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Wherever possible routine infrastructure maintenance activities which might result in disruption will be carried out on Tuesday mornings during the period 7-10am. A minimum of several days notice will be given of our intention to use this slot and if this will be disruptive to you we will try to postpone if it is reasonable to do so.

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4 Feb 2019

New Active Directory domain DC.CL.CAM.AC.UK

The department is migrating from an old Active Directory domain to a new one. If you are still using somewhere the domain/realm/NetBIOS names of the old one, please check the current documentation and change to the new one accordingly: (more...)

16 Jan 2019

slogin-new and slogin-old DNS names removed

The transitional DNS names slogin-new and slogin-old have been removed now that the slogin-serv system is believed stable, to ensure that nobody is still relying on them.

7 Nov 2018

Old print server being retired

The old print server (version 1-6-2) will be retired in stages over the next week or so. Most users will not be affected, as they are already using our new server. (more...)

4 Jun 2018

Network outage on June 2nd

At 09:12 on Saturday morning, a new switch in our data centre failed. In doing so it bridged together all of its connections to the rest of the network. Since switches have multiple uplinks for resilience, this created a loop in the network. (more...)

1 Jun 2018

PAT 2018

Portable Appliance Testsing (PAT) is not a legal requirement, but is required by our insurers. Estate Management have hired contractors to fulfill the insurers' requirement at very short notice.
Some information which might be of interest: (more...)

19 May 2018

New Ubuntu MTA now in use by new slogin server

The new slogin server will not send non-ASCII MH emails to the main Lab CentOS 5 MTAs, as they do not advertise that they support 8BITMIME. A Ubuntu 16.04 MTA which was being used for development has been brought into service, and slogin-new has been configured to use it.
It is believed that the system works, but do keep a closer eye on receiving copies of emails sent from slogin-new / svr-ssh-0.

28 Apr 2018

New Ubuntu 18.04 LTS slogin-new test server

A new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server is now available, available via the service name slogin-new and slogin. To ensure that the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server is used, connect to slogin. Comments to sys-admin please.

9 Mar 2018

Start of change of default domain on Linux systems

The department is moving from the 'AD' domain to the 'DC' domain. Linux systems use the DNS to decide which the default should be if none is given. We shall be moving certyain test hosts over to DC in the vulnereable period on Tues 20th Feb, and depending how things go, at later vulnereable or non-vulnerable periods. (more...)

28 Feb 2018

Server Room Cooling Failure

Overnight between the 27th and 28th of February the building cooling failed. This was due to the pipes on the roof freezing due to very low temperatures. Emergency actions was taken at in the middle of the night to shut down enough machines to prevent a total outage of core services. The cooler has now been inspected and declared beyond repair. This is because it had no anti-freeze in the circuit. (more...)

26 Feb 2018

New Remote Desktop Service

The previous remote access Windows machines ts01 and ts02 have now been retired. In their place is a newer version running on Windows Server 2016. The local unix command cl-rdesktop has been updated to point to this service. To login you must authenticate against the DC domain either by quoting your identifier as DC\crsid or as just crsid. Windows or MacOS users should connect to to access the new servers.