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Who is here to help

The Head of Department is Prof. Ann Copestake. She is the final authority for most internal matters. However, she delegates almost all responsibilities to people in other positions, and you should contact the appropriate person in the first instance.

Your Supervisor is the key person for advising you about your research, and is the person to whom you should go first. Your Second Advisor is also available to discuss your research with you. Your College Graduate Tutor can often help with matters of a personal or financial nature.

In addition to these, the following people are here to help in the Computer Laboratory. Add "" after the user ID.

Prof. Ann Copestake Head of Department GC10 aac10
Mrs Caroline Stewart Departmental Secretary GC07 departmental-secretary
Dr Timothy Griffin Graduate Students' Coordinator FE25 tgg22
Prof. Alan Blackwell Deputy Head of Department, Chairman of the Graduate Education Committee SS10 afb21
Prof. Cecilia Mascolo Deputy Head of Department FN08 cm542
Mrs Carol Nightingale Departmental Secretary (Finance) GE03 cs209
Ms Lise Gough Graduate Education Manager FS05 lmg30
Mrs Joy Rook and Mrs Marketa Green Graduate Education Assistants FS03 [Javascript required]
Dr Andrew Rice Researcher Development Coordinator SN12 acr31
Mrs Dinah Pounds Teaching Administration Manager GC06 dp341
Mrs Helen Neal Teaching Administration Assistant GC04 hn316
Ian Burton-Palmer Building Services Manager GW04 ib253
Reception staff Reception Office GC03 lab-reception
Dr Graham Titmus Senior Systems Administrator SS26 gt19
  Managers of the e-mail system   postmaster
  Computer problems (Linux, etc.)   sys-admin
  Windows problems   win-admin
  Printer problems   printing
  Graduate Union
  University Counselling Service
  Disability Resource Centre

The Graduate Education Team
September 2017

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