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Part II Supervisions – third lecture dates 2018-19

The following table of Part II lecture courses gives the date of the third lecture for each course. On this date Student Admin will send the URL by email for you to sign up online to request supervisions.

Month Subject Lecturer Course Start Third lecture
October 2018 Types Neel Krishnaswami 4 October 11 October
Denotational Semantics Andrew Pitts 5 October 10 October
Quantum Computing Anuj Dawar 5 October 10 October
Information Theory John Daugman 5 October 10 October
Bioinformatics Pietro Lio' 9 October 16 October
Principles of Communication Jon Crowcroft 24 October 29 October
November 2018 Business Studies Stewart McTavish and Mr Jack Lang 12 November 16 November
January 2019
Comparative Architectures Robert Mullins 17 January 24 January
Computer Vision John Daugman 17 January 24 January
Optimising Compilers Timothy Jones 18 January 23 January
Mobile and Sensor Systems Cecilia Mascolo 18 January 23 January
Cryptography Markus Kuhn 18 January 23 January
February 2019 E-Commerce Stewart McTavish 25 February 1 March
April 2019 Advanced Algorithms Thomas Sauerwald 26 April 1 May
Hoare Logic and Model Checking Jean Pichon and Conrad Watt 26 April 1 May
Machine Learning and Bayesian Inference Sean Holden 26 April 1 May