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Networks & Operating Systems seminars are held most Thursdays at 4:30pm in Lecture Theatre 2, except where otherwise noted. The schedule for this term is:

Talks for Easter Term/Summer (2007):

Apr 12   Nevil Brownlee   Two days in the life of the DNS anycast root servers
Apr 16   Tristan Henderson   2pm - Challenges in measuring wireless networks
Apr 26   Scott Devine   3.30pm, LT1 - Future innovations in virtualization technology
    Douglas Leith   4.30pm, LT2 - Optimal Wireless LAN Channel Selection Without Communication
May 3   Stefan Winkler   Research at the NUS Interactive Multimedia Lab
May 10   Evangelos Kotsovinos   Wide-area migration of virtual machines including local persistent state
May 17   Cecilia Mascolo   Opportunistic Mobile Sensor Data Collection with SCAR
June 21   Justin Cappos   San Fermin: Aggregating Large Data Sets using Dynamic Binomial Trees
June 28   Tim Harris   What does atomic mean?
June 29   Tudor Dumitras   Toward Dependency-Agnostic Online Upgrades in Distributed Systems
August 2   Heather Zheng   Next Generation Dynamic Spectrum Networks

Talks for Lent Term (2007):

Jan 25   Frank Wang   Accelerating data communications to produce a tenfold performance improvement for Office/Database/Web/Media applications over the WAN/Grid
Feb 8   Milena Radenkovic   Understanding network requirements for mass socio technical sensor networks
Feb 28   Alexandros Karypidis   jPAN: A framework for developing ad-hoc network services
Mar 12   Kostas Anagnostakis   2pm - Proximity breeds danger: Wildfire worms, wireless phishing and citizen tracknets in metro Wi-Fi networks
Mar 15   Bjorn Scheuermann   Implicit congestion control in wireless multihop networks
Apr 4   Nick Duffield   2.15pm, FW26 - Measuring One-way Loss with GRE Encapsulated Multicast Probing

Talks for Michaelmas Term (2006):

Oct 13   Brad Karp   2pm, LT1 -  How to Succeed in Research: Advice to CS PhD Students
Oct 19   Dina Papagiannaki   The Need for Cross-Layer Information in Access Point Selection Algorithms
    Lukas Kencl   Approximate Fingerprinting to Accelerate Pattern Matching
Oct 26   Joe Sventek   2pm -  Flow Classification Mechanisms
Nov 2   Ulfar Erlingsson   XFI: Software Guards for System Address Spaces
    Tom Ridge   Rigorous protocol design in practice: an optical packet-switch MAC in HOL
Nov 9   Y. C. Tay   Universal Cache Miss Equations for the Memory Hierarchy
Nov 16   David Greaves   The ESL Design Methodology
Nov 30   James Scott   Haggle: Clean-slate networking for mobile devices

Talks from previous years: 2005-2006, 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003.