Department of Computer Science and Technology

Laser safety

Departmental laser register

Currently reported Class 3 or 4 lasers in the Computer Laboratory:

User ApplicationRoomDevice EnergyWavelengthClassDocuments
Sergei Skorobogatovmicroscope laser cutterSE09NewWave Quiklaze II
SN: 4211
<2 mJ1064 nm
532 nm
355 nm
3B Risk assessment with local rules
Inspection reports
Sergei Skorobogatovmicroscope laser cutter
SE09NewWave LCS-1
SN: 2016
<5 mJ532 nm3BRisk assessment
Sergei Skorobogatovsemiconductor analysis through microscopeSE09assorted laser diodes and modulesvariable532–1310 nm2/3R/3BRisk assessment with local rules
Inspection reports
Simon Moore
Brian Jones
enclosed laser cutter for wood and plastic sheets
(serviced on site)
SE17LaserPro Spirit GX40W
< 5mW
10.6 µm
630–680 nm
1 (inside: 4)
Risk assessment with local rules