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Systems Research Group – NetOS

Networks and Operating Systems group

The NetOS subgroup is now largely dormant. These pages capture a snapshot dating to 2019/2020. Future updates will occur in the broader Systems Research Group pages.

Welcome to the web pages of NetOS, the Networks and Operating Systems group, which together with the Opera group makes up the Computer Laboratory's Systems Research Group. The group undertakes teaching and research into topics including computer architecture, operating systems design, network monitoring and protocol design, practical distributed systems and mobile communications. The group has a distinct culture of social protocols worth reading.

NetOS runs a number of team based research projects simultaneously, with a leaning towards real implementations and deployments. We work closely with other groups in the Computer Laboratory and University, as well as industrial partners such as Intel Research and Microsoft Research. The group is always interested to hear from individuals with strong systems skills as well as prospective students for the PhD degree.

See the Lab's pages for general contact information and travel directions. Individuals can be contacted using these details.