Computer Laboratory

Members of the Rainbow Graphics & Interaction Group

This page contains a list of the current members of the Rainbow group. There are also lists of members who have graduated with their PhDs from the group and a list of other past members of the group.

Each person’s name is followed by their Computer Laboratory userid (if they have one) and their office number in the William Gates Building.

The easiest way to contact someone is by e-mail. Computer Laboratory e-mail addresses are of the form or [Javascript required].

Academic Staff

Flag of England Professor Peter Robinson pr SS14 Professor of Computer Technology New technologies for interaction, affective computing, computing for special needs, applications
Flag of New Zealand Professor Alan Blackwell afb21 SS10 Professor of Interdisciplinary Design Design, Human Computer Interaction
Flag of Poland Dr Rafał Mantiuk rkm38 SS22 Reader in Graphics and Displays Display algorithms, high dynamic range compression, image quality
Flag of Bulgaria Flag of Turkey Flag of Australia Dr Hatice Gunes hg410 SS12 Professor of Affective Intelligence & Robotics Affective Computing, Social Signal Processing, Human-Robot Interaction, Computer Vision for Interaction
Flag of Australia Dr Damon Wischik djw1005 SS24 Lecturer Data Science, Interactive Data Visualisation, Machine Learning
Flag of Turkey Dr Cengiz Oztireli aco41 SS18 Senior Lecturer Computer graphics, Vision, Machine Learning

Research Assistants & Associates

Flag of Turkey Dr Ozgur Yontem aoy20 SS16 Displays
Flag of Egypt Dr Marwa Mahmoud mmam3 SS16 Emotional inference from gestures and expressions
Flag of United Kingdom Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser qs101 SS18 User interfaces, in-car systems
Flag of United Kingdom Alexander Simpson as2388 SS06 Clinical data visualisation
Flag of Poland Marek Wernikowski mw861 SS13 Stereoscopic displays, visual perception, foveated rendering, deep learning
Flag of China Fangcheng Zhong fz261 SS13 Graphics, 3D Computer Vision, Computational 3D Displays
Flag of China Dr Yifan Liu yl856 SS02 Deep Learning, Semantic Segmentation, GAN
Flag of China Dr Siyang Song ss2796 SE18 Social signal processing, Affective Computing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction
Flag of Pakistan Dr Chaudhary Muhammad Aqdus Ilyas cmai2 SE18 Affective Computing, Human-robot Interaction, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Flag of Italy Dr Micol Spitale ms2871 SE18 Human-Robot Interaction, Socially Assistive Robotics, Conversational Agents

Research Students

Flag of United Kingdom Luke Church lec40 SS06 (supervisor: Prof. Alan Blackwell)
Flag of Romania Mariana Mărășoiu mcm79 SS06 End-user programming of visualisations (supervisor: Prof. Alan Blackwell)
Flag of India Param Hanji pmh64 SS20 Computational Photography (supervisor: Dr. Rafał Mantiuk)
Flag of India Nikhil Churamani nc528 SS08 Continual Learning for Affective Robotics (supervisor: Dr. Hatice Gunes)
Flag of China Dingcheng Yue dy276 SS13 ML, computational photography, light field reconstruction (supervisor: Dr. Rafał Mantiuk)
Flag of India Akshay Jindal aj577 SS20 Graphics, computational displays, light field rendering (supervisor: Dr. Rafał Mantiuk)
Flag of Brazil Flag of France Alex Raymond ar968 SN05 Explainability, multi-agent systems, computational argumentation, human-agent interaction (supervisors: Dr Hatice Gunes and Dr Amanda Prorok)
Flag of India Aamir Mustafe SE18 Machine learning for image synthesis (supervisor: Dr. Rafal Mantiuk)
Flag of UK Joseph March jgm45 SE18 Rendering, Image quality, Implicit Neural Representaions (supervisor: Dr. Rafal Mantiuk)
Flag of Romania Dan Andrei Iliescu dai24 SS04 Machine learning for computational photography (supervisor: Dr. Rafal Mantiuk)
Flag of Finland Minja Axelsson mwa29 SE18 Computational Behaviour Generation for a Robotic Coach for Well-being (supervisor: Dr. Hatice Gunes)
Flag of India Nida Itrat Abbasi nia22 SE18 Child-robot Interaction, Emotional Well-being in Children (supervisor: Dr. Hatice Gunes)
Flag of Singapore Jiaee Cheong jc2208 SS08 Fairness and Bias in Affective Computing (supervisor: Dr. Hatice Gunes)
Flag of China Chenliang Zhou cz363 3D machine perception (supervisor: Dr Cengiz Oztireli)
Flag of China Tianhao(Walter) Wu tw554 SS15 Neural scene representation (supervisor: Dr Cengiz Oztireli)
Flag of Turkey Fazilet Gokbudak fg405 SS15 Image-based scene manipulation (supervisor: Dr Cengiz Oztireli)
Flag of Canada Diana Robinson dmpr3 SS06 Interaction with clinical decision support tools (supervisor: Prof. Alan Blackwell)
Flag of France Flag of UK Flag of Italy Bianca Schor bgss2 SS06 Transparency, visualisation, and design for wellbeing (supervisor: Prof. Alan Blackwell)