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Kieron Ivy Turk

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I am a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge studying how technology is used for domestic abuse and how this can be prevented. I am supervised by Alice Hutchings.

I completed my MEng and BA at the University of Cambridge. My MEng dissertation is Locked Into Stupidity: A Smart Lock Security Analysis - a vulnerability analysis of a pair of smart locks, resulting in 4 attacks on a Wifi-based lock and 8 attacks on a BLE lock. My BA project was Pinpoint: A Web Application Vulnerability Scanner which can detect XSS, command and code injection, path traversal, and Shellshock vulnerabilities in websites. My BA dissertation is available here with a shorter summary available on my blog, and my MEng dissertation will become available when the vulnerabilities discussed in it are [eventually] patched.

I'm non-binary (genderfluid) and use either name and any pronouns. Voice, appearance, and other gender-y things subject to change.


K. Turk, S. Pastrana, and B. Collier, "A tight scrape: methodological approaches to collecting research data on cybercrime communities in adversarial environments," in 2020 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops (EuroS&PW), pp. 428–437, 2020.

Societies etc.

I'm on the committee of the CU Cyber Security Society (Cybersoc) and have made presentations for their Intro to Web Hacking and Intro to CTF workshops.

I manage the Security Seminar Series for seminars from January 2022.

I'm vice-president of the Wolfson Pole and Aerial Sports Society.

kieron.turk [at]

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