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Networks & Operating Systems seminars are held most Thursdays at 4:30pm in Lecture Theatre 2, except where otherwise noted. The schedule for this term is:

Talks for Easter Term (2006):

May 4   Edson Moreira   Using ontologies to manage services in ubiquitous environments
June 23   Serge Tchangue   2pm - Simulation of Human mobility
June 30   Konstantina Papagiannaki   3pm - Using Smart Triggers for Improved User Performance in 802.11 Wireless Networks

Talks for Lent Term (2006):

Jan 20   David Melone   Checking Improving TCP and Voice Performance using a 802.11e testbed
Jan 26   Pedro M. Ruiz   Heuristic Algorithms for Minimum Bandwidth Consumption Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Feb 2   Tim Harris   Leaky regions: tying reclamation hints to statement blocks
Feb 9   Anil Madhavapeddy   Practical Formal Methods to Deliver Secure, High-Performance Internet Applications
Feb 16   Ben Hui   Haggle: A Networking Architecture Designed Around Mobile Users
Mar 9   Gianluca Iannaccone   Reformulating the Monitor Placement Problem: Optimal Network-wide Sampling
Mar 16   Robert Ennals   Dr Jekyll and Mr C
Mar 22   Linda Briesemeister   2pm, FW26: SRI's Worm Defense and Quarantine Research
Mar 23   Eric Yu-En Lu   Spatial Indexing in Structured Overlays
Mar 29   David Clark   4.15pm: Contemplating a new Internet
Apr 6   Alex Ho   Practical Taint-Based Protection using Demand Emulation
Apr 13   Samuel Kounev   A Practical Approach for Predicting the Performance and Scalability of Distributed Component Systems
Apr 20   Sid Chau   Towards a Unified Theory of Policy-Based Routing

Talks for Michaelmas Term (2005):

Sept 22   Chris Purcell   Lock-free open addressing
Oct 6   Timothy Roscoe   Implementing Declarative Overlays
Oct 18   Manuel Costa   Vigilante: End-to-End Containment of Internet Worms
Oct 28   Emin Gun Sirer   Intelligent Resource Management in Peer-to-Peer Overlays
Nov 3   Meng How Lim   4pm:  Landmark Guided Forwarding
    Simon Peyton Jones   How to Write a Good Research Paper
Nov 14   Craig Everhart   Cramming Semantics into File System Interfaces
Nov 17   David Greaves   Using Simple Push Logic
Nov 24   Dina Papagiannaki   Self Organization of Interfering 802.11Wireless Access Networks
Dec 1   Evangelia Kalyvianaki   Clustering Methodologies for Web Server Requests
Dec 8   Dejan Kostic   Mesh-based Data Dissemination
Dec 14   Sebastian Schoenberg   Using Intel(r) Virtualization Technology to create an efficient IA32 virtualization environment

Talks from previous years: 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003.