Computer Security Group
Michaelmas 2000

The Cambridge security group in 2000

Back row: Dieter Gollmann - Mark Lomas - Bruce Christianson - William Harbison - Bruno Crispo - Markus Kuhn - Larry Paulson - Fabien Petitcolas - Frank Stajano - Geraint Price - Stephen Early - Mike Bond - Simon Moore - Susan Pancho - George Danezis
Front row: Hyun-Jin Choi - Ulrich Lang - David Wheeler - Roger Needham - Ross Anderson - Jianxin Yan - Sergei Skorobogatov

This picture, taken with a 1-megapixel digital camera, is copyright © Frank Stajano 2000. I grant unlimited rights of reproduction of this picture to anyone appearing in it. It is very similar to a much better one, taken by JET Photographic on analog film, of which many of the people in the picture have a physical copy.

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