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HAN Group Research
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Home Area Networking Group

This group studies application creation and execution architectures for home systems, safety-critical systems and the ultimate pervasive system.

Reading Group

Our reading group meets every tuesday during term in SC01 or FN05 at 3:30 pm. Papers recently read are on our WIKI.

Reading group mission statement: "We look at methodology for automatically joining components together. Starting from a mixture of manually and automatically selected components, we consider automatic binding and automatic synthesis of glue and adaptors. We also aim to have the necessary information to reason about the correctness and consequences of the composition." .

Current Research

  • Pebbles
    Pebbles anf Goals - CMI collaboration with MIT project Oxygen.
  • AutoHAN
    Automated Home Area Network (Alvi, Greaves).
  • Ubiquitous Network Storage.
    Data storage and networking services for the 21st century (Robinson, Elsafty).
  • Pushlogic.
    Pushlogic scripting langauge for error recovery and automated checking of feature interaction.
  • Connections.
    Automatic creation and checking of dynamic bindings and component interconnections.

Current Group Members

Current members are:
  • Dr David Greaves
  • Mr Tope Omitola
  • Dr Behzad Bastani
  • Mr Atif Alvi
  • Mr Henry Robinson
  • Mr Ioannis Baltopoulos
  • Ms Aisha Elsafty and
  • Mr Stephen Kell.

    Older Research

    This group previously worked on physical layers for the home, including the ATM Warren and HanLAN projects.

  • Here are the Older HAN pages.