² bookings
SW11 “Intel Lab”, MCS Windows+Linux PCs, 380 m² bookings
Other facilities
SW12 Front balcony, several benches

Staff/researcher access

Seminar rooms
SS03 26 chairs in rows, 8 chairs surrounding small table, PC, data projector(VGA), visualizer, 38 m² bookings
Meeting rooms
GC22 12 chairs, oval table, whiteboard, display (VGA, HDMI) ☎63499 bookings
GS15 12 chairs, oval table, display, whiteboard, table-top data projector (VGA) bookings
FC22 10 chairs, oval table, display (VGA, HDMI) ☎63676 bookings
SC04 12 chairs, oval table, display (VGA, HDMI), 19 m² bookings
Other facilities
SC01 Video conferencing phone, display (VGA, HDMI), 6 chairs, 24 m² bookings
FN05 System Research Group meeting room
SN08 Digital Technology Group meeting room
SS09 HCI laboratory bookings
FW28 Observation suite

Fire-safety occupancy limits: 1.5 m² floor space per seated person, 0.5 m² per standing person, not more than 50 people per exit. Contact building-services if you need substantial changes to the furniture for an event.

Computers: Lecture-theatre PCs require a Computer Laboratory account to log on and have then full access to the filer.