Department of Computer Science and Technology

SSH access to the Computer Laboratory

This page is a quick start quite to setting up remote access using ssh. The assumption is that people will be connecting from either a private laptop or a managed workstation — these instructions are not suitable under other circumstances such as an internet cafe, so please use one-time passwords in that case.

Most users are expected to connect to the University network either directly or via a VPN. Once a user is connected to the VPN, they can authenticate themselves against our Kerberos server and obtain a Ticket-Granting Ticket [TGT]. If you are logged in to a managed workstation, the login process will obtain the TGT for you. Otherwise, you will need to request one using kinit command on macOS and Linux, or a MIT keytray on Windows.

Once the ticket has been obtained, you can use an ssh client to connect to any Unix machine within the Computer Laboratory (other than those on the self-managed VLAN). There are a number of public gateway machines which are always available, the main one being If you can't connect to slogin-serv, you can also try ssh-remote-0, ssh-remote-1 etc. as a backup.

Typical applications are ssh for Linux and macOS and PuTTY for Windows. An example of a connection being established under Linux or macOS is

kinit gttest@DC.CL.CAM.AC.UK

gttest@DC.CL.CAM.AC.UK's password:*********

ssh -K

Please note that the capitalisation of the domain DC.CL.CAM.AC.UK is important, typing it in lower case will cause the connection to fail.

Clients for Windows such as PuTTY require slightly more configuration and an application will be needed to obtain the TGT. See instructions for Windows.

To understand the need for ssh please read the overview.