Department of Computer Science and Technology

Security Group

Academic staff

  • Ross Anderson
    security engineering, protocols, peer-to-peer systems, dependability, economics of security
  • Alastair Beresford
    security & privacy, mobile computing, programming languages
  • Alice Hutchings
    cybercrime, black markets, crime prevention, ethics
  • Markus Kuhn
    hardware and signal-processing aspects of security, positioning systems, display security, semi-structured data
  • Simon Moore
    hardware and VLSI design, asynchronous logic
  • Larry Paulson
    protocol verification, formal methods
  • Frank Stajano
    security and human factors, usability, authentication, Pico, scams, privacy, cyber security education (Inter-ACE and C2C)
  • Robert Watson
    operating systems, capability systems, network stacks, CPU security models, I/O security, tracing

Post-doctoral and post-graduate researchers

  • Ruslan Bukin
    embedded systems, operating systems
  • Richard Clayton
    traceability, distributed denial of service, spam, phish
  • Hridoy Dutta
  • Lawrence Esswood (Watson)
    capability-based protection, control-flow integrity, language security
  • Tina Marjanov
  • Yanna Papadodimitraki
  • Alex Richardson (Watson)
    capability-based security, persistent memory, program analysis
  • Michael Roe
    capability systems, cryptographic protocols, formal methods
  • Sergei Skorobogatov
    hardware security of microcontrollers, smartcards, FPGAs, ASICs and secure memory ICs, tamper resistance

CHERI project RAs: Edward Napierala, Allison Randal, Konrad Witaszczyk, Alfredo Mazzinghi, Alex Richardson, Andrew Turner


  • John Baldwin
  • David Chisnall
    domain and problem-specific languages, compiler architecture, hardware and human influence on language design
  • Yi Ting Chua
    cybercrime, social network analysis, online communities
  • Ben Collier
    cybercrime, science and technology studies, theoretical criminology, quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Brooks Davis (SRI International)
    capability systems, operating systems
  • Li-Wen Hsu
    Operating systems, tracing
  • Nathaniel Filardo
  • Ben Laurie (Google)
    capability systems, cryptographic protocols, various security and privacy topics (blog)
  • Ed Maste (FreeBSD Foundation)
  • Steven Murdoch (University College London)
    covert channels, anonymous communication, traffic analysis
  • Peter Neumann (SRI International)
  • George Neville-Neil
    operating systems, networking, time, code spelunking
  • Bjoern A. Zeeb
    operating systems, network stacks, microarchitectural simulation

Research students

The entire group, along with other members of the department and nearby research labs with related interests, are on the cl-security-research mailing list. For individual contact details, see also the Laboratory’s list of all members. A list of former members is available.

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June 2022

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