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Information for staff


Folding bikes

Whilst bikes should be secured in the bike park, it is permitted for folding bikes to be brought into the lab and stored in your office so long as:

  • it remains folded and is carried rather than wheeled into the lab
  • it does not get in the way of your colleagues if you share an office.

Staff indoor bike shed

Staff cycle store Established Staff members of the Computer Lab have access to the staff cycle shed under Lecture Theatre 1.

This shed includes indoor racks, a bike tool kit and a clothing drying room.

Access is gained from outside at GW18, and from The Street, via (GW13), using the university access card. The drying room is in GW17.

The Computer Lab bike

There is a Computer Lab bike available for those Computer Lab staff members who are in an emergency and may wish to borrow it, i.e. you have a puncture and need to be in town for lectures.

The bike is kept in the staff bike shed (GW18). The keys for the bike-lock are kept in the saddlebag. Locks MUST be used to secure the bike when in your possession, and the keys returned to the saddlebag when the bike is returned.

Should the bike need any repairs, please email building services and inform them of the fault. Thank you.

Employee benefits

The University encourages cycling and use of public transport with some financial assistance:

Bike tool kit

There are two bike tool kits available.
One is located in the Indoor bike shed (GW18), and for those not able to access this area, there is one in Reception.

Tools include:

  • various bike pumps
  • bike spanners, normal spanners and adjustable spanners
  • screw drivers
  • 3 in 1 lubricating oil
  • puncture repair kit including levers
  • allen keys of varying sizes

Please remember to return all borrowed tools.

The tool kits are managed by Building Services. If replacement equipment is required, please contact Building Services or Stores.


Showers are available for use by all Computer Lab members.
They are located next to GN09, and in SC24, SC26 and SC28.