Jean Bacon

Jean Bacon

     	University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
     	William Gates Building,
     	JJ Thomson Avenue
     	Cambridge CB3 0FD, UK
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     	email: jmb25 at

I was the first woman to be appointed to a Lectureship in the Computer Laboratory in 1985. I'm now Professor Emerita of Distributed Systems and still research-active, although retired people are not allowed to take responsibility for grants, researchers, PhD exams etc. I lectured systems courses such as "Concurrent Systems", "Operating Systems", "Distributed Systems" and "Computer Architecture". Author of "Concurrent Systems" Addison Wesley, 1st edition 1993, 2nd edition 1998, which in 2002/3 evolved into edition 3 for the Open University's "Software systems and their development (M301)" and "Operating Systems: Concurrent and distributed software design" with Tim Harris.

I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the Open University in 2013 - conferred in Ely cathedral on June 1st: Eulogy and Acceptance.

I'm an Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College and a Director of Studies in Computer Science..

I'm a Fellow of the IEEE and a Fellow of the British Computer Society. I was elected to the IEEE Computer Society's Board of Governors for 2002-2004 and 2005-2007. I was founding Editor in Chief of IEEE Distributed Systems Online (DS Online), which was extended from 2008 to become Computing Now, see:
I'm on the steering committees of ACM DEBS (Distributed Event-Based Systems), ACM Middleware and IEEE IC2E (Cloud Engineering).

Research Projects:
My research interests are in the broad area of distributed systems. Ken Moody and I led the Opera research group from its creation in the 1990s.
Some of our funded projects are listed below; more information is available from Opera projects .

* MCCRC (Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre) with the Department of Commercial Law, QMUL, part of their Cloud Legal Project.
Extending the EPSRC CloudSafetyNet grant to consider how to enforce and demonstrate compliance with (data protection) law and regulation.

* CloudSafetyNet: End-to-end application security in the cloud. EPSRC, January 2013 - June 2016, with Imperial College and ECRIC (Eastern Cancer Registry and Information Service), now the English Cancer Registry, part of Public Health England.
Here Jean-CCSNA.pptx is a keynote, "Information Flow Control for Cloud and Internet of Things" I gave at the ICC workshop on Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications, June 12th 2015. It explains the motivation for the use of Information Flow Control (IFC) in cloud computing and cloud-supported Internet of Things (IoT) and animates the basic IFC manipulations, including declassification and endorsement, for a home monitoring example.

* PAL , PAL Personal and Social Communication Services for Health and Lifestyle Monitoring, EPSRC/TSB, July 2009 - December 2012, with Essex University, HW Communications, MAC Ltd and Thales Research.
* Smart Flow , October 2008 - April 2012, with Imperial College and ECRIC.
* TIME-EACM , October 2005 - March 2011, with CUED and Oxford, and BT as project partner.
* CareGrid, October 2005 - January 2009, with Imperial College. Related publications: CareGridPubs.pdf
* EDSAC21, EPSRC, January 2005 - September 2008. Related publications: EDSACpubs.pdf
* Contract-Driven Application Development and Control, EPSRC, October 2004 - September 2007.
* ECCO, EPSRC, October 2003 - September 2006.
* SECURE (Secure environments for collaboration among ubiquitous, roaming entities), EU Framework 5, Global Computing, January 2002 - June 2005, with TCD, BRICS Aarhus, Geneva and Strathclyde.
* Oasis RBAC (role-based access control) and Access Control Policy Management
* Global Computing using Events
* Active Systems
* IMP Interactive multimedia presentation support system
* Multi-Service Storage Architecture (MSSA)

Graduate students

Publications may be found with Opera publications . A more complete list, mostly from before I retired is here.


Other interests include wildlife (especially botany), walking and painting.

October 2018:
Publication of Thirty Years of Contemporary Art, Jesus College Cambridge 1988 - 2018, which I compiled with Jim Roseblade, see Thirty Years Book .

Xu Zhimo Festival In August 2016 I contributed a watercolour to the Xu Zhimo Poetry and Art Festival in King's. I added a watercolour of the willow tree and bridge in King's, near the calligraphy stele of part of Xu Zhimo's famous poem about Cambridge, to the scrolls containing the signatures of the festival attendees. See scroll 1 and scroll 2.

This connection has led to the creation of a retrospective book of my paintings, a low-resolution, (not-final) proof is here.
An exhibition with the book as catalogue is associated with the 2019 Xu Zhimo Festival.

King's Chapel AngelsI had an exhibition on the Angels, on the south side of the chapel in King's College Art Centre, Nov 28th - Dec 24th 2015, see Exhibition 2015.
Some cards based on the pictures can be seen here. AngelsCards

Reedbed project I had an exhibition in Blythburgh Church, Suffolk, August 2007, see reedbed paintings. These resulted from a year's photographs taken by Ken Moody, which can be seen from the website. The exhibition, extended with new paintings and photographs, was repeated in King's College Art Centre, February 2008, see Exhibition 2008.

Large acrylic In 2010 I did a six-piece acrylic, with colours inspired by two small watercolours by Paul Klee. This was a challenge for the photographer.

Flower paintings and abstracts The February 2005, exhibition in King's showed flower paintings, abstracts and some paintings done in St Saturnin, Provence.
Earlier exhibitions had web images of low resolution and poor colour quality, created from scanned-in photographic prints: January 1997, February 1998 and July 2000, in King's College Art Centre.