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NetOS Seminars 2002-2003
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The talks from Summer term 2003 were:

May 1   Rajiv Chakravorty   GPRSWeb: optimizing the web for GPRS links
May 8   David Spence   XenoSearch: resource discovery in the XenoServer Open Platform
May 15   Tim Deegan   Optical logic for network nodes
May 22   Christian Kreibich   Honeycomb and the current state of honeypot technology
May 29   Keir Fraser   Operating System I/O Speculation: how two invocations are faster than one
Jun 5   Jon Crowcroft   Conferences and how they really work (in FW26)
Jun 12   Tim Harris   Concurrent programming for dummies (and smart people too)
Jun 19   Richard Gold   FooArch: Building a 3 layer over-over-over-and-out network

The talks from Lent term 2003 were:

Jan 16   Herbert Bos   Opening up the Kernel to 3rd Parties (4pm, Microsoft Research)
Jan 23  
No seminar (to avoid clashing with David Cleevely's talk, 4:15, Lecture Theatre 2)
Jan 30   Keir Fraser   Practical Lock-Free Programming using Software Transactional Memory
Feb 6   Rolf Neugebauer   Decentralising resource management in operating systems -- getting applications involved
Feb 13   Sven Ostring   Modelling Incentives for Collaboration in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Feb 18   Mike Burrows   Fighting spam: moderately hard memory-bound computations
(Tuesday, 2:30pm)
Feb 20   Andrew Twigg   Accounting on the Grid: extending OGSA (in FW11)
Feb 27   James Hall   Observations from NProbe
Mar 6   David Tennenhouse   Proactive Computing: A Progress Report
Mar 13   David Greaves   Fundamental Challenges for Ubiquitous Computing

The talks from Michaelmas term 2002 were:

Oct 3   Timothy Roscoe   Predicate routing
Oct 17   Steven Hand   Mnemosyne: spread spectrum storage
Oct 24   Derek McAuley   When do the instructions really matter?
Oct 31   Tim Harris   Pervasive debugging
Nov 7  
No seminar
Nov 14   Tim Granger   Wavelength routing for optical networks
Nov 21   Jon Crowcroft   Towards a field theory for networks
Nov 28   Sugih Jamin   IDMaps: A Global Internet Host Distance Estimation Service
Dec 5   James Bulpin   Intelligent memory for desktop computers
Dec 12   Julian Chesterfield   RTCP for source specific multicast networks