Department of Computer Science and Technology

Warning: these pages are currently being updated for 2019/20

Microsoft Software for personal use

Microsoft makes selected operating systems and development tools freely available to academic staff and students of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, under the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching programme. Sign in there with your [Javascript required] identity and you will be redirected to for entering your UIS password.

Previously, this was the Microsoft Imagine for Academic Institutions programme.

You will receive the account details by e-mail shortly after you arrive in the Department. This email is send from a third party who manage the software and license distribution on behalf of Microsoft - you may find that the email with your account details is classified as spam by your mail agent.

Please ensure you keep a record of all licenses issued to you, as they cannot be retrieved after you leave the department.

This scheme does not cover Microsoft Office which is available via the UIS. Please note that there are other Imagine programme sites within the University, the University wide membership provides access to a much more restricted set of products so take care to access the resources via the URL given above.

The software on this scheme is not available to students from other departments or faculties.