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Yi Ting Chua

About Me

Hi! I am a research assistant at the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, a multi-disciplinary initiative combining expertise from computer science, criminology, and law.

I recently graduated from Michigan State University, with a PhD in criminal justice. My doctoral research examined the impacts of participation in online far-right extremist forums on radicalization using a longitudinal database of saved content from seven forums. I am interested in determining if participation in such forums contributes to attitudinal changes using social learning theory as the guiding theoretical framework and social network analysis as the method of analysis.

My research interest centers around the goal of understanding the role of the Internet in criminal offending and is shapred primarily by witnessing the increasing role of technology and cyberspace in criminal and deviant behaviors. I have a strong interest in the relationships between online communities and individual-level online criminal and deviant behaviors. My past work with Dr. T. Holt and Dr. O. Smirnova on the grant examined factors affecting the social and financial dynamics of online stolen data markets, which included estimating profits of actors and how product characteristics affect their pricing in these markets. My current work at the Centre continues to focus on various online communities involved in cybercrime.

In addition, I am also interested in the issue of data sharing within academia. More specifically, I am interested in improving the accessibility and usability of cybercrime/cybersecurity datasets for scholars.

Research Interest

  • Relationship between online communities and individual-level online criminal and deviant behaviours. Studying the effects of participation in online communities on individual beliefs and behaviours. Research using social network analysis of understanding social structures and interactions in online communities.
  • Application of criminological theories to cybercrime

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Dr Yi Ting Chua
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