Department of Computer Science and Technology

Online services for students

This is a brief summary of some additional online services and resources that are available for current students at the Computer Laboratory.

Providing feedback

Mailing lists

The department operates several electronic mailing lists (all ending in for sending announcements to current computer-science students via their address:

students-part1a-50 CST Part IA students taking a NST option
students-part1a-75 CST Part IA students taking paper 3
students-part1a-cst both of the above
students-part1a-other NST Part IA students
students-part1a All CST Part IA students
students-part1b-50 CST Part IB students taking paper 3
students-part1b-75 CST Part IB students paper 3 previously sat
students-part1b All CST Part IB students
students-part2-50 CST Part II students who sat paper 3 in IB
students-part2-75 CST Part II students who sat paper 3 in IA
students-part2 All Part II CST students
students-part3 All Part III CST students
students-acs MPhil ACS students
students-all all of the above

These mailing lists are intended primarily for announcements by departmental staff. They may also be used by the elected student representatives for occasional announcements. These mailing lists are currently not moderated; anything sent to them will immediately be forwarded to everyone. When replying to an announcement, take care that you only address the sender and not the entire mailing list. These mailing lists are not intended for online discussions among students.

[Before Michaelmas 2009 the lists students-part1a-cst and students-part1a-other were called students-part1a50 and students-part1a25, respectively.]

Student-operated services

Some online facilities are maintained by our students, including wikis, mailing lists, discussion boards, IRC channels. These are usually hosted on private computers, College servers, the SRCF, or other web hosting services.

The department does not accept responsibility for any of these, but we are happy to collect some links here (pagemaster welcomes suggestions for additions):

  • Chat channel #cl on the IRC server

Research resources

See the Computer Laboratory Library and University Library pages for lists of available electronic research resources. For many of these, you will need to apply for a Raven or some other password.

Other resources are restricted to access from IP addresses within the Cambridge University Data Network. In these cases, you can get remote access via the UIS VPN Service. Alternatively, you can also set up a SOCKS tunnel using e.g. “ssh -D 8080” and then configure the Internet-connection settings of your web browser to use the SOCKS proxy host “localhost” port 8080. This will pass all your web traffic through the University network; various proxy-switcher browser add-ons exist to make this easy to switch on and off.