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Fitness in the Department

There are a number of fitness sessions supported by the department, run by members of the department, for members of the department. They are small informal groups, so people new to the activity are welcomed.

There are also some sporting activities which are listed here, as they promote fitness and do not yet have their own page.


Time: Tuesday lunchtime
Suitable for: beginner + intermediate
Description: Developed in the 1920's by the legendary trainer Joseph H. Pilates, the Pilates method is a body conditioning fusion of western and eastern philosophies, focusing on strengthening, lengthening and mobilising the body. It focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine.
Attendance: Due to the available space we have to limit numbers. If interested, please contact Caroline Stewart to check whether there are places available.
Instructor: Caroline Stewart is a qualified RSA Exercise to Music Instructor and a Michael King Pilates Matwork Instructor.


Time: Wednesday lunchtime
Suitable for: beginner + intermediate
Description: This is a Hi-Lo class which means that there are high impact (bouncy) moves but I will give alternative low impact (joint-friendly) moves for those who want them. Aerobics will not only improve your fitness but we also end the class with body conditioning work such as abdominal exercises. The classes will also help to improve your co-ordination and muscle control reflexes – a vital skill to prevent falls and accidents in later years.
Cost: Free
Attendance: Prior to attending please come and see Andrew Rice (SN13) in order to complete a Par-Q form – so we can ensure that there are no medical problems. Due to limited space we might have to limit numbers.
Instructor/Organiser: Andrew Rice holds CYQ Exercise to Music (Level 2) and is listed in the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Informal recreational running

Time: Thursday lunchtime
Suitable for: Anyone who is comfortable running between 10 and 8 minute miles over a total distance of a few miles.
Description: This is a group of like minded individuals who run principally for enjoyment. Although we are unable to fulfil all of the functions of a traditional running club, we will try to accommodate anyone comfortable running at a moderate pace.
Attendance: Although the group is not exclusive, prospective runners are kindly requested to contact us before joining for the first time.
Contact: Nicholas Cutler


Time: Usually lunchtime during Sunny Seasons from spring to autumn
Suitable for: All
Description: The objective is having fun playing volley on the CL's lawns. No specific skills are required, just the want for fun and interest in the volleyball game.
Attendance: Usually (during the Sunny Seasons) we do a weekly doodle to see in which week days to play (the days that have 6 or more limited to 2 per week (usually)). We advertise the doodle link on the volley mailling list (cl-volley) so people choose the days that suit them best.
Contact: Silvia Breu, Pedro Brandão, Rok Strnisa