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Jat Singh
EPSRC Research Fellow
Computer Laboratory

Associate Fellow - Centre for Science and Policy
(PDR) - St John's College

Email: jatinder.singh(a)


*** We're currently recruiting to build a research group on "Compliant and Accountable Systems" ***
I.e. dedicated to making emerging technologies more legally-compliant.
Open position: Researcher in Systems/Data Management


My research concerns issues of accountability, management, and control in (distributed) systems. That is, how policy, representing user and/or functional concerns can dictate how and when `things' happen, primarily though managing data exchanges.

As such, I focus a lot on issues of privacy, security, in addition to more general systems infrastructure. This typically within the context of Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Recently my focus has been towards establishing an area of interdisciplinary research concerning the legal aspects of systems, considering the interplays between emerging technology and legal concerns, and how such considerations can be better aligned. Towards this, I co-founded the IEEE Workshop on Legal and Technical Issues in Cloud and the IoT, now in its third year, and the NIPS Symposium on Machine Learning and the Law to provide the forums to drive progress and discussion.

At a technical level, I work on enabling context-aware, dynamically reconfigurable infrastructure (middleware), and methods for controlling and tracking data flow (provenance). Much of my research and commercial experience revolves around judicial and health systems---application domains where information is sensitive. I have worked for large and small IT service companies, ran a medical IT startup, and provide consulting services.
More generally, I am very interested technology-related policy (here, `policy' in a political sense): considering the social, economic and legal impacts of new technologies. This has me involved in a number of outreach activities. I have also studied some law.

Originally from geographically isolated Australia, my hobbies are travel, travel and travel.

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