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NetOS Seminar Series

This page is no longer being updated! Please see the SRG seminars page instead.

Networks & Operating Systems seminars are often held Thursdays 3-4pm in FW26, except where otherwise noted.

Questions: Contact Keshav.

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Talks from previous years: since 2007, 2006-2007, 2005-2006, 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003.

Talks from the Current Year

Reading group

We meet regularly to discuss articles on networks and operating systems. The articles can be of almost any kind: ranging from classic papers in the area, to freshly written papers.

Coming to this session is a great way for new students and old dons alike to engage with the literature and learn from each other. The reading group strives to maintain an egalitarian, positive and friendly atmosphere, and makes no assumptions about the participants' experience. We frequently have undergraduate students argue finer points of papers with faculty, and we like it that way!

Anyone can nominate papers for reading by the group. The nominated paper names are dropped into an engineer's hard-hat, from which we pick the next paper to read.

To keep up with what's happening in the group, join its mailing list. You can also browse the list of past reading.

Questions: Contact Zahra Tarkhani.