Computer Laboratory

Members of the Rainbow Graphics & Interaction Group

This page contains a list of the current members of the Rainbow group. There are also lists of members who have graduated with their PhDs from the group and a list of other past members of the group.

Each person’s name is followed by their Computer Laboratory userid (if they have one) and their office number in the William Gates Building.

The easiest way to contact someone is by e-mail. Computer Laboratory e-mail addresses are of the form or [Javascript required].

Academic Staff

Flag of England Prof. Peter Robinson pr SS14 Professor of Computer Technology New technologies for interaction, affective computing, computing for special needs, applications
Flag of New Zealand Prof. Neil Dodgson nad SS10 Professor of Graphics & Imaging 3D modelling, subdivision, animation, imaging, autostereo displays
Flag of New Zealand Dr Alan Blackwell afb21 SS04 Reader in Interdisciplinary Design Design, Human Computer Interaction

Research Assistants & Associates

Flag of England Dr Malcolm Sabin Numerical Geometry Ltd. SS15 CAGD, geometric computing, multi-resolution modelling
Flag of the Czech Republic Dr Jiří Kosinka jk520 SS08 Subdivision surfaces
Flag of Lithuania Tadas Baltrušaitis tb346 SS12 Facial feature tracking

Research Students

Flag of England Luke Church lec40 SS06 (supervisor: Dr Alan Blackwell)
Flag of Canada Andra Adams ama55 SS16 Social robotics for autism therapy (supervisor: Prof. Peter Robinson)
Flag of Egypt Marwa Mahmoud mmam3 SS12 Emotional inference from gestures and expressions (supervisor: Prof. Peter Robinson)
Flag of South Africa Ntombi Banda nb395 SS24 Multi-modal inference of human emotions (supervisor: Prof. Peter Robinson)
Flag of Lithuania Vaiva Imbrasaitė vi206 SS16 Mood in music (supervisor: Prof. Peter Robinson)
Flag of England Alistair Stead ags46 SS06 Novice programming environments (supervisor: Dr. Alan Blackwell)
Flag of Cameroon Flora Ponjou Tasse fp289 SS22 Sketching for 3D object retrieval (supervisor: Prof. Neil Dodgson)
Flag of China Jingjing Shen js2036 SS15 Subdivision surfaces (supervisor: Prof. Neil Dodgson)
Flag of India Advait Sarkar as2006 SS06 Interactive data mining and visual analytics (supervisors: Dr. Alan Blackwell, Dr. Mateja Jamnik)
Flag of the USA Isak Herman ih285 SS06 Bio-acoustics interaction design (supervisors: Dr. Alan Blackwell, Dr. Chris Sandbrook)
Flag of the UK Erroll Wood eww23 SS20 Attentive interfaces (supervisor: Prof. Peter Robinson)
Flag of China Guo Yu gy238 SS06 (supervisor: Dr Alan Blackwell)