Department of Computer Science and Technology

Generic Unix/Linux system information

Lab-managed Linux systems

Lab-managed Linux/Unix systems are installed and upgraded by sys-admin and usually connected to the local network on VLAN 398 (domain:

They are usually Ubuntu LTS installations with a range of local extensions, most of which come in the form of cl-* Debian packages and cl-* command-line tools. Lab-managed machines are configured to use the Kerberos servers of the departmental Active Directory domain for user authentication, departmental LDAP servers for user/group naming and login authorization, and the departmental CUPS servers for printer access.

Users on these machines by default have their home directory on the departmental NFS filer, to ensure their work is backed up. Local harddisks are not backed up. If you want to keep files on the local disk (e.g. local build directories or caches of large data files), they should go into /var/tmp or /local/scratch.

Self-managed Linux/Unix machines

Self-managed Linux machines located in the department are usually connected to the local network on VLAN 290 (domain: * Home computers and mobile devices can also access departmental infrastructure via the CL-VPN.