Jenny Blessing

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in computer science at the University of Cambridge, where I am a member of King's College. I am advised by Ross Anderson and Alastair Beresford in the Computer Laboratory's Security Group.

Previously, I completed a dual M.S. in (1) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and (2) Technology and Policy at MIT, where I was advised by Daniel Weitzner.


Academic Interests

I am broadly interested in applied cryptography, systems security, and tech policy. My current research focuses on mobile device security and privacy, anonymous communications, and analysis of real-world cryptographic implementations.


Cryptography in the Wild: An Empirical Analysis of Vulnerabilities in Cryptographic Libraries
Jenny Blessing, Michael A. Specter, and Daniel Weitzner. In Submission, September 2022.

When Vision Fails: Text Attacks Against ViT and OCR
Nicholas Boucher, Jenny Blessing, Ilia Shumailov, Ross Anderson, and Nicolas Papernot. In Progress, May 2022.

Survey and analysis of U.S. policies to address ransomware [Link]
Jenny Blessing, Jules Drean, and Sarah Radway. MIT Science Policy Review (2022): 38-46.