Department of Computer Science and Technology

Information for new arrivals

Information for, and about, new arrivals

  • New staff to the lab should have everything set up for them for when they arrive. However, there is an awful lot of information that will come your way in your first few days, and these pages should provide you with any information that gets forgotten.
    There are special pages for Reception staff.

  • Before a visitor arrives the host of a visitor needs to provide information to the administrative staff. A checklist of the information that hosts need to provide, and who to give it to. This page covers everything from official letters of introduction through to building access cards. This page also applies to the hosts of interns as similar procedures apply.

  • Visitors to the lab will need help setting up computers, network connections, keys etc - we hope this page will tell you what you need to do and who you need to talk to. Please follow the standard procedure for all visitors who will be here for more than a couple of days. Much of this should have been done by your host before your arrival, but the information in this page should be of use in case it hasn't.

  • If you are a PhD student, everything should have been set up for you. However, these pages should give you all the information you need should you need help with anything, and an introduction to being a PhD student at the lab.

  • An introduction to computing facilities is an on-line copy of the booklet new arrivals are given when they collect their account details.

  • The pages above cover technical details. An A-Z Guide of the Computer Laboratory covers everything else a new arrival might want to know, from details of the local bus services, to the location of showers, and a lot else besides.