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PhD graduates of the Rainbow Group

This page contains a list, in reverse chronological order, of the members of the Rainbow Group who have received PhDs as a result of research carried out in the group. There have been ninety-eight PhDs awarded since the founding of the group in 1965.

There is a separate list of other past members of the Group.

NB: The information on this page may not be totally correct or up to date. If anyone has more up-to-date information about than that presently on this page, please email this information to Peter Robinson.

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Flag of the China Nanyang Ye
Deep visibility metrics

Flag of the Hungry Gyorgy Denes
Perceptual models for high-refresh-rate rendering

Flag of the Belarus Aliaksei Mikhailiuk
Image quality assessment.

Flag of the USA Isak Herman
Bio-acoustics interaction design

Flag of China Guo Yu
Empathy and entrainment in user interfaces

Flag of Canada Andra Adams
Social robotics for autism therapy

Flag of South Africa Ntombi Banda
Multi-modal inference of human emotions

Flag of Lithuania Vaiva Imbrasaitė
Mood in music

Flag of England Alistair Stead
Novice programming environments

Flag of Cameroon Flora Ponjou Tasse
Sketching for 3D object retrieval

Flag of China Jingjing Shen
Subdivision surfaces

Flag of India Advait Sarkar
Interactive data mining and visual analytics

Flag of the UK Erroll Wood
Attentive interfaces

Flag of Poland Leszek Świrski
Dynamic depth cues

Flag of China Zhen Bai
Augmented reality and children

Flag of Norway Henrik Lieng
Non-photorealistic rendering

Flag of Lithuania Tadas Baltrušaitis
Facial feature tracking

Flag of England Ian Davies
Stress and workload measurement

Flag of England Christopher Nash

Flag of Germany Christian Richardt
Colour videos with depth

Flag of the United States of America Laurel Riek
Affective Robotics

Flag of India Shazia Afzal
Virtual teaching

Flag of India Pradipta Biswas
Inclusive user interfaces

Flag of England Tom Cashman
Subdivision surfaces

Flag of Hungary Cecily Morrison
Technology usage in co-present group interaction
Flag of England Julian Smith
Robustness of CAD algorithms
Daniel Bernhard
Affective inference
Philip Tuddenham
Projected tabletop displays
Richard Southern
Novel modelling & animation mechanisms
Darren Edge
Tangible user interfaces
Gregory Hughes
Assistive technologies for people with visual disabilities
Mark Grundland
Image processing for the imagination
Tal Sobol-Shiker
Affective Computing
William Billingsley
Adaptive tutorial systems
Maja Vukovic
Context-aware applications
Stephen Rymill
Human-behaviour animation
Huiyun Li
ECAD - consumer security hardware
Scott Fairbanks
ECAD - system level timing
Rana El-Kaliouby
Reading human expressions as part of the user interface
Mo Hassan
Multi-resolution modelling
Carsten Moenning
Intrinsic point-based surface processing
Roongroj Nopsuwanchai
Handwriting recognition
Simon Frankau
ECAD - high-level hardware decription language
Panit Watcharawitch
ECAD - multi-threaded processors
Marc Cardle
Music-driven computer animation
Dr Mark Ashdown
Personal projected displays
Dr Rob Hague
Human-computer interaction
Dr Silas Brown
Automatic conversion of notations
Dr Stephen Brooks
(now an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada)
"Concise Texture Editing"
Dr Michael Blain
(now working at Next Limit in Madrid, Spain)
"Animating Liquids"
Dr Paul Cunningham
(co-founder of Azuro, Cambridge)
Self-timed circuits
Dr Richard Watts
(now working for Azuro in Cambridge)
Video user interfaces
Dr Marco Gillies
(now working for British Telecom and University College, London)
"Practical Behavioural Animation based on Vision and Attention" [TR 522] (PDF (11.1MB))
Dr Tony Polichroniadis
(now working at Pinewood Studios in London)
"Definition and Control of Autonomous Actors"
Dr Andrew Penrose
(now working in Melbourn, England)
"Extending Lossless Image Compression" [TR 526] (PDF (5.1MB))
Dr Jonathan Pfautz
(now working in Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Perception of visual displays
Dr Breton Saunders
(now working in Cambridge, England)
Dr James Gain
(now a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town)
"Enhancing Spatial Deformation for Virtual Sculpting" [TR 499]
Dr Calum Grant
"Software Visualization in Prolog" [TR 511] (PDF (2MB))
Dr Peter Brown
(now working at Data Connection)
"Selective Mesh Refinement for Rendering" [TR 490]
Dr Stanley Mrose
(now working in London)
Wavelet Representations of Multiresolution Curves and Surfaces
Dr Chris Faigle
(now working in the USA)
Curved Surfaces & Multivariate Splines
Dr Stefan Hild
(now working for IBM Research Labs in Zurich)
Mobile Computing
Dr Steev Wilcox
(co-founder of Azuro, Cambridge)
"Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits" [TR 468] (1999)
Dr Simeon Keates
"Computer Interaction for Motion-Impaired Users" (1998)
Dr Jon Sewell
(now working for Creative Dimension Software)
"Managing Complex Models for Computer Graphics" [TR 420] (1995)
Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser
(now a serial entrepreneur in Cambridge)
"Video Augmented Environments" [TR 419] (1995)
Dr Uwe Nimscheck
(now working for McKinsey & Company in Germany)
"Rendering for Free Form Deformations" [TR 381] (1995)
Dr Oliver Castle
(now "developing software in the entertainment sector" Probe Ltd, Croydon)
"Synthetic Image Generation for a Multiple-View Autostereo Display" [TR 382] (1995)
Dr Pierre Welner
"Interacting with Paper on the DigitalDesk" (1995)
Dr Nicko Van Someren
(co-founder of nCipher)
"De-Interlacing Interlaced Video" [missing] (1995)
Dr Jane Hunter
"Integrated Sound Synchronisation for Computer Animation" (1994)
Dr Martin Turner
(now at DeMontfort University, Leicester)
"The Contour Tree Image Encoding Technique and Format" [TR 344] (1994)
Dr Adrian Wrigley
(founder of Advanced Rendering Technology (ART))
"HDTV framestore, Real-Time Ray Tracing" [missing] (1994)
Dr Steve Freeman
"An Architecture for Distributed User Interfaces" (1993)
Dr Dave Evers
"Distributed Computing with Objects" (1993)
Dr Neil Dodgson
(now Professor of Computer Graphics at the Victoria University of Wellington)
"Image Resampling" [TR 261] (1992) (PDF (2.5MB))
Dr W.H. Lau
"Realistic 3D Image Composition" (1992)
Dr S.C. Hsu
"Computer Support for Large Character set Languages" [missing] (1992)
Dr Tim Weigand
"Parallel Architecture for Retrieval of Spatial Data" (1992)
Dr Kamal Chaudhury
"VLSI Routing" (1991)
Dr Danny Hall
(co-founder of ART)
"Pipelined Image Processing for Pattern Recognition" [missing] (1991)
Dr Jeremy Ball
"SEMORICA: A System Examining Motion and Object Representation issues in Computer Animation" (1991)
Dr Heng Wang
(now an Associate Professor at Peking University)
"Modelling and Image Generation" (1991)
Dr David Brown
(last heard of working at SUN in California)
"Abstraction of Image and Pixel - The Thistle Display System" (1991)
Dr Gianpaolo Tommasi
(last heard of working at SGI, Mountain View, California)
"Procedural Methods in Computer Graphics" (1990)
Dr Stuart Hawkins
"Video Replay in Computer Animation" (1990)
Dr E.L. Goh
"Parallel Architectures with Fast Ray Tracing Image Synthesis" (1990)
Dr Mark Lomas
"Aspects of Network Security" (1990)
Dr R.D.Williams
"The Organization and Analysis of Spatial Data" (1989)
Dr Stephen Harrison
"Realistic Image Synthesis" (1989)
Dr Bruce A. Styne
"Management Systems for Computer Graphics" (1989)
Dr Tony R. King
(was at Olivetti Research, has now spun off to Telemedia Systems)
"Parallel Image Manipulation Machine Architecture" (1989)
Dr Andrew M. Pullen
"Motion Development for Computer Animation" (1988)
Dr Peter Hemingway
(Working at Cabot Communications, Bristol)
"Computer Display Architecture" (1988)
Dr Tim H. Glauert
"Presentation Issues for Interactive Computer Graphics" (1986)
Dr Kathy A. Carter
"Computer-aided Typeface Design" [missing] (1986)
Dr Alan Greggains
(Working in Web site design)
"A Structured Computer Environment" (1985)
Dr John Wilkes
(Working at Google, Mountain View, California)
"Workstation Design for Distributed Computing" [TR 108] (1984)
Dr Dave W. Singer
"Event Management" [missing] (1981)
Dr A.M. Pringle
"Computers and Printing" (1980)
Dr M.J. Jordan
(now at Sun Labs)
"A Tool System for Software Development" (1980)
Dr J.J. Gibbons
(now at Sun Labs)
"The Design of Interfaces for Cambridge Ring" (1980)
Dr Nigel G.P. Day
"Augmented Transition Networks and Data Structures" (1980)
Dr Peter Robinson
(still here and now Professor of Computer Technology)
"Graphic Design with Computers" (1979)
Dr C.A. Linden
"Control of Structure" [missing] (1979)
Dr Stewart R. Lang
"Interactive Graphics Software for Network Modelling" (1975)
Dr M.P. Atkinson
(now a Professor at the University of Glasgow)
"Network Modelling" (1974)
Dr H. Lemke
"Interactive Graphics on an Integrated CAD system" (1972)
Dr J.O. Hiles
"Computer Techniques for the Automatic Analysis of Circuits" (1970)
Dr J.H. Tucker
"Fast Memory Systems" (1968)

Some of the dissertations are available from the Computer Laboratory Library as technical reports [Report number indicated in square brackets after title]. One copy of each of the others is kept by the group for reference – a few of these are marked as missing and we are keen to obtain copies in order to complete our collection.