Computer Laboratory


I'm a second year PhD student under the supervision of Robert Watson and am a member of the Security Group and the Systems Research Group (NetOS) at the department. My research deals with developing new principles in debugging large scale distributed systems and is currently funded by DARPA as a part of the CADETS project.

My interests lie in an intersection between theory and systems. On one end, I am interested in automated reasoning, proof theory, semantics and programming languages while on the other I work on operating and distributed systems, hypervisors and systems security.


I am currently working on:
  • implementing an extension to DTrace that allows it to inspect guest operating systems from the host;
  • formalising the DTrace execution environment in order to formulate a safer programming language for it that supports automated reasoning.


  • Formal Semantics for the DTrace Tracing System, Domagoj Stolfa
    In POPL '19 Student Research Competition, Cascais, Portugal, January 2019.


I have supervised or am currently supervising the following courses:

  • Optimising Compilers (2018), Lent Term
  • Types (2018), Michaelmas Term
  • Semantics of Programming Languages (2018), Michaelmas Term
  • Hoare Logic and Model Checking (2017), Easter Term
  • Optimising Compilers (2017), Lent Term

Open Source

I am contributing, or have contributed to the following open source projects (sorted alphabetically):

  • FreeBSD
  • OpenDTrace
  • Poly/ML


Domagoj Stolfa
Departement of Computer Science and Technology
University of Cambridge
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD
United Kingdom

domagoj [dot] stolfa [at] cl [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk