Computer Laboratory

Computer Science Degree Committee

The Degree Committee oversees the approval of students as Graduate Students and the supervision of their work, the award of degrees, diplomas, and certificates in respect of graduate study or contributions to learning, and other cognate matters.


The membership of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology is that of Faculty of Computer Science and Technology with the exception of members in class (f). The Committee may co-opt up to four members of the Faculty including the Secretary of the Degree Committee and the Chief Examiner and Course Director for the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science.

Future meetings

Meetings of the Degree Committee convene immediately after meetings of the Faculty Board.

  Degree Committee    Board of Graduate Studies     Congregation 
20 October 2015 10 November 2015 28 November 2015
1 December 2015 15 January 2016 23 January 2016
19 January 2016 2 February 2016 20 February 2016
No meeting 1 March 2016 19 March & 2 April 2016
8 March 2016 5 April 2016 23 April 2016
No meeting 26 April 2016 14 May 2016
3 May 2016 7 & 28 June 2016 16 July 2016
28 June 2016 28 June 2016 16 July 2016

Note that Ph.D. recommendations received at the last meeting of the Degree Committee of the academic year will go to the first meeting of the Board of Graduate Studies in the following Michaelmas Term.

Papers, examination reports and other correspondence to be considered by the Committee must be received by the Secretary five working days before the date of the meeting.

As Minutes of meetings of the Degree Commitee refer to individuals by name, they are not published online.


Information for examiners for the M.Phil in Advanced Computer Science may be found here.