Neil Lawrence

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
Tel. +44 (0)1223 335443

Research Interests

I am currently studying for my PhD under the supervision of Chris Bishop. My current research interest is in the field of probablistic graphical models. Recent work has been centred on the use of mean field theory and variants in graphical models. I have two publications to date in this area:

Approximating posterior distributions in belief networks using mixtures. Christopher M. Bishop, Neil D. Lawrence, Tommi Jaakkola and Michael I. Jordan . Presented at The Eleventh Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, Denver, CO, December, 1997.

Mixture representations for inference and learning in Boltzmann machines. Neil D. Lawrence, Christopher M. Bishop and Michael I. Jordan. Presented at Fourteenth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Madison, Wisconsin, July 24-26, 1998.

As well as the following technical reports.

A variational Bayesian committee of neural networks. Neil D. Lawrence and Mehdi Azzouzi. Technical Report 1999. Submitted to Neural Networks

Variational Learning for Multi-Layer Networks of Linear Threshold Units. Neil D. Lawrence. Technical Report 1999. Submitted to Neural Networks

Brief Biography

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton, graduating in July, 1994. I followed this by working for Schlumberger Wireline and Testing in the southern North Sea and in Liverpool bay until Febuary 1996. My interest in Neural Networks developed at BPS Nico Ltd, where I worked as a Research Engineer until my entry into Aston University's Neural Computing Research Group in October 1996. In January 1998 I moved from Aston to Cambridge where I am currently working in the Computer Vision and Computational Neuroscience Group.

On a personal level, I am a dual US/UK national, and have a brother and sister-in-law living in New Jersey who I visit regularly. I also enjoy spending time in Naples as my fiancee works at the University of Naples. For recreation I enjoy golf, tennis, rugby and swimming.

Curriculum Vitae

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