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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Library resources


Library resources

Bibliographic databases

Trier bibliography (DBLP)
The computer science bibliography at the University of Trier, with a database of more than 600,000 articles. In addition to a searchable database, there are browsable indices by conference names, journals and subjects.
ACM Guide to Computing literature
The database of bibliographic citations maintained by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), but covering a wide range of books and journals and not just those published by the ACM. It is also possible to browse the database by subject classification.
A comprehensive collection of bibliographies which may be searched, or browsed by subject. There is also a United Kingdom mirror of this site.
A digital library and search engine focused mainly on the literature in computer and information science. CiteSeerX also indexes citations in addition to the metadata of the documents.
The well known preprint server originally providing a distribution service and archive for physics papers. The subject coverage has now been expanded to include mathematics and computer science, among others.
Google scholar
Google Scholar; the academic version of the popular internet search engine. It will search for books, citations and web pages. Beware, however, that some of the resources it finds may require a current subscription before viewing them.
Web of Science
Provides access to the Science citation index, Journal citation reports, an index to conference proceedings, and a current awareness service.
Ingenta Connect
A platform providing access to a number of electronic journals and resources. As most major publishers now have their own platforms, this is less useful than it once was.
Scopus is a bibliographic database with a broad coverage of abstracts and citations in science, technology and medicine, including computer science. The coverage includes a large number of peer revewed computing journals and conference proceedings. For more information about the database's coverage, please see here.

Electronic journals and resources

There are potentially very many electronic journals to which we have access, usually from any machine within the University ( domain). Some resources will require a password which may be obtained from the librarian. Similarly, should you have difficulty with any of the electronic journals, please contact the library in the first instance.

University Library list of electronic resources
The overview of electronic resources (such as e-books, online databases and journals) available within the university, together with details about access and links to tools to help you search and browse the resources.
Electronic journals via Browzine
This is now the recommended mode of accessing all of the university wide electronic journals, supporting searching for a specific title and browsing available titles by subject. If you are looking for a specific journal paper then you may be able to find it using iDiscover, or by using one of the bibliographic databases above.
ACM Digital library
Access to the journals and publications of the Association for Computing machinery.
IEEE Xplore
The IEEE Electronic Library. Our subscription now includes conference proceedings and standards, making this an important resource in many areas of computer science.
Lecture notes in computer science (LNCS)
The major monographic series which now runs to over 5000 volumes. The full text of individual chapters and papers from all volumes published since 1997 may be accessed online.
British Standards Online
The online collection of British Standards. If you need to access this resource from outside of the University, then please use this link instead (you will need to log-in using Raven. Please note that from February 2021 you will need to install a browser plug-in called FileOpen in order to open documents from British Standards Online. Instructions for doing this are available.
Morgan and Claypool Synthesis Library
Online access to a several collections of the Morgan and Claypool Synthesis Library is now available. This relatively new and expanding collection includes many titles which are of particular interest in the areas of Engineering and Computer Science.
O'Reilly for Higher Education
A major collection of electronic books, including the famous O'Reilly computing books. Individual titles can be found in iDiscover, or the available content can be browsed directly.
Elsevier ScienceDirect
The Elsevier electronic journals. We are now able to offer access to the entire backfile, providing a substantial number of titles; specifically there are over a hundred titles covering computer science and related areas. For more information and a list of computing titles please click here.

General reference

Oxford English dictionary
Online access to the complete dictionary which is both much more comprehensive and up to date than the printed copy in the library. If you need to access this from outside of the domain then you will need an athens password.
O'Reilly Open access books
A small collection of open access, full text, online books from O'Reilly. These online books cover a range of topics and are in the same style as the famous printed books from the same publisher. Many are now out of print but still contain valuable information.
Directory of open access books
A directory of freely available, full-text, electronic books. You can browse the collection by subject using terms like, for example, computer science. Although some of the books may be of variable relevance, this could be a useful finding aid
The free encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. Because it is run on contributions from individuals the coverage is remarkably broad, but beware that, for the same reason, quality of single articles may vary.