Department of Computer Science and Technology

Security Group

Academic staff

  • Ross Anderson
    security engineering, protocols, peer-to-peer systems, dependability, economics of security
  • Alastair Beresford
    security & privacy, mobile computing, programming languages
  • Alice Hutchings
    cybercrime, black markets, crime prevention, ethics
  • Markus Kuhn
    hardware and signal-processing aspects of security, positioning systems, display security, semi-structured data
  • Simon Moore
    hardware and VLSI design, asynchronous logic
  • Larry Paulson
    protocol verification, formal methods
  • Frank Stajano
    security and human factors, usability, authentication, Pico, scams, privacy, cyber security education (Inter-ACE and C2C)
  • Robert Watson
    operating systems, capability systems, network stacks, CPU security models, I/O security, tracing

Post-doctoral and post-graduate researchers

  • Maria Bada
    cyberpsychology, cybersecurity, cybercrime
  • Ruslan Bukin
    embedded systems, operating systems
  • Yi Ting Chua
    cybercrime, social network analysis, online communities
  • Richard Clayton
    traceability, distributed denial of service, spam, phish
  • Ben Collier
    cybercrime, science and technology studies, theoretical criminology, quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Franck Courbon
    hardware security
  • Graeme Jenkinson
    distributed tracing for security, usable security
  • Ildikó Pete
    cybersecurity, anomaly detection, traceability, change impact analysis
  • Michael Roe
    capability systems, cryptographic protocols, formal methods
  • Sergei Skorobogatov
    hardware security of microcontrollers, smartcards, FPGAs, ASICs and secure memory ICs, tamper resistance
  • Daniel R. Thomas
    cybercrime, measuring security, mobile security, secure updates

CHERI project RAs: Nathaniel Filardo, Li-Wen Hsu, Edward Napierala, Lucian Paul-Trifu, Andrew Turner


  • Jiun-Peng Chen (Academica Sinica, Taiwan)
    side-channel security
  • David Chisnall
    domain and problem-specific languages, compiler architecture, hardware and human influence on language design
  • Brooks Davis (SRI International)
    capability systems, operating systems
  • Li-Wen Hsu
    Operating systems, tracing
  • Ben Laurie (Google)
    capability systems, cryptographic protocols, various security and privacy topics (blog)
  • Ed Maste (FreeBSD Foundation)
  • Steven Murdoch (University College London)
    covert channels, anonymous communication, traffic analysis
  • Peter Neumann (SRI International)
  • George Neville-Neil
    operating systems, networking, time, code spelunking
  • Chun-Yu Peng (Academica Sinica, Taiwan)
    side-channel security
  • Bjoern A. Zeeb
    operating systems, network stacks, microarchitectural simulation

Research students

  • Mansoor Ahmed (Anderson)
  • Hesham Almatary (Watson)
  • Dimitrije Erdeljan (Kuhn)
    Emission security
  • Lawrence Esswood (Watson)
    capability-based protection, control-flow integrity, language security
  • Jack Hughes (Hutchings)
    cybercrime, cybersecurity
  • Alfredo Mazzinghi (Watson)
    capability-based security, kernel memory protection, program analysis
  • Alex Richardson (Watson)
    capability-based security, persistent memory, program analysis
  • Ilia Shumailov (Anderson)
    authentication under pervasive surveillance
  • Domagoj Stolfa (Watson)
    tracing, distributed systems, capability systems
  • Alexander Vetterl (Clayton/Anderson)
    Cybercrime, IoT, honeypot architectures, intrusion detection systems
  • Shih-Chun You (Kuhn)
    Side-channel analysis

The entire group, along with other members of the department and nearby research labs with related interests, are on the cl-security-research mailing list. For individual contact details, see also the Laboratory’s list of all members. A list of former members is available.

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May 2019

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