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Department of Computer Science and Technology



Shopping and leisure


The nearest shops and banks are

  • on the corner of Histon road and Windsor Road (route 2.3 km): Aldi and Iceland supermarket, coop grocery shop, cashpoint
  • on the corner of Histon Road and Victoria Road (route, 2.3 km): Nasreen Dar grocery shop (open most days of the year until 20:00).
  • on the junction of Milton Road and Chesterton Road, commonly known as Mitcham's Corner (route, 2.7 km): Barklays and Lloyds bank branches, cashpoints, chemist, coop grocery shop – open until 23:00, news agent, butcher, bakery, bike shops, take aways, restaurants

The nearest larger stores are in the centre of Cambridge (route, 2.6 km), the Grafton Centre, and on the Newmarket Road retail park. (See also electronics suppliers for local electronics-component and tools shops.)

Students who have problems setting up bank accounts or organising credit cards, should either see their tutor or request help from their college.

Leisure facilities


Because the West Cambridge complex is a relatively new development, there are not a lot of leisure facilities available on-site.

However, there are a few activities available to students and staff:

Common room

common room

The Common Room is located on the first floor in room FC24. It is available for use by all members of the department, staff and students, for breaks and general socialising and is a good place to meet other people from different research groups.

There is an adjacent kitchen in room FC25 which has a microwave and hot drinks vending machine.

The weekly Happy Hour is held here on Friday afternoons.

Newspapers and magazines are available in the common room, as are a few board games, such as chess, draughts, backgammon and the Chinese game Go (Othello).

There is a cupboard containing books which are available on a “Bring and Borrow” basis. There is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction titles, including “talking books” (please ensure you return all cassettes or CDs).

Reading room

Besides the library, a quiet common room (for reading draft papers, etc.) is SS28 at the opposite corner of the building.

Student hang-out area

student hang out area

The student hang-out area is located at the opposite end of the The Street to the Café, near the main entrance and Reception.
This is an area for students to chat and relax with beanbags and a table football game.

Recreational equipment

A couple of volleyballs and a volleyball net are available for use by students at the Lab. See Fitness in the Department ...

You are, of course, welcome to bring your own equipment (football, tennis equipment, etc) to use on the site.

grass by bike racks grass by cafe

We do ask that you restrict the playing of volleyball, football, etc to the grass adjacent to the café and the bikeracks.

The Coton cyclepath

The Coton cyclepath is popular for recreational cycling or walking. The path begins in the city centre, passing along the back of the West Cambridge site, before crossing the M11 motorway and terminating at the village recreation ground (football, cricket and bowls clubs play here). On the roads and gardens around Coton it is often possible to see Muntjac deer, along with other wildlife and birds.