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Staff appraisal

Appraisal, also referred to as Staff Review and Development (SRD), is an essential part of the University’s commitment to developing staff. The University has set out a framework for how SRD is carried out, and encourages Institutions to develop their own procedures.

The Computer Laboratory's scheme is based on the University Framework. It is hoped that all staff feel comfortable with the arrangements, that the scheme runs easily and it is seen as a productive process. The aims of the programme are to:

  • enhance work effectiveness
  • record personal and professional development
  • facilitate career development
  • improve communication
  • balance personal needs and ambitions with departmental and University objectives.

Additional specific guidance is provided for the following staff groups:

Staff will usually be reviewed biennially. Reviews at other times may be arranged at the request either of the Head of the Computer Laboratory or of the staff member concerned. A staff member may discuss the choice of appraiser with the Deparmental Secretary, but the Head of Department will be responsible for making the final decision in each case. However, members of staff are entitled to request a change in appraiser, without question, at any time.

Departmental guidance and a pro forma is provided to form the basis of the review record (Word, PDF). Alternatively appraisees may use the University model form. Please ensure your appraiser is sent this form, ideally one week prior to the appraisal, and provide with it an up-to-date CV and a progress report, which is required as standard supporting documentation.

Academic staff should also include a copy of their publications list and details of research grants awarded and applied for since the previous review. Additionally, any reasonable amount of supporting material may also be included and will then become part of the formal record.

It would be helpful if you could consider the following questions prior to the review:

  • What have been your main achievements since your last review?
  • Which skills have you developed in that period?
  • What areas of difficulty have you found, if any?
  • Are there any staff development activities that were planned that did not happen?
  • What aspects of your role do you wish to improve/develop?
  • Are there any skills you have that you feel are not being fully utilised and you would be interested in developing?
  • What do you feel should be your key targets for the next 12 months?
  • What training and development do you feel you need to support you?
  • For the future, what career developments or personal aspirations do you wish to be considered?

University Staff Review and Development Training (Appraisal)