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Networks & Operating Systems seminars are held most Thursdays at 4:30pm in Lecture Theatre 2, except where otherwise noted. The schedule for this term is:

Talks for Summer (2005):

Aug 2   Hui Zhang   A Clean Slate Design Approach to Networking Research

Talks for Lent/Easter Term (2005):

Jan 20   Andrew Moore   Towards Accurate Network-Traffic Characterization
Jan 27   Michael Dales   Lecture Theatre 1: SWIFT: A High Capacity Wavelength-striped Optically Switched Network with Electronic Control
Feb 3   Antonio Di Ferdinando   Design and Evaluation of a QoS-Adaptive System for Reliable Multicasting
Feb 10   Andrew Warfield   Parallax: A Virtual Storage System
Feb 17   Peter Sewell   Rigorous specification and conformance testing techniques for network protocols, as applied to TCP, UDP, and Sockets
Feb 24   Julian Chesterfield   Exploiting Diversity to Enhance Multimedia Streaming over Cellular links
Mar 3   Andrew Moore   Packet error rate and bit error rate non deterministic relationship in optical network applications
Mar 10   Simon Peyton Jones   Composable Memory Transactions
Mar 17   Julie McCann   ANS: An Autonomic Architecture for Ubiquitous Computing
Mar 24   Tim Griffin   Metarouting
Mar 31   James Bulpin   Hyper-Threading Aware Process Scheduling Heuristics
    Andrew Warfield   Facilitating the Development of Soft Devices
April 14   Richard Sharp   Compilers for Multi-Core Architectures
May 9   Craig Partridge   Sharing and Reusing Wireless Spectrum in a World of Regulators and Incumbents
May 12      
May 19      
May 26   Petr Kolman   String Comparison: Hardness and Approximations
June 2   Steven Hand   Are Virtual Machine Monitors Microkernels Done Right?
    Andrew Warfield   Parallax: Managing Storage for a Million Machines
June 9   Michael Isard   Simple Programming for Simple Distributed Systems
June 16   Kengo Nagahashi   Torwards an accurate routing database
June 23   Nick Feamster   Robust Internet Routing

Talks from Michaelmas Term (2004):

Oct 15   Azer Bestavros   RoQ attacks
Oct 19   Chip Elliott   2:00pm in LT1 - The DARPA Quantum Network
Oct 21   Julian Chesterfield   Towards a joint source-channel coding architecture for packet based multimedia streaming over 2.5G and 3G networks
    Alex Ho   Pervasive Debugging With Xen
Oct 28   Han Zheng   Internet Routing Policies and Round-Trip-Times
Nov 4   Manuel Costa   Can we contain Internet worms?
Nov 11   Milan Vojnovic   Random Trip Models
Nov 18   Rebecca Isaacs   Using Magpie for request extraction and workload modelling
Nov 25   Brad Karp   Autograph: Toward Automated, Distributed Worm Signature Detection
Dec 2   Behzad Bastani   Architecture-centric Design and Unified Modelling Language (UML)
Dec 9   Eric Yu-En Lu   Qube: Keyword Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks

The talks from 2003-2004 can be viewed here.