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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Library resources


Library resources

Catalogue of local holdings

By clicking on the button below you will be able to search only the holdings of this library. Basically this facility links to iDiscover, but with the library preset to our local holdings. The limits will persist until you clear them manually, or until you select a different search type. If you wish to search the holdings of other Cambridge libraries then please see below.

Other library catalogues

A simple interface to search all printed and electronic resources across the University. This presents an interface similar to a Web search engine, and users wanting a more traditional interface may find the advanced search option more helpful.
Backup catalogue
The backup to the Union Catalogue for departmental and college libraries. This does not contain the most recent data and should, therefore, only be used when iDiscover is unavailable.
British Library main catalogue
The catalogue of the British Library and the Document Supply Centre.
Library Hub Discover
This replaces COPAC and offers a single interface to search the holdings of major university and research library catalogues within the UK and Ireland. This includes Cambridge University and the British Library (see above).
Formerly the Serials UNion CATalogue for the United Kingdom, this has now been withdrawn. Serials holdings can instead be searched using Library Hub Discover as above.
The European Library
Information about, and access to the catalogues of, national libraries across Europe.