Computer Laboratory

Systems Research Group

Systems is the largest research area in the Computer Laboratory, covering hardware, communications hardware and software, operating systems and distributed systems. Past systems developed here include Edsac, the Titan operating system, the Cambridge Ring and the Cambridge Distributed Computing System. The Systems Research Group (SRG) has some 40 members, and is divided into several subgroups:

Networks and Operating Systems group
Publications, People, Projects
Opera group
Publications, People, Projects

The name was chosen to have a multimedia feel and the mnemonic may be expanded to “objects, persistence, events, replication and activity”. The thrust is open distributed processing with an object orientated approach. We look to support emerging distributed applications in which users and devices may be mobile and may have multimedia presentation requirements. Current themes are asynchronous (event) extensions to synchronous middleware and an access control architecture, Oasis. The projects and publications links below lead to fuller information about this and other work in the group.

The old Open Media Group is now part of the Digital Technology Group (DTG).