Computer Laboratory

Internal documentation for local users

This page contains various information for current members of the Computer Laboratory.

Arrivals and Departures


The William Gates Building


  • General policy statements – Documents on Laboratory policies on intellectual property, safety, computers and their use, financial procedures, social behaviour, etc.
  • Web page policy – The Computer Laboratory's basic policies on the content of its web site.

Teaching Information

  • Teaching Handbook – The reference handbook for teaching and examinations in the Computer Laboratory.
  • Sabbatical Leave – information on the policy and the application procedure plus a link to the application form CHRIS/67.


Personnel administration

Information on promotion, short leave, notification of absence, recruitment, etc.

Other documents



User-editable internal knowledge collections:


  • Research Students – Administrative information, policy statements and guides for research students and their supervisors.
  • Administrative databases – SQL Server tables of users, visitors, phones, etc.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Who does what within the Computer Laboratory.
  • The History of the Computer Laboratory – A short history of the Computer Laboratory. Includes details of the collection of artifacts of historical interest stored within the Laboratory, and of EDSAC99, a conference held in April 1999 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the EDSAC I computer.