Department of Computer Science and Technology


Publicly available resources

The following presents a number of lists of online resources, each covering one subject area, and arranged in a similar way to the classified sequence of books in the library. On each resource list you will find links to various publicly available resources, chosen as being authoritative, which supplement the resources available in the library. It is hoped that these guides will be useful to those who are unable to visit the library in person, or who are having difficulty accessing heavily used books.

The lists presently available cover the following areas:

Internal resources

The library also collects electronic copies of important documents such as conference proceedings and standards, where these have been made available to us by other readers. As such these are not publicly available on the Web, but accessible only to local users on the file-server. You can browse the contents of this electronic ‘bookshelf’ via the path /usr/groups/library, and such resources are additionally entered on the library catalogue. Any readers who have resources which they feel would be beneficial to other staff should submit them to the librarian who will be pleased to install them in this location.