Department of Computer Science and Technology

Mail in the Computer Laboratory

The laboratory requires that everyone (with a computer account or an office here) be readily accessible via email.

You have several options of University mail address through which others may contact you:

  • — this type of address is available to all members of the university, and you manage it using a Raven-protected database access page. This e-mail address will become inactive once you leave the University.
  • — this type of address is available to staff, visitors and students of the Computer Laboratory. For staff and Research Students this address will remain active after you leave the University. By default, all incoming mail is redirected to your address; if you are a member of academic or assistant staff or a research student, you can control that through the user mail administration web page.

A third address, [Javascript required], acts as a Mail Store for both your and addresses.

The first part of your e-mail address consists of your CrsID (e.g. gsm10). Staff and Research Students can also set up a 'user-friendly' e-mail address using the user mail administration web page. If the proposed alias is not suitable, please contact the systems administrator.

Accessing your e-mail account

You can access your e-mail account through your browser via Hermes Webmail Service.

Alternatively, you can access your e-mail through a mail reader such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. For instructions on how to configure your mail reader, please see the University Information Services webpage.

Other information

Please see the University Information Services website for instructions on:

Problem resolution

If you have consulted the FAQ and exhausted the help you might find from your colleagues, you can contact postmaster for assistance.

If you need some non-standard mail support (for example, you want a different mail reader installed on your system), contact the systems administrator.

Forwarding e-mail after leaving

For more information on what happens with your e-mail accounts after you leave the University, please visit our Leaving the Computer Laboratory page.


The following are documents to aid existing users who have legacy mail processing enabled: