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Information for staff

Some pearls of wisdom for undergraduates

This is an initial collection of some policy documents for Computer Science students. Many of the items on the departmental policy page apply to students as well as members of the department.

If you remember any which you think should be included, or have any suggestions about the indexing, please contact [Javascript required]


Lecture times

Lectures start at five minutes past the hour and end at five minutes to the hour. Lecturing staff are reminded that, by convention, lectures stop at five to the hour in order that you may have a ten-minute break between your lectures. Occasionally a lecturer may need to run slightly over in order to finish a point, but we intend not to make a habit of this.

Please don't turn up late: this causes disruption to both the lecturer and the other students. It is inconsiderate and rude. If you arrive late for a lecture in the William Gates Building, please enter by the back door on the first floor. It is disruptive for everyone if you come in the front door.

As a corollary of the above, could everyone who arrives early please sit towards the right-hand side of the lecture theatre so that latecomers can quickly find seats at the back left.

Eating and drinking in lectures

You are reminded that eating, drinking are not permitted in the lecture theatres. These activities are not only disruptive for the other students and for the lecturer, but also attract vermin.

Attendance of departmental seminars

Students are more than welcome to attend any of the various seminar series run by the Computer Laboratory (details can be found at Wednesday seminars have a very broad subject area and aren't about any specific computing area. All these seminars are free of charge.

Games playing in the Intel Laboratory

The computing equipment provided in the Intel Laboratory is intended for academic work. Please do not disturb others. In particular, the playing of communal or networked games causes noise and disruption and is therefore forbidden.

Noisy supervisions, etc

When having supervisions or socialising in the corridors and alcoves in the Gates Building, please remember that other people are working in the vicinity.

In order to ensure that we have a good workplace for everyone, we would appreciate it if people could contain, to a reasonable volume, the sheer joy of learning computer science (or meeting your long-lost classmates).

The above notes have been taken from e-mails to students sent by Heads of Department and Heads of Teaching.