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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Library resources


Library resources

This page provides access to lists of technical reports, many of which are freely available, in the field of computer science from universities and research departments around the world. Please note that the department's own Technical Report series has its own page with catalogues and submission information. Also of interest may be a growing number of open access repositories of preprints and published research papers.

Open-access repositories

The Directory of Open Access Repositories is a listing of such collections from around the world. If you are trying to find recent papers in journals which we do not hold locally it may be worth checking to see if a version of the paper has been made available in the relevant institution's repository.
CEUR Workshop proceedings
A growing repository promoting free, online distribution of scientific workshop proceedings. There are a growing number of proceedings here which may be worth a look.
Dagstuhl Research Online Publication Server (DROPS)
An online archive of the proceedings of seminars, principally held at Dagstuhl.

Technical-report collections