Department of Computer Science and Technology

Systems Research Group – NetOS

Tao of the NetOS Protocols

The group follows the following protocols. In the best tradition, be conservative in the application of the rules, and liberal in their acceptance. Also, please do note that group membership is non-exclusive -- being a member of more than one group is a fine thing! However, to be considered a member of the group, you really should, on arrival, add yourself to the group's People Page (contact Richard Mortier rmm1002 if you don't know how).

And finally, in the best Web1.0 traditions, this site is always under maintenance...


  • Maillists -- netos (and netos-internal) to find out what's happening in a timely way. Many others exist -- see the lists website. Some are hidden -- one that has been noted as potentially of interest to NetOS is cl-electronics thanks to Markus Kuhn mgk25.
  • Meetings -- Weekly, mostly. Tuesdays 13.15-14.00, FW11. Where to find out who does what, and generally what's happening.
  • Seminars -- Thursdays, see lab seminar lists or (thanks to Marco Caballero Gutierrez, mac214). See also the Lab's Wednesday seminars. Note that attendance at both group and Lab seminars is expected by all Ph.D. students, and strongly recommended for everyone else! Finally, see the University Talks page for more.
  • Talklets -- Held at Tuesday meetings (contact Andrés Arcia-More, aa873; John Moore, jm2170; or Allison Randal, anr38).
  • Conference talk practices -- Giving one (or two) is best practice.
  • Chat -- We have an IRC channel on the SRCF -- point your favourite client at or i if connecting from a web browser, use Then join #syslog.
  • Environment

  • Syslog blogging -- Trip reports v. live blogs -- please do them -- they help get travel funds! (thanks to Diana Popescu, dap53).
  • Systems resource sharing (computers, testbeds, data sets) -- Needs work even more than website...
  • Coffee -- If you take the last cup, AND it isn't end of day, make another pot. If you don't know how, see this visual aid or find a colleague and ask! If it has run out of consumables, find the Coffer Tsar (Marco Caballero Gutierrez, mac214) and ask!
  • Pub -- Advertise where and when you are going -- some post work discussion or celebration is fun.
  • Meeting room -- FN05 is available for booking for meetings via a Google Calendar. Ask someone for the URL it's via the University Google Apps calendar which needs some setting up!
  • Technical

  • Undergrad and Masters student project proposals -- Everyone is strongly encourage to propose interesting projects, and to supervise them where possible! Many past examples are available. It is a good idea to make suggestions at the end of the previous academic year (ca. June) to maximise chances of being selected by the most organised (and often better) undergraduates.
  • Paper drafts -- Please send drafts to (internal) list - can be surprisingly helpful.
  • Paper acceptances -- Acquire fine cakes, and bring to next NetOS meeting.
  • Wiki -- The SRG Wiki contains a range of useful and often up-to-date information.
  • Datacenter -- The group has a small but perfectly formed experimental datacenter run by Malcolm Scott, mas90. See for more details.
  • Society

  • Reading group -- Meets every Monday at noon in FN05 (thanks to Zahra Tarkhani).
  • Visitors -- Get the visitor on the maillist, send a message to introduce them, bring them to next meeting.
  • People and places -- See the Computer Lab's People page for contact details if you don't know where to find someone.
  • Wikis -- The Computer Lab has several wikis, which live here.
  • Computer Lab -- More useful lab-wide information can be found here.
  • Headed notepaper -- If you need this, then see e.g.,